Instagram is Ruining Battery Life on Apple iPhones

Apple’s latest iPhones already have a few glaring build quality issues, but its new software is causing some problems too. As it turns out, iPhones running on the latest iOS 17 are seeing massive battery drain due to the Instagram app.

This report comes from YouTuber ‘iPhonedo’ who shared his thoughts on the iPhone 14 Pro Max and 15 Pro Max running hot. He blames the Instagram app for causing overheating issues and also causing significant battery drain on his iPhones.

To prove this, the YouTuber performed an experiment. He monitored the phones’ temperature while they were sitting idle and also showcased the difference in heat as soon as he opened Instagram or Threads. This was happening on both his iPhone 14 Pro Max and 15 Pro Max

Limited to iOS 17

He says that this issue has only appeared after upgrading to iOS 17, the latest software release from Apple. Therefore, he recommends everyone not upgrade to iOS 17 if they use Instagram a lot.

And this problem is not just limited to the YouTuber iPhonedo. There have been numerous reports all over the internet with similar problems and the team at Wccftech also corroborated iPhonedo’s discovery.

Wccftech staff says that their iPhone has maintained a 98% battery health over a year. But within a week of upgrading to iOS 17, the health dropped to 94%, which is highly alarming.

iOS 17 is currently in its early stages of release, and it’s possible that it may contain hidden bugs and underlying issues that are not immediately visible. However, it’s worth noting that the Instagram app itself could potentially be a contributing factor to the overheating problem experienced by iPhone 15 Pro users.

This isn’t the first instance of iPhones overheating due to software-related issues, as such reports have surfaced before. iPhonedo has proposed a temporary solution to address this problem by activating Low Power Mode on your iPhone. While this solution is not permanent, it remains uncertain whether Instagram will release updates for its app to resolve this issue in the future.

We are patiently waiting on a response from Apple too.

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