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Match Ratings from Blockbuster WrestleMania 40

WrestleMania 40 showcased some of the most memorable fights which will remain etched in the memory of the wrestling fans around the world, making it one of the most highly rated wrestling events in history.

In this edition of Wrestlemania, we saw a new Intercontinental champion, two new sets of tag team champions, and a Night 2 set up for an epic showdown between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns.

Our ratings for night one:

Becky Lynch vs Rhea Ripley 8/10

A great opening match for the wrestling fans, certainly this was still a really strong way to get the first night started in WrestleMania.

The best women’s match in WrestleMania history was the battle between Ripley and Charlotte Flair that occurred last year but this game was also right up there with the very best.

The perfect way to start the mega-event.

Gunther vs Sami Zayn 10/10

It was a ‘Match of the Night’ candidate for sure and a perfect portrayal of the underdog storyline. it was incredible how much emotion and raw storytelling as Sami Zayn and Gunther portrayed it perfectly.

The segment prior to the match set it up perfectlt as Kevin Owens, Sami’s best friend, wished him best of luck before the match.

It was a sensationally told in-ring story from start to finish. Gunther dominated Sami Zayn throughout the match but Sami Zayn turned the game around and provided a shocking upset in WrestleMania 2024 and winning the Intercontinental title.

Six-team ladder match 7/10

Two of the most iconic and emotional ladder matches in WrestleMania history are Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon in 1994 and The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudley Boyz vs Edge and Christian in 2000.

A-Town Down Under grabbing the SmackDown titles at the midway point of the match was utterly disappointing and it was not a compelling match that could compete with 5-star epics from the 90s and early 2000s.

Austin Theory and Grayson Waller celebrated alone in the ring for nearly a full minute rather than going for the Raw titles which was comical like a Tollywood movie from the south of India.

The match was all over the place but there were some positive moments as well like JD McDonough got his well-deserved punishment flying through a table and R-Truth got his feel-good moment too, so this was not a dull game. Miz and R-Truth grabbed the Raw titles.

Jimmy Uso v Jey Uso 6/10

Jimmy and Jey Uso spent 13 years building one of the greatest tag-team resumes in WWE history considering the hype it should’ve been a hit but that was not the case.

A match that had a bunch of superkicks in a rushed match and some “emotional” beats that rang hollow because they never actually built the suspense to keep the audience at the edge of their seats before the fight.

A fight that promised much, did not deliver at the biggest event of them all.

Six-women tag match 5/10

Jade Cargill was flawless and she looked like a powerhouse in the ring. It’s not often you’ll see a superstar like Bianca Belair fade into the background but Jade’s presence and charisma were just sumptuous in this tag-team game.

As a wrestler Cargill still needs improvement in her moves but her screen presence is charismatic and she can become a regular participant in the SmackDown live. Othar than that, the match seemed like more of a filler than an actual encounter.

LWO v Dominik Escobar 5/10

Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson’s surprise appearance out of nowhere in this match gave goosebumps to the fans and it will grab all the headlines for WWE in the media.

Only WrestleMania can provide this kind of spectacle in a match and bring audiences to the edge of their seats with a sigh of shock after a dramatic moment.

It was highly surprising that we didn’t see Carlito turn after being spurned time and again by Rey Mysterio leading up to this match.

Triple H and the company knew they needed to provide a shock value in this game to bring more value to this match in the pecking order of matches in WrestleMania.

However, the fans got a huge feel-good moment as Dominik Mysterio eventually lost the match, the only positive to come out of this particular match.

The Rock & Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins 10/10

The main event of night 1 certainly delivered as the four men put their all in to put on a brilliant match.

One has to appreciate Rock as he provided a stunning performance on the night. The Rock could have easily come in, done his greatest hits, and collected a check, but instead, he gave the wrestling fans around the world one of his best performances in two decades.

The match turned out to be a perfect main event and provided a throwback to the old-school tag team match between the wrestlers.

Setting up the main event of night two perfectly.

Night 1 ratings:

Match Rating
Becky Lynch vs Rhea Ripley 8/10
Gunther vs Sami Zayn  10/10
Jimmy Uso v Jey Uso 6/10
Six-team ladder match   7/10
LWO v Dominik Escobar 5/10
Six-women tag match 5/10
Rock vs Roman vs Reigns Cody Rollins 10/10


Our ratings for night two:

The WWE fans got a surprise appearance from Stephanie McMahon as she announced this the first WrestleMania of the Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque era.

The mega-event on night two started with a bang as Seth Rollins defended his World Heavyweight Championship against Drew Mcintyre.

Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre 10/10

Both Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins had spectacular entrances. McIntyre had a Scottish entrance with bagpipe players. Rollins entered with a parade of people wearing bright, baggy clothes.

This match was all big moves and near-falls, but it was done in the best possible way. They didn’t try to chain wrestle in this match. This was about both men taking kill shots until one of them finally worked.

McIntyre won the World Heavyweight Championship by defeating a resilient Seth Rollins and it turned out to be a special moment for him after not getting his big win in front of fans during the pandemic.

Both wrestlers put up a great performance with the crowd helping in creating a dramatic ambiance, in addition to this CM Punk’s response to McIntyre’s trash talk after his victory was the icing on the cake.

While the two men were trash-talking each other from the announce table, Damian Priest entered the fore and ran down with the Money in the Bank briefcase. He struck McIntyre with it, to get the win and become the second new world champion in one night.

The match included incredible story telling with Drew winning the title but =his obsession with CM Punk ultimately cost him the Championship just minutes after. Banger to kick things off.

The Pride vs Final Testament 5/10

Akam, Karrion Kross, and Rezar came out for their WrestleMania debut match, against Bobby Lashley, Angelo Dawkins, and Montez Ford.

It was a match where we witnessed sticks, trash cans and chairs brought into the ring and used by both teams at various points.

Bubba Ray Dudley was the guest referee in this match alongside Snoop Dogg and the fans enjoyed a lot when Dudley put on his old-school glasses to taunt Karrion Kross.

After one failed attempt, Ford hit a wrestling move ‘frog splash’ to thwart Kross through a table to get the win, and ‘The Pride’ won the match against ‘The Final Testament’. Nothing more to add to this.

LA Knight vs AJ Styles 7/10

This was one of the only bouts from this weekend that was just a standard singles match considering that no titles were on the line.

WrestleMania did a great job making this feel like a grudge match right from the start and Knight had every right to be upset with Styles after what he did to him two months ago.

In February, Styles flew to Australia to attack LA Knight inside the Elimination Chamber and that was the backdrop story of this match. This match was structured superbly and it was an unpredictable contest.

Knight defeated Styles eventually and got his revenge but both the players were outstanding in this match. A solid 7/10 encounter as the two superstars put in the hard yards.

Logan Paul vs Kevin Owens vs Randy Orton 8/10

Logan Paul defended the belt against Randy Orton and Kevin Owens in a Triple Threat match as the US title was on the line, he rode a big truck into the arena during his grand entrance while Owens drove a golf cart to the ring.

Zayn was waiting backstage to wish KO luck just like Owens did for him during the night one matches of WrestleMania.

The fans got some great spots, funny moments, and creative offense from all three competitors, surely WWE picked up the perfect wrestlers against Logan Paul.

YouTuber IShowSpeed interfered in the match, donning a funny Prime costume, Orton smashed him out of the costume with an RKO.

Logan Paul eventually won the match with a frog splash move against Kevin Owens and retained the belt of the U.S. title.

Fun match, great spots.

Iyo Sky vs Bayley (WWE Women’s Championship) 8/10

Two former allies Iyo Sky and Bayley contested the match for the WWE Women’s Championship title in a grudge match.

Sky was clever and cunning throughout the match and she started to inflict blows on Bayley’s weaker leg that was carrying the after-effects of the injury that she suffered years ago.

This was great from start to finish, both the women had some impressive counter punches but when it mattered Bayley kept her composure and pinned down Sky to clinch the women’s championship title. A historic moment for Bayley as she defeated her former friend to lift the title.

Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes (WWE Universal Title) 10/10

Cody Rhodes challenged Roman Reigns for the second year in a row in the main event of WrestleMania 40.

Brandi Rhodes made an appearance with her husband during his entrance to the main event making it feel special. Similarly, Roman’s entrance with the orchestra made it feel larger than life.

It was a compelling main event as the fans got a good storyline coupled with good wrestling altogether and a lot of fun spots.

The two men battled in the ring with weapons, parts of the set, and anything else they could find that would inflict damage.

As with any main event world title bout, there were several false finishes to build anticipation for the climax.

Jimmy Uso interfered to stop Cody from winning the title, but his twin brother, Jey Uso came to Cody’s aid as he speared Jimmy Uso of the stage.

Soon after, Solo Sikoa (part of Roman’s bloodline) showed up and almost cost Rhodes the match, but John Cena ran down and fought Sikoa off before attacking Reigns.

And then came the Hollywood entry of ‘The Rock’, which was a blockbuster showdown that we will never get even in Hollywood movies.

But his appearance was disrupted by ‘The Undertaker’ who appeared behind The Rock and thwarted him with a chokeslam. His appearance was short-lived as he mysteriously disappeared.

Rhodes finally defeated Reigns with three ‘Cross Rhodes’ to finish his storyline. All the face WWE superstars showed up to the ring and held Cody on their shoulders to celebrate the crowning moment.

Match Rating
Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre 10/10
The Pride vs Final Testament  5/10
LA Knight vs AJ Styles  7/10
Logan Paul vs Kevin Owens vs Randy Orton  8/10
Iyo Sky vs Bayley (WWE Women’s Championship) 8/10
Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes (WWE Universal Title)  10/10

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