IT Minister Reveals Launch Date For 5G Technology in Pakistan

Caretaker Minister of IT & Telecom Dr. Umar Saif has announced that Pakistan’s IT exports will grow in the Middle East.

Memorandums of understanding have been signed with three Qatari companies, and he thinks that IT exports will grow there.

Dr. Umar Saif said that 5G will be launched in July next year, and they will take action on the 300 MHz spectrum for 5G. They are also solving the problems of telecommunication companies regarding 5G, he added.

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A telecommunication tribunal will be set up in three weeks, and an action advisory committee has been formed for 5G. A consultant will be hired for 5G action. He expressed the hope that all telecommunication companies will buy the spectrum.

Dr. Umar Saif emphasized the importance of women’s participation in decision-making. He said that women should be provided equal opportunities in business. The government has launched various schemes for women.

In the ceremony, the officials of the World Bank Group also shed light on the measures taken for the environment of the future and increasing capital for the help of women in business. Dr. Umar Saif believes that by empowering rural women, the country can move forward on the path of development.

  • It is the job of Telecom Minister to do that. So where is Telecom Minister of Pakistan?. Secondly most of Pakistan don’t even have proper 4G signals and quality of service is very bad. What is the use of 5G when telecom companies are not even providing proper bandwidth to 3G and 4G services?.

    • So you don’t want 5G but want 3G and 4G improved, interesting. Also, he’s minister for both portfolios. I feel sorry for those who liked your comment.

      • @Read before you Write
        Yes. FYI I am a telecom Engineer and I stand by my comment. First we need improvement and guaranteed QoS in current network.
        4G networks provides 100 MB/s Download and more than 50 MB/s uploads around the world.
        But Where is that Pakistani 4G network that is providing actual guaranteed 4G speeds?. Pakistani 4G is not even achieving 30% of capacity of 4G.

        Forward this comment to Duffers as well that they should not be impressed with catchy terms like 5G.

        • Oh come on guys..we have another issue….that is a indoor service problem. We have to resolve the basic problems first 🥇..the gsm is not properly work.

        • I doubt if you’re a telecom engineer because you’re comparing theoretical cell throughput to user throughput. To improve Quality of Service (QoS), having more spectrum is crucial!

          The issue right now is that people in Pakistan want mobile internet speed like the rest of the world, but the Average Revenue Per User in Pakistan is only 1/10th of other countries. It’s challenging for businesses to survive in this situation because Pakistani operators use the same type of equipment, leading to similar expenses as other countries, but their revenues fall far below the minimum benchmarks.

          In essence, Pakistan operators need more spectrum to fix congestion in 3G/4G networks and move to 5G. However, the cost of spectrum should be low for operators to keep their businesses profitable. At the same time, either ARPU needs to be increased, similar to how prices go up for other things in Pakistan or tax relief shall be given to operators. Otherwise this is the best network you can get in current scenario.

          • Both the comments above are not totally correct neither wrong. The main issue is the applicability of 5g in Pakistan. It’s geared up for IoT… Non human users like cameras in streets, industrial sensor info etc. our industrial base is quite outdated and doesn’t need 5G.
            Improvement and coverage of 4G is required and that will open happen if our economy and industry improves.
            Telecom is a service industry. If you can spend more you can get better service.
            For a normal user, 5g means faster internet…. So you can download a 2 hour movie in 2 min and then watch it in 2 hours…. 😂.
            So let an elected government bring up the economy etc etc and finally you will need 5G… Or maybe go directly to 6G!

      • @Read before You Write
        What he/she meant is that Government must first force Telecom companies to upgrade and improve the current system. Millions of dollars must be invested in the current system.
        Focus of the govt is on 5G now and they are neglecting current systems.
        If 4G is not providing promised speeds in Pakistan then what is the guarantee that 5G will provide those speeds?.

        • آگےدوڑپیچھےچوڑ @Read before You Write
          “ایک کام تمام نہیں ہؤا دوسرا شروع کر دیا۔”

      • آگےدوڑپیچھےچوڑ @Read before You Write
        “ایک کام تمام نہیں ہؤا دوسرا شروع کر دیا۔”

      • It’s not solely about the technology we seek. Advancements follow basic needs, and merely transitioning from 4G to 5G doesn’t necessarily guarantee speed improvements. In Pakistan, 4G speeds struggle to match the LTE standard. In rural areas, even 2G signals may not provide coverage, as the increasing frequency with each G results in reduced coverage. Frequency is inversely proportional to wavelength. While it may be touted for showcase purposes, the reality on the ground is quite different. PTA conducted routine testing with no tangible results leading to improvements.

      • I agree with both comments. I think 4G service must improve. And also I am happy that 5G is coming to Pakistan.
        But there is a big issue in pakistan in every field Implementation

  • Sir I live in Rawalpindi. I do remote work with a foreign company and I have to travel frequently. Believe me Telecom companies are like a Big Mafia now a days. I carry multiple Sims and still I lose connection multiple times. Nobody is checking current telecom operators to improve their service and you are looking for 5G?.

  • Where are proper 4G services in Pakistan?. I would like to know those regions (since our honorable Minister is looking for 5G after implementing 4G across Pakistan).

  • Kindly visit most regions of Pakistan. Telecom operators save bandwidth by not even providing 3G on a consistent basis.
    Anyway Dr Umar Saif is a son of a Senior Army Officer. He has spent his own life in Army Schemes. He should better get out of Army’s cocoon to see the real Telecom situation on the ground.

    • Dr. Umar Saif has provided us with the opportunity to celebrate. MIT has named Umar Saif as one of the world’s top young innovators for 2011. We are all extremely proud of Umar who has brought glory to Pakistan several times in the past as well.

      By appearing on the TR35 list, he joins an elite group of researchers and technologists. MIT has in previous years recognized the likes of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Larry Page & Sergey Brin of Google and Jonathan Ive, Chief Designer of Apple. Umar is the first Pakistanis to have received this recognition.

      • @ وطن پاکستانی
        Stop telling his degrees. He has earned enough money in PMLN time.
        He has no experience in Telecom industry. So why a computer science graduate is heading a Telecom project???
        Reality is that he is a son of a Senior Army Officer. Pakistan Army is trusting Dr Umar Saif because of his military connection.
        Pak Army only trusts their own kind and mistrust civilian Pakistanis.

        • Youthia spotted…. Where were you hiding when your Murshid Imran Khan had appointed Khalid Maqbool siddiqui from MQM as Minister of IT and Telecommunication?

    • Dr. Umar Saif, Associate Professor at the School of Science of Engineering, has been recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of the top 35 innovators (TR35) in the world. In the last decade, this is the first time a Pakistani has been selected for the prestigious TR35 award.

      What is your achievement in life.

  • Uthiyas of PTI will find it hard to digest the progress made by people who showed truth to their so-called leader who couldn’t even deliver this in their tenure. All PTI gave us an USMAN BUZDAR, how duffer imran khan was. Kudos to current regime. May PTI never get to destroy the country again. Congrats IT minister.

    • @Dr. Cardiologist USA
      Have you ever visited Pakistan recently?. Do you know the coverage of 4G networks in Pakistan?. Do you know the current speed of 4G network in Pakistan?
      Do you know that most regions of Pakistan don’t provide 4G coverage? Caj you tell us the current speed of 4G in America and then in Pakistan?. Do you even know that Telecom networks dont provide any full 4G speeds.

      So when people are stating that they are want improvement in current system then what is wrong in it?

  • Sir jo log criticise kr rhy hain inki misaal aisi he jaisay motorway banane wale ko galiyan dety hain lekin safar motorway per he karna hy 🙌

    • There is a merit to it if you have actually tried to understand. Motorways are very expensive ventures. Bankrupt countries like ours, flashing such projects, made theough burrowed money, purely for political mileage, doesn’t make economic sense. How much revenue have all the motorways generated, to this day? Was / it a successful business model?

      Safar karnay mein koi problem nahi, kisi kay abba jaan kay zati paisay say tau banai nahi gayi. Agar is ka kuch fraction laga kay GT road ko improve lar laitay tau log GT road par bhi aram say safar kartay.

      Masla motrway ka nahi, masla economic conditions vis a vi is tarah kay projects ka hai. Bijli ki capacity oayments ka issue bhi same hai. 60 Rs unit bijli baro, kitnay log afford karain gai.

  • 5g communication can generate more harmful effects on users health as compared to 3g and 4g

  • Oh bhai, have someone proof read your articles. Its auction, not action. Yesterday, there was another article where storage capacity of two new dams by CDA was quoted in Gallons Per Day (GPD) which is actually a flow rate and not volume.

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