PTCL is Doubling DSL Speed in Phases

We had heard rumors of PTCL doubling broadband speeds for its DSL subscribers in March 2010. We were then told that PTCL may celebrate March 23rd, 2010 by doubling DSL speeds – however, plan got delayed due to capacity limitations then.

Lately, we have received reports from multiple ProPakistani readers that they are experiencing double speeds on their PTCL DSL connections.

We couldn’t arrange official viewpoint on this, however, confirmations from certain PTCL users are already available.

Based on sources’ information, we can predict that this doubling of speed will be carried out in phases, while doubling process is said to be completed till August 14th, 2010.

Currently, all users are experiencing double speeds in following patterns:

  • 1 MB upgraded to 2 MB
  • 2 MB upgraded to 4 MB
  • 4 MB – we are yet to receive any confirmation for 4 MB to 8 MB up-gradation

Update: At least one PTCL broadband subscriber has communicated us that his speed was doubled but it got back to its original speed of 1 MB with-in 2/3 days.

As there is no official confirmation with us as of now, so we can’t confidently say that this upgrade is temporary or it gonna persist for all subscribers.

Update 2: PTCL exchange staff from different regions has confirmed ProPakistani that up-gradation process has started. All bandwidths will be doubled in near future, upto 8 MB due to line limitations.

PTCL will offer upto 8 MB connections for ONU lines. Copper line users can pay Rs. 600 to upgrade their cable and get higher speeds.

So apparently, you are likely to experience upgraded speeds but you need to have ONU lines (in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore).

Update 3: Official: PTCL Doubles DSL Broadband Speed

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • MySchizoBuddy

    In Lahore and i’m still at 1mb

  • I think Linkdotnet is also upgrading speeds, my LDN net is showing 2MB since last two weeks but speed is of 1MB.

    • Hammer man

      its not like LDN has a choice..
      if ptcl doubles their offered speed.. LDN has to inevitably follow in their footsteps.
      I personally prefer LDN though..
      reliable service + response time when calling their call center is a lot better compared to ptcl’s where you have to wait your turn in those never ending long queues.

      • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

        But LDN is not available on ONU.

        • Hammer man

          yeah unfortunately it isn’t.
          Link dot net is only best for those living near the tel. exchange.
          Far off and you will start suffering from low SNR and line attenuation.
          And in that case I guess the only best available option at an affordable rate is getting a fiber optic line + PTCL’s DSL connection.

  • Even if PTCL doubles speed, main phir b PTCL DSL per wapis nahi jaonga jitna customer ko zaleel kertay hain, aur sara din dsl disconnect.

    • Hammer man

      kakay.. lagta hay teray sath bohot bura kiya hay ptcl walon nay :p

    • Munaeem

      You are right. There is customer service is poor.

    • Taqweem Mirza

      i agree with you kaka. boht zaleel kia ptcl ne, at last tang par k mujhe dsl connection khatam karwana para. i made hundreds of calls to their help line but they didn’t notice. Im using wateen now. Ptcl is a better choice if they improve their customer services and care for their customers.

  • Waqas

    it will not .. these r rumours

    • junaid

      its fake . heard a million times

  • Seems like some Testing is in progress in Karachi and Vicinity, not sure that they will double speeds, due to the faulty copper medium, plus the ONU networks is also very pathetic, battery issues etc etc.

  • ali

    they also say’s this before(23-march-2010)…but it was not donw…
    better luck this time.
    & hopes that LINKDOTNET also upgrade there packages…

  • The Truth

    i wonder if it will take twice as long for them to fix it when it breaks down ?

  • Tahir Anjam

    is that so? I have the same speed…same download same upload

  • Nadeem Ahmed

    ptcl customer service WORST

  • Munaeem

    Local Speed test servers are generating wrong results. Check you speed using ‘New Delhi’ or American servers.

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    I’m still on 1MB (ONU Khi). Waiting for the upgrade. Some users of 1MB and 2MB have been upgraded on Wiredpakistan Forum.

    Also,On Wiredpakistan, some users did get speeds of 8MB. So they will probably double the 4MB package to 8MB.

  • who i know that my speed increased??? any site??

  • Asad Ilyas

    Asalam O Alakom, I think they are not doubling the speed, its 3 or 4 times speed up, I am using 2 mbps connection first the speed status was, 2048 kbps / 504 kbps and now its 13822 kbps / 1020 kbps.

    • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

      That is just your downstream and upstream rate of your modem (line profile).

      Your actual speed is the download speed that you get when you download something or better yet, check in You will get 4MB speed (if you have been upgraded from 2 MB to 4MB, which seems likely).

  • Farhan Ahmed

    I am using ptcl from two and a half years and hasn’t found any problem with it. It works well with me–however some other friends of mine complain about their poor services. Yet though, I am getting only 1 MBPS; I don’t know if it is going to be upgrate soon.

  • Awais

    Ive tried using your contact form but its broken @

    I was on a 4mbit connection, but was thrown onto 1mbit due to loss of student discount. A week later, i was upgraded.. was getting 1.6 MB downloading speeds for a day. Now im getting 700 KB max.

    Screenshots available :)

  • faisal aslam

    just a marketing SOSHA.


    my one of friend is getting more than 1200kb downloading speed on 1MB package prof is on you tube search with 12mbptcl dsl i dont want to beleive but i saw this with my eyes on his pc :)

    • admin

      I guess the video you are mentioning is available here:


        yes but print is not so good we recorded it via mobile camera :( but you can see downloading speed his package was 1MB few days after he is automatically upgraded to 4MB he complained too but ptcl guy said its ok problem is in his pc and again after few days package upgraded to 12MB.

  • Zain

    Thats not true as i am using 4mb ptcl conection at multiple locations and they are still 4mb :P
    And also em getting normal 250-300 downloading speed

    • Asad Ilyas

      bro there must be siome problem cuz I was getting this speed at 2 mbps

  • Knucker Man

    According to my sources PTCL is in testing phase for doubling even quadrupling the speeds. My personal experience is that my 4MB has been doubled to 8MB but due to sync issues and lot of complaints from myside it was reverted back. on 8MB I have tested which gives the bursts upto 7mb link, but actual download speed on torrents I got was only peaked to 450 kb/s. I think PTCL should increase the bandwidth pipes from DSLAM to PIE after increasing the subscriber speeds.

  • junaid

    OMG my link jst got upgraded from 2 mb to 4 mb .and the speeds great :>

  • look at this……i got this result at my 1 mb..

    • MySchizoBuddy

      Change their server to US and then try. Server to Islamabad will always give you unbelievable results.

  • Adeel

    Still 1Mbps here in Islamabad

  • a friend of mine also told me that he is getting 10mbps

  • Haris

    bhai koi speed duble nahin hui ye sab darama hain ptcl ka coustomer bharhane ka aur kuch nahin

  • K.A.

    I had 512kbps PTCL DSL long time back but whenever I downloaded anything I usually got 200K+ (not kbps) speed, DAP, Internet downloading manager or any accelerator always showed that, webpages opened like this.

    By default your connection is set to 2Mbps, which according to your demand are changed after installation. Sometimes they don’t bother to change it ;)

  • Apple Next Ceo

    @Haris, bhai ye sab Israel aur Jews ka propaganda hai. internet se humari qom ko kharab kar rahey hain.

    PTCL ki funding amreeka aur jews kartey hain

  • The Truth

    so the headline now should read, Pakistanis steal content much faster than before – or Pakistanis can now watch porn really fast


  • Zeeshan

    @lahore :no increase in bandwidth so far :|

  • Naseer

    But i have still 1MB speed of my DSL Connection, it is not upgraded.

  • Muhammad Ali

    I think PTCL Should Repair Previous Speed later Increase the speed

  • Abdullah

    i am using ptcl 2mb connection but i checked now. Still having 2mb….

  • Farhan Ahmed Khan

    but 1 MB will not be upgraded, it will only imposed on 2MB and 4 MB

    • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

      What makes you say that? That won’t make sense. If they upgrade 2 MB to 4 MB and 4 MB To 8MB, and keep the tariff same, then why would they keep 1 MB at 1MB? Doesn’t make sense eh?


    low speed ptcl broadband 1mb

  • Awais

    P.s Im on Copper, not ONU. From Peshawar.

  • Mohsin

    Here is the official statement from PTCL.

    “PTCL has doubled its broadband data rate speed and upgraded all its existing 2Mbps customers to 4Mbps data rate on the same tariff and all existing 4Mbps customers have been upgraded to 6Mbps data service at the same tariff. In addition a new 8Mbps package has also been introduced. PTCL will have the following data rates for all its broadband existing and new customers with effect from July 15th 2010.

    1. 1Mbps at Rs 1199
    2. 4Mbps at Rs 1999
    3. 6Mbps at Rs 4999
    4. 8Mbps at Rs 6999

    The existing 2Mbps package will no more exist and all existing 2Mbps customers have already been upgraded to 4Mbps package on the same tariff.”


  • anila aslam

    What ONU stands for???

    On What speeds is the STUDENT PACKAGE Available???

    • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

      ONU means Optical Network Unit – A form of access node that converts optical signals transmitted via fiber to electrical signals that can be transmitted via coaxial cable or twisted pair copper wiring to individual subscribers.

      In other words it means Fiber Optic. PTCL has two technologies for phone line and dsl:

      ONU (Fiber Optic) and Copper. Some people have ONU while some have copper.

  • anila aslam

    -What ONU stands for???

    -On What speeds is the STUDENT PACKAGE Available???

    waiting for your rsponses

  • Adeel Khan


    It’s unfair 1MB package is not upgraged because PTCL know that students use complete bandwidth and previously they transferred students from 2/4 MB to 1MB.

    Wholly Bull Shit!

    • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

      Yeah I know it’s unfair to let 1MB stay at 1MB. When the upgraded every other package, why didn’t they upgrade this package too?

  • ali

    Hey i Play these online multi-player games on my Steam:

    First Person Shooter (FPS) Games:

    -Battlefield: Bad Company 2
    -Counter Strike: Source
    -Counter Strike: 1.6
    -Killing Floor
    -Left for Dead 2

    Real Time Strategy (RTS) Games:

    -Company of Heroes
    -Dawn of War 2

    My current copper 1mb connection Disconnects a lot, before i had 2mb student package when

    PTCL disabled Student package in 2mb, i then transfered my self to 1mb student package.

    If i Play 1 hour of any of Above Games on Multi-Player Online max downloaded Data is 40mb &

    max Uploaded data is 20mb, So This means Connection 1mb & 2mb both will have no difference

    in Online Multi-Player Gaming.

    In Pings/Latency Download & Upload SPEED (1mb,2mb,4mb,6mb & 8mb) DOES NOT MATTER, only thing

    matters is HOW FAST MY SIGNAL reaches the people i’m playing with)

    My Questions:
    -Will ONU improve my Pings/Latency in Games??
    -Any one has Online Gaming Experience with ONU here?
    -With ONU we have to Pay Any Monthly Charges??

  • Computer Tips and Tricksuter

    Good News for all Pakistani……..

  • Adeel Khan


    I strogly request all Pakistanis to file a complaint that why 1MB package is not upgraded plus any other complaints they may have about PTCL services.

    Here is the link:

  • Ahmed

    Hey ALI can you tell me how you got Battle field bad compny2 working online ??????????????

    • ali

      Bought it on Steam for $50 via Debit Card.

  • Ahmed

    thnx ali but thats too expensive. is there any one who knows how to get the cracked version of BFBC2 online

  • Ali

    is there any student package in 4mb,6md and 8md of ptcl broadband dsl ?

  • sumair khan

    yar mera internet tho mobile internet se b ziada kamzor ha ma ziada thar mobile ma internet kr tha ho or ma abi ptcl line khatam kr tha ho tum logo ko b ma yahi mashwara de raha ho k mobile ma telenor yar ufone sim ma internet activat kro wo bohath acha ha or ma kamaz kam 3 mahino se mobile ma internet kr tha ho