Zong Launches Lowest Rate: 67 Paisa Per Min

Zong in an extraordinary move, has launched Pakistan’s lowest call rate of 67 paisa per minute with the same charge being applicable to calls to any other network at any time.

A subscription based package, for which charging for each subscription will be PKR 10 + tax. with auto subscription & multiple subscription in a day will be possible.

Offer details are :

  • Rs 10+Tax will be deducted on subscription
  • You will get 10 On-net minutes, 5 Off-net minutes & Unlimited SMS to any network
  • The validity of these free minutes and SMS is one calendar day i.e. from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 every day.
  • Once subscribed, you will get this offer everyday automatically.
  • The call pulse will be per minute regardless of the base pulse.
  • Multiple subscriptions are possible
  • The newly purchased free minutes and SMS will not be added to the existing free minutes and SMS, the previous quota will be expired

How to Subscribe:

To avail this offer dial *670# or SMS Sub to 670

If subscriber has also subscribed to SMS Bundles, Family Pack, Super Free, BTO, LNO, the 67 Paisa/min Anytime – Any Network free resources will be given on top of other existing free resources.

If the customer exceeds either 10 on net minutes, 5 off net minutes or 125 SMS within the valid time period, charging will be as per tariff plan. For example, if the subscriber subscribes to 67 Paisa/min Anytime, Any Network at 10: 00 am and by 11:00 am has used 6 offnet minutes. The subscriber will be charged PKR 10 + tax for 67 Paisa/min Anytime – Any Network as well as 1 minutes as per tariff plan for the extra off net minute.

Salman Wassay, Head of Marketing, ZONG, said, “ZONG is repeatedly taking steps to provide the greatest value to our subscribers. Reduced call rates across the board is one benefit we are proud to give our loyal customers.”

He added that price moves are only one way in which we serve our subscribers but it is a key strength of the organization. Acknowledging the need to have economical ways to call off-net numbers is a central part of the philosophy of this package.

  • Manzoor Akbar

    Good move by Zong to take the first step. Now see in a week time other companies will also take extraordinary step to compete with ZONG.

    • faisal aslam

      a expensive package. hard rules. 10 zong and 5 other network minute in rs 10 plus tax. offer expire on 12 am every day (chahay aap nay rat 11:30 pm par package active kia ho rat 12 baje agli charging lag jay gi automatically) the bad one package of zong. clevar user donot like it.

      • Manzoor Akbar

        u r right, now they have given terms and condition, previosly they were saying that it is a package that will offer call charging at 67 pais per min, fazool offer hai.

  • ALi

    Kia Baat Hai?

  • alina aslam

    All now Zong needs is a Good Voice Quality & No call drops!!!

    And it will be the Best Network Ever in the History of Pakistan or even World ;)

  • ali

    wao zaberdast
    but yah activate kasy ho ga package??

  • No other Subscriber can beat it

  • Kashif

    Salam to Zong for giving such a good package. Zong has really taken a good step for the benefit of its customers. Zong Zindabad.

  • mehwish

    jhoot stil there no package 67 paisa/min. Mehwish khan is jhooti

    • its available on their website. check their website. http://www.zong.com.pk

    • faisal aslam

      mehwish khan is not lier. i appreciate her information. her source of information is solid. but information on zong site is lately update. so all reader please be patience and donot label jhoty or jhota to author of post.

  • RAna

    Gr8 Move by Zong but how to activate this package?

  • omer

    mavalous move i’m shifting to zong

    • Omer

      Beware Omer.
      The writer of this article, Mehsish Khan, tricked us all!

  • Imran Haider

    Zong sucks

  • imi

    gr8 offer………. Its really very low other companies offering 68 paisas for 30 sec nd zong 67 paisas for complete min

  • Adeel

    Really Great if launched.

  • Gud job

  • ahsan

    kal ufone 66 paisa per minute de de ga lol . go zong for heading the price reduction this time though !


    how to subscribe for this package?are there any charges of daily basis or its free

  • Abbass khan

    V.v.v.very…….kya bat hai.zong lo sub keh do

  • NONA

    X C LENT :)

  • Yasir

    Not too good, here are the details:

    * To avail this offer dial *670# or SMS Sub to 670
    Rs 10+Tax will be deducted on subscription
    * You will get 10 On-net minutes, 5 Off-net minutes & Unlimited SMS to any network
    * The validity of these free minutes and SMS is one calendar day i.e. from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 every day.
    * Once subscribed, you will get this offer everyday automatically.
    * The call pulse will be per minute regardless of the base pulse.
    * Multiple subscriptions are possible
    * The newly purchased free minutes and SMS will not be added to the existing free minutes and SMS, the previous quota will be expired

    • Manzoor Akbar

      fazoool offer hai. I was thinking it is package regardless of any conditions.

  • Fawad

    its a bundle package with 10rs /day with 10 on net + 5 offnet mins


    according to web

    • shahzad

      yes and I do notunder stand the word UNLIOMITED …. they always advertise that umlimited sms but there is always a cap on it. And this time UNLIMITED is equal to 125 :-(

      Chalo ZONG walay to advertise karain gay 67Paisa/min ki per mujhay yeah samujh nahi aata ke ProPakistani walay bhee wesa hi bolrahay hain jesa ZONG walay bolwana chahtay hain …..

      ProPakistani team: bhai log ap yeah bhee to likh saktay thay 10Rs/day main 10 On-net and 5Off-net mis plus 125 SMS …. :-(

      • Omer

        Shahzad, its just this Mehwaish Khan who did such sub-standard stuff.
        Instead of blaming whole Propakistani team, we should be raising voice against the writer of such misleading article, i.e., Mehwish Khan. She used such misleading language even before but this time, she crossed the limits!
        And, Aamir is so quite about it, What is the reason Amir? You used to respond at once to such sub standard behaviors?
        Don’t make this downfall of Propakistani, I like this blog!

        • admin

          Omer, bro i am fully aware of the situation, as i said before, it will be dealt with best possible options! in short, this wont happen again.

          • Faisal

            What Aamir, what happen to you now, this will never happen again, and why you guys are blaming mehvish for this, she wrote the subject line ” Zong Launches Lowest Rate: 67 Paisa Per Min “and later on in the article, she explained the whole scenario, which is quite evident and clear to one’s who are actually reading in between lines, rather reading subject lines and commenting on it, i disagree with you/omer both on this, if you read “•You will get 10 On-net minutes, 5 Off-net minutes & Unlimited SMS to any network
            •The validity of these free minutes and SMS is one calendar day i.e. from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 every day”
            Grow up guys, i am disappointed

            • Omer

              @Faisal: This article was edited again to add the terms and condition info (as mentione din one of my comments below).
              At first all it was written was 67 paisa per minute with tons of praises for Zong (no terms and conditions mentioned).
              And look at others comment below too, many complained about it.
              Since you said, “Grow up Guys”. I would say to you, “Think before you leap, Faisal”. Its not only you who is disappointed.
              Wish you good day!

  • umer daraz

    Great but if zong Good Voice Quality & No call drops!!!

  • anila aslam

    @ Yasir
    Thanks for the detail…

    @ Mehwish Khan
    You have posted a VERY MISLEADING POST!!!
    I looks like someone from Zong Paid you to Post this in such a way !!!

    • Omer

      Aamir, see for yourself.
      So many have their voice raised against Mehwaish Kahn for such worst thing (and you know very well, she isn’t doing it for first time).
      Remove her, before your blog’s visitors trust move away from you!
      I care for Propakistani’s existence and therefore raising voice against inefficient people like Mehwaish Khan (As they say, Better to keep a wise enemy than unwise friend-LISTEN BEFORE ITS TOO LATE PROPAKISTANI)

  • Rizwan

    Well I think ZONG is now trying to beat all other Cellular Companies from market by giving new offers over and over and its really damaging the reputation as well as customers of other networks. Zong has also given the LBC (Location based Charging) Service in different areas of Pakistan which is another good step to gain customers. Now Zong has again keep its pace among other companies. I think 67/min with Unlimited SMS (10 on-net & 5 off-net + 125 SMS) is really a remarkable step by ZONG!

    Very Well Work. Best of Luck To Zong and Other Companies.

    Rizwan Yaqoob

  • Omer

    Mehwaish Khan, We love propakistani for providing us the tidbits that network operators hide but seems like you are here to ruin Propakistani.pk’s image with such immature articles which aren’t showing the main details of Rs.10/per day charges and 10 on net and 5 off net minutes.
    Admin, Please remove her from the list of writers for such thing!

  • Hammer man

    that is just too good to be true!
    the best rates as per my knowledge we’ve ever had have been Rs1.20 charged by the minute.
    There is absolutely no way zong could start offering at nearly HALF the previous lowest rate in a snap.
    I would however believe if it read 67 paisas/30 seconds.

  • Adeel



    FARIGH PAKAGE HAI> > > >> > > > > > > > >


  • Histroy Of Iphone

    Bohat Zabardast packege hai ye tu.

  • alina aslam

    MOST MISLEADING ARTICLE ON ProPakistani Till to this Date!!!!

    • Omer

      Yes and that is what made me against Mehwaish Khan, Even before she wrote some bit-lesser misleading articles.
      I think Propakistani should remove her now. She will ruin this blog with such low standard of hers.

  • alina aslam

    Telenor Talk Shawk also has the SAME PACKAGE in Which Pay Rupees in Advance & use 10 Free Mins:::

    For Details:
    Telenor 24 Hrs Any Network Offer:

    Subscription(Excl. Tax) = Rs10
    Subscription(Incl. Tax) = Rs11.95

    Total Mins = 10 mins
    Free Mins (Telenor) = 6 mins
    Free Mins(All Networks) = 4 mins

    Telenor Talkshawk proudly introduces: Talkshawk 24 Hrs Any Network Offer

    -Now Call ANY Network for only Re.1 per min – 24 hrs of the day!
    – This is a 24 hours service – no time window restriction
    – Customers on Talkshawk 30 second, Talkshawk Har Minute, Talkshawk A1 and TalkShawk Har Sec can avail this service
    – Customers can avail this rate by subscribing to the following offer:

    – Multiple subscriptions are possible
    – Subscription Mechanics: Customers need to dial *345*250# in order to purchase the Free Minutes
    – Validity: Validity of the Minutes will be 1 calendar day (up till 12 mid night). After that any remaining Free Minutes will be confiscated

    So Basically this Means ZONG Copied this 2 Months Old Service from Telenor!!!

  • stranger

    veryyyyyyy expensive
    i think telecom companies should think before speak :P

  • Muhammad

    Yeh zong walay choor k bachy hain………

    Add m publish nahi keya k daily basis par charges hain..

    Let me explain my story:
    I make a call at zong customer call center.i was talking to agent.and when i ask tell me about something zong new package.because i was not knw about packgae.
    and Agent asking me what is zong package will you explain me.

    yeh zong walaon ka hall hae.unhain pata nahi hae k customer ko keya batana hae.ulta customer se puch rahay hotay hain.
    chooor k bachay hain .. ADD m tu mention nahi keya k daily basis par charges hooon gay………….
    m PTA m Complain karooon ga….

  • ali

    I Have No Respect for Mobilink Because of its Misleadings Ads in the History!!!

    But Now Zong Also has No Respect from me because of this Misleading Ad by them!!!

    @ Mehwish Khan
    stop getting bribe from Zong to make such Articles.

    @ Aamir Aata
    where Are you & why such Zong propaganda on this Propakistani site??? i had trust in this before by now my trust has been shaken by this Misleading Article!!!

    • Hammer man

      ghussa na karo Ali.
      agar tum mobilink ya zong k employee hotay tu kabi complain na karte :p

      • ali

        I already own a good business.

        is lye mjhe kissi ka bhi employ bnane ki zrorat nhi ha


        • Omer

          Yes Aamir. Why are you quiet aginst this misleading article by Mehwaish Khan.
          If you want us to move to competitors, just say that directly please!
          Remove Mehwaish Khan for such sub standard practice, never before found at Propakistani.
          And, is she Zong’s employee ot getting bribe from them?
          What happened to your quality control standard Aamir?
          Surprising, Shocking!
          Seems like Propakistani should conduct its own analysis before downfall and remove people like Mehwaish Khan at once (You know she is misleading us for first time)

          • admin

            Omer, thanks for your feedback – article has been appended with due changes required. She posted information as she had, however, when we got the due info we updated the post.

            I understand your concern and situation will be dealt accordingly. Thanks again

            • Omer

              She posted information as she had?
              The other guys had better information than her, see the Yasir’s post below!
              I know I am criticizing her too much, but being Pro’s writer means RESPONSIBILITY and its not just everyone’s stuff!

  • Ahmed2

    agreed with alina most missleading article at propakistani

  • Omer

    This article was EDITED without UPDATE or EDITED words!
    What is this? Mehwish Khan, Learn from Aamir please!
    We don’t want to move away from this blog!

  • Hasnain

    Again Zong proved it is best. ab aur companies ko bhi rates low karnay parain gay.

  • K.A.

    Most of us raised slogans for Zong, but when I went to Zong website and checked details (not misleaded by title of post) I laughed at it coz on one hand these companies provide hourly package even in day time now and in this package they are giving 10-20 minutes a day and that is not free..though they always like to call it free for which they charge you and unlimited which is not unlimited.

    Telecos in Pakistan have different terminology:

    Unlimited = 59min /2Gb / etc (daily/monthly charges but still it is “free” )

    Unlimited SMS = 1000/2000/5000/500 etc

    Calls = 1 Rs (though now their minute is of 30sec)

  • Omer

    Can’t understand why does my browser hands when it says “Transferring data from: widget.linkwithin.com” kind of statement, when loading any Pro article.
    What is this, widget.linkwithin.com?

  • sidra

    assalamualikum im sidra likhte to zong wale b se hen jse waqi 67 pesa minut hy
    but ful info se pa chlta h k itni asani se ye log achche ret ni deskte abi phle 10 rs kat jaenge ek7phr kro cal agr kc ne active kya aur ni krske to gae uske 10 rspe b men campani walon se ye pochti hon q apne bord n tv men sf ni btate hr ofer ko ye oofer ka b khte k 10 rs men 15 minut okz khr my no.03323522802 my id is [email protected] im w8ting?

  • Madiha

    i am still confused about this package either i should avail this or not?????
    please sms me at my number regrading this complete info