Over 860,000 Pakistanis Left the Country in 2023 in Search of Jobs Abroad

Over 860,000 Pakistanis left the country in search of better job opportunities abroad during 2023, the highest number since 2015.

According to data obtained from the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment, 862,625 Pakistanis registered for overseas employment in the calendar year 2023. The number of Pakistanis that left the country in 2022 stood at 832,339 while the number stood at 946,571 in 2015, the highest on record.

A breakdown of the statistics shows that 385,892 out of those who left the country in the period under review were laborers while 196,575 were drivers. Those who left the country also included 8,741 engineers, 7,390 accountants, 3,486 doctors, and 1,533 teachers.

The occupational group-wise breakdown issued by the bureau shows that out of those who left, 22,760 were highly qualified while 45,687 were highly skilled. Another 314,932 fell in the skilled category, 86,593 were semi-skilled and the vast majority i.e. 392,653 were unskilled.

Out of the total, 426,951 workers migrated to Saudi Arabia, 229,894 to the United Arab Emirates, 55,112 to Qatar, and 60,046 left Pakistan for Oman. Other notable countries on the list include Malaysia (20,905), Bahrain (13,345), Greece (2,914), Romania (4,947), and Iraq (4,307).

It is pertinent to mention here that the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment data pertains to people who have registered with the Bureau. People who move abroad for studies or through any other routes such as direct immigration are not included in this list.

  • I guess that’s what the decision makers want. They want people to move out as much as possible. So that they do not have to do much to generate USD. Everything can remain broken or close to broken while we keep getting USD from people who have moved abroad. Easy solution.

    If Pakistan improves then many will not want to move out and the decisions makers will have to work hard to deliver results that matter for the people.

    History of decades shows nothing will improve much except figure of pakistanis moving out. Sad indeed.

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