Govt Employees in Pindi to Travel to Offices on Bicycles Soon

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Government employees in Rawalpindi could soon be travelling to their offices via bicycles as the district administration explores initiatives to promote sustainable commuting options and reduce environmental impact.

Talking to a local media outlet, Rawalpindi Deputy Commissioner, Hassan Waqar Cheema, said that in an effort to encourage government employees to commute to work using bicycles, they are contemplating a pilot project.

He explained that initially, they would require five to ten officials of every government office to travel to work via bicycle. The Deputy Commissioner added that it would be mandatory for young government employees, in particular, to commute to office using bicycle.

He added that apart from the health benefits, the initiative would also discourage the usage of cars or motorcycles for commuting purposes. The district administration is planning to organize a cycle rally as part of a campaign to tackle smog and air pollution.

Additionally, the authorities’ operation against smoke-emitting vehicles, industrial units, and brick kilns also continues. The Deputy Commissioner revealed that they have imposed fines worth Rs. 9 lac on 15 industrial units for polluting the air, and thousands of vehicles have been challaned as well.

It should be noted that earlier, the provincial transport minister announced that they are all set to launch electric bikes for government employees.

  • A respectable and comfortable mode of public transport ( eg. Intracity Daewoo in Lahore ) is a better option.

  • It seems that there is no end to our stupidities. Are our roads and traffic bicycle-friendly? Absolutely not. Why should they travel on bicycles? Will the Deputy Commissioner travel on his bicycle? They make the sensational announcements just to stay in the news. The idea needs to be thrown in the trash straightaway.

    • Totally agree. Just eye wash. This country will only progress once we come out of munafqat.

    • Exactrly, when i read the headline of this article i thought that its about making of bicycle track on each main roads. But, no its once again a new thing demanded from public.

  • Why only the young workers? Why not the ageing pot bellied ones? The DCs and commissioners should take the initiative first, rather than zooming around in their government run Vigos and Prados.

  • محترم سرکاری ملازم ۔۔۔ محترم احترام میں نہیں احتیاط میں لگایا ہے۔ حضور کے ماتھے کی شکن کم ہوں تو آگے ضرور پڑھئیے گا۔ یہ سائیکل والی خرافات اگر پہلے خود پر لاگو کریں اور تمام اسٹنٹ کمشنر پہلے اس پ عمل کریں تو سٹاف بھی عمل کر سکے گا اور آپ کو احساس بھی ہو جائے گا کہ سڑکیں بناے ہوئے آپ کسی قدر احساس کرتے ہیں پیدل اور سائیکل پ سفر کرنے والے لوگوں کا۔

  • Government should made it mandatory for not only government employees but also from public sector to commute through bicycles. This will be beneficial for both health and environment.
    Even school children in primary and secondary levels should follow the same rule.
    I wish it could be materialise soon.

  • First make bicycle tracks all over islamabad and Pendi. I will be the first one to travel then by a bicycle rather than on any other vehicle.

  • In order to achieve this objective, DC and other leadership personnel would have to set personal examples to motivate general public.this practice is as per our Islamic teachings

  • Then please provide a reasonable imported cycles with track.
    Also applied every young government employee either from armed forces, judiciary, excise and commissioner rawalpindi how daily coming to office with protocol through special blocking signals by wordens

  • First of all you would have to manage the transfers of employees at bicycle distance then provide bicycle otherwise no one will take care of that and bicycle will be on stand at their homes. If i am living in rawat and how i can go on cycle at Saddar Rawalpindi.You would have to transfer me at rawat area so i can go their easily.

  • Deputy Commisioners in Punjab has been issued vehicles worth mult millions. To implement the policy that vehicles must have been to scrap dealers to come at first on bicycle and then others will.

  • I appreciate this effort.Infact we are too late,if now on we implant environmental friendly vehicles we may find it’s benefits in some years.Use of bicycle should be appreciated.

    Regards. Fraz Ahmed

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