Bad News Coming for Pensioners and Serving Employees

The government has decided to trim pension payouts and raise the retirement age from 60 to 62 for Islamabad police and other government employees.

The Establishment Division has submitted the proposal to a higher authority for final approval, reported a national daily.

If approved, pensions could see a 30 percent cut, with retirees entitled to a gross pension based on 70 percent of their pensionable salaries from the last thirty-six months of service.

Concerns have been raised about the proposed penalty in the draft pertaining to early retirement, which stands at 3 percent per year and is seen as overly harsh, especially considering legitimate reasons for some employees seeking early retirement.

The draft notification also includes provisions for annual pay increments, a measure that some argue is misplaced in the context of the proposal.

  • Already many government members are paid less than $1000 a month and even after retirement not many get the pension they deserve, doing this will literally make them poorer than they already are.

  • If all the government civil servants start services in free even then our economic conditions can’t improve until and unless the corruption and male practices are avoided and law and other situations are improved backed by strong democratic system and accountability across the board

  • This is not a good practice at all for civil servants armed forces examined from this which is totally double standard and unlawful if applied
    We condmit these type of decisions

  • The last and the best is to” KILL” geral public, private sector employees, retirees to pave way more and more facilities for bureaucracy, politicians, high ranking military and civil. officers

  • Corruption Rules should be so tight so no body thilnk .termination from services and other strict measures should be adopte

  • Corruption must be controlled.mafias to to be collected from the masses including businessmen and all others.why only govt servants are being punished who are already lives hands and mouth

  • Instead of cutting their expenditure they are decreasing pensions. No body is bothered about higher spending by ministeries & MNA+MPAs.
    No body talks about army’s pensions & perks

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