CM Punjab Wants to Replace Laptop Scheme With iPad Scheme

During a meeting on Thursday, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif reviewed the higher education scholarships and iPad scheme in the province.

The Chief Minister expressed her annoyance with the incomplete briefing and directed to provide a comprehensive plan for the PEEF Scholarships scheme.

In an important development, CM Maryam ordered to conduct a student survey for iPad and laptop schemes in Punjab. The Chief Minister stated that after assessing the students’ needs, decisions will be made regarding the distribution of iPads and laptops.

Furthermore, Maryam Nawaz also highlighted the importance of students’ feedback for such a scheme.

The meeting was attended by former Senator Pervez Rasheed, member Provincial Assembly Maryam Aurangzeb, Nosheen Adnan, Rana Sikandar Hayat, Chief Secretary, Chairman P&D, Secretary Finance and Secretary Higher Education, Chairman PITB and other officials.

  • If this is true then it is shameful. iPads are Apple products and they are not made in Pakistan. Pakistani mobile industry is producing millions of tablets and mobile phones locally. But these politicians are just trying to transfer business out of Pakistan.
    Please buy only made in Pakistan Android Tablets. Someone should open the eyes of these if ignorant politicians.

    • Ipad are expenisve but they are reliable products never rely on pakistan android tablets which we use in schools for registration of students these are worst products i have ever seen hangs for no reason.we use sis app on these tablets and they cannot even run that.

    • @Reality Good point. Also I want to add that Indian states are distributing Linux laptops and Android tablets to promote open source and software development among students. Whereas Ignorant Pakistani politicians want to provide Ipads to students to promote elite Apple brand. Basically they want to promote closed sourced OS in Pakistan and students will not learn anything from such products. But there is a reason that we are called 3rd world. Our politicians have perfect 3rd world mentality and such decisions are showing it.

  • iPads are produced in China and India. They don’t have any plant in Pakistan. So these politicians are creating jobs abroad (especially in India)?. What is the use of Pakistani laptop and Mobile industry when you have to import such products?. Why not buy only locally assembled products?

  • And why is there a need for Ipad ? at least giving laptop make sense for using them to learn skills and for research purposes. however how ipads are going to fit in this requirement ?
    is this again a political stunt only with no objective in mind ?

    • They are changing because feedback from students was that they don’t laptop few LUMS university students met CM 3-4 days ago

  • صرف دماغ خرابی کی وجہ سے۔۔آئی پیڈ لیپٹاپ سے بہت مہنگا ہے۔۔اسکا بوجھ بھی ہم پ پڑے گا۔۔پیٹرول یا بجلی کی صورت میں

  • The laptops are good in all cases even for earning,research as well and productivity.

  • Assalam o alikum please guide how students can apply to get ipad from government

  • Cosmetic. Drama. Wastage of money. Spend this money on making work station for free lancers.

  • Just waste of money. Jo qarza Liya wo khatam karo pehlay, ye fazul Kamon ki zarurat nahe, logon k pass khanay ko nahe yahan ipad ki BAAT ho rahe. iPad is a costly brand, just spoil the money of our country and will do a lot of crouption

  • We need to replace her and the likes of her..she has zero credibility and understanding of people’s need. Focus on bringing tax reforms and a robust economy.

  • Maryam Nawaz is doing very well. iPads will also benefit boys and girls in education. This iPad should be given away. Thanks!

  • Mrym Nawaz doing very well. .I’m student of BS but I don’t have any laptop or mob or iPad because of our other problems..

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