MobiTrack, GPS Navigation System by Mobilink Re-launched

GPS navigation solution by Mobilink has been re-launched with enhanced features and with a web portal. Mobilink has actually strengthened its presence in navigational application – won’t be wrong if I say Mobilink is the only company offering real time navigational solution. However, we have seen other location based services by Ufone and Warid as well, but they can’t navigate you around using GPS or similar technology.

It merits mentioning here that MobiTrack will have to face competition from Google Maps, which is actually offering driving directions and some other useful features too.

By the way, Mobilink has partnered with Trakker to bring this service, also to mention Appello mobile navigational platform has been used for MobiTrack.


  • This service turns your (GPS Enabled) cell phone into a complete navigation solution. (Without GPS phones may require external GPS device)
  • Unique function of this application is ‘Turn-by-Turn’ voice guided navigation with 3D maps
  • Street number \ house number level searching facility in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad
  • Complete Trip Report with plenty of informaiton
  • Weather Update for your specific area
  • MOBI TRACK supports more than 120 handset models by multiple manufacturers.
  • Subscribed  customers can access their personal account on
  • On the web site users can add, view and manage their favourites, pre-plan trips, view reported trips, search for destinations by address or coordinates and get support for their device.
  • More than 40k POIs in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad including (Banks, Fuel Stations, Restaurants and lot more).
  • In addition to above mentioned cities MOBITRACK covers nationwide highway and Motorway network.

How to Subscribe

  • User  can subscribe to this application by sending SMS to ‘1000’ by typing “Test” (Charging Rs. 2+Tax.)
  • In return user gets SMS containing link to MOBITRACK download portal
  • Once downloaded, application will prompt user for installation permission
  • After successful activation every user will get a free 5 day trial (only once)


  • Service charges are Rs. 295+Tax on monthly basis
  • GPRS data will be charged as per package plan

Step by Step Installation Guide


Supported Handsets

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  • A suggestion:
    the maps should be provided as downloadable from the website or in a memory card instead of using GPRS all the time. It will be useless if there is no coverage due to a temporary or genuine coverage issue.

  • This Garmin 780 GPS is magic. I investigated the navigation products for months before I purchased, and I’m glad I settled on this baby. What can I say in a nutshell…It works. The thing truly amazes me with features beyond map navigation. This machine thinks, and it let’s you know it.

    Besides being right on accurate directions, it features great visability with its wide screen. It’s bright during the day,then after dusk it switches to a deeper color for night mode,so not to blind you while driving.The bluetooth feature is such a plus,it works as an incredible hands free phone system. The MSN direct is a great add on for the traffic, movie times, stock prices and more.

    I think it’s great the way it warns me of upcoming construction tie-ups miles ahead. This gives me plenty of time to divert.

    There’s so much more I could say about it, but to keep it short…As one who has logged many of road miles for sales appointments in the residential market, I wish I had this unit years ago. It’s a time saver, a co-pilot, and it’s a keeper.

    Michael B

  • aasa koi b softwere nahi na hi koi web hai jiss se aap kisi nomber ko trace kar lein ye just CID waly hi kar sakty hain

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