PTI Urges IMF for Audit of 30% Assembly Seats Within 2 Weeks

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has urged the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to audit the February 8 General Elections.

In a formal communication addressed to the crisis lender, PTI spokesperson Raoof Hasan raised concerns regarding the recent general elections in Pakistan. He proposed an audit of at least 30 percent of national and provincial assembly seats within two weeks, citing local organizations’ methodologies for conducting such audits.

“In the last interaction held between Mr. Imran Khan and IMF representatives in 2023, PTI had agreed to support IMF’s financing facility involving Pakistan on the condition and reassurance of a free and fair election in the country,” he wrote.

Hasan’s letter also emphasizes PTI’s commitment to facilitating IMF assistance that benefits Pakistan’s economy while stressing the importance of governance, transparency, and combating corruption.

The letter read that the IMF’s role is to assess member countries’ ability to implement sound policies, especially in the context of economic programs supported by the agency itself.

“The general elections conducted in Pakistan on February 8, 2024, on which public expenditure of about Rs. 50 billion (or US$ 180 million) was incurred, were subjected to widespread intervention and fraud in the counting of votes and compilation of results. This intervention and fraud have been so brazen that the IMF’s most important member countries including the U.S., Great Britain, and countries forming part of the European Union have called for a full and transparent investigation into the matter,” the letter said.

Citing IMF guidelines, PTI underscored the necessity of political legitimacy for effective policy implementation in Pakistan.

The correspondence recalled PTI’s previous agreement to support IMF financing contingent upon assurances of free and fair elections. However, PTI said widespread intervention and fraud during the February 8 General Elections prompted calls from major IMF member countries and the European Union for a transparent investigation.

The letter urged the IMF to uphold its principles of good governance and accountability by scrutinizing the reported electoral irregularities.

PTI emphasized that it does not seek IMF involvement as an investigative body but rather calls for support in ensuring electoral transparency, which could foster enduring prosperity and stability in Pakistan.

“There are at least two indigenous organizations in Pakistan namely the Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) and PATTAN-Coalition38 that have proposed comprehensive methodologies to conduct an audit of the General Elections 2024 which, with some modifications, could be implemented locally to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. Such a role by the IMF would be a great service to Pakistan and its people, and could become the harbinger of enduring prosperity, growth, and macroeconomic stability in the country,” the letter added.

    • Beta g ye tu srif ghari chor hai na tum jin logon ko pojtay ho woh tu pora mulk chor hain aur ghadari ke alambardar bi iss lia moo band kar aur apna kaam shabash.

    • Simply because who ever comes in authorities the first plan they have to beg from IMF to run the country and this massage is only to give them intimation that how they comes in power so be very careful to make future deals.

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