FIA, ISI, IB, PTA and NADRA to Investigate Social Media Campaign Against Elections

Amid mounting concerns surrounding slanderous campaigns targeting the Election Commission and government officials on social media, the caretaker government has taken a decisive step by announcing the establishment of a new Joint Investigation Team (JIT) aimed at conducting thorough investigations.

The JIT will be headed by an FIA official. It will include members from ISI, IB, PTA and NADRA, according to the official notification.

The decision underscores a growing recognition of the damaging effects of misinformation and deceptive tactics on public opinion, particularly in the context of electoral processes.

Pledging to safeguard the integrity of the democratic system and uphold the principles of fairness and transparency in elections, the caretaker government has moved swiftly to address these challenges.

A spokesperson for the caretaker government emphasized the necessity of countering malicious actors who seek to undermine the democratic process through deceitful means.

The JIT’s mandate encompasses a wide range of nefarious activities, including the dissemination of false information on social media platforms, the production of counterfeit ballot papers, and propaganda campaigns designed to manipulate public sentiment.

Additionally, reports have surfaced regarding attempts to influence the loyalty of government officials through coercive measures, prompting swift condemnation from the caretaker government.

In response to these alarming developments, the JIT will collaborate with IT experts to conduct a comprehensive investigation, gathering evidence to substantiate allegations and determine the extent of wrongdoing.

  • یہ سب کام بعد میں کریں ۔ پہلے آپ بجلی، گیس ، موبائل کمپنیوں، بینک نے جو لوٹ مار مچائی ہوئی ہے وہ حل کریں ۔
    پھر آپ عوام کو نوکری، صحت، تعلیم، ٹرانسپورٹ ، سڑک کی سہولت دیں۔
    تب ہی غمزدہ، حالات کی ماری دل جلی قوم خود بہ خود عزت دے گی۔
    ورنہ کرتے رہو کبھی نیٹ بند، کبھی عوام کو ڈراؤ، یہی کرتے رہنا تم لوگ ۔

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