PTCL is Going to Double the DSL Speeds: Again

It seems like PTCL is going to double the DSL speeds of broadband customers very soon, most likely with in month or two, at most – same like it did last year. According to news the existing packages will be doubled as

  • 1 mbps to 2mbps
  • 2 mbps to 4mbps
  • 4 mbps to 8 mbps

According to PTCL representative and feedback of different users PTCL is testing these double speeds on randomly selected subscribers from different areas of country. These users will be downgraded after the testing period ends to their original speeds and will be upgraded after official announcement, which is most likely to be on 23rd march, but can be delayed as no final date has been announced yet.

The up gradation process may take several months according to the size of network. Though PTCL is using is ADSL2+ which supports up to 24mbps but at same time there are many subscribers on Copper media, which supports up to 4 mbps at most (that too with distortion).

We hope that student package users will also get this upgrade and can enjoy higher speeds at discounted rates as recently PTCL discontinued all student packages above 1mbps.

We will keep you informed on this, you can also share your experience in comments if you got this test up gradation.

No official words on the situation yet.

Update: We are told that feasibility tests for DSL speed up-gradation has failed, and PTCL will not upgrade DSL speeds, as of now. Apparently, due to infrastructure constraints and quality of copper is not allowing PTCL to offer double speed. So no further speed ups till further decision.

    • i have a member of ptcl broadband since two or more year but every time they are tease me in internet bill last month i have 2mb connection but my bill was 2200 they ask me to convert 1mb then i convert my connection to 1mb but then they sent me 1800 bill and my student pakage are also regret. now they are asking for upgrade the connection free after 2 month they add 2month bill in new broadband bill. i have sent many complaints but no act upon them.every time i feel angry but in vain

  • If this happens then it will be a great news , but at this moment it jsut seems like a fake news , as they had already discontinued my Student pakage of 2mbps , and besides that PTA and other ISPs liek wateen and Vitribe will die if PTCL do this in same rates , so i belive that PTA will not allow them to do this by considering the Law of Monopoly

  • I think instead of this gimmick ptcl should offer lower denomination packages such as 512kbps dsl. I am not too sure if all 1mbps lines can be converted into 2mbps dsl connection….there are certain limitations in doing so.

    • agreed with u, ptcl should have to care about low income people, i know many people who are desiring to use ptcl dsl but cant afford their rates.

      for iptv users speed is already 8 mb, amir bhi what u think how much speed will iptv user will get if speed of dsl get doubled?

      • Actually, if I’m not wrong ….. the costs of apparatuses used in the whole Broadband connection demands higher price per user. They can offer more speed as that doesn’t cost them more.
        So considering their cost, they cannot go below Rs.1000 that easily and without making loss.

    • There are loads of households I’m sure where their copper lines will not fully support the 2Mbps connection due to several factors.
      Now there is something technical which I’m not too sure of and need feedback on.
      I suffered from high packet losses and frequent disconnectivity (as frequent as every 5mins) initially when my package was upgraded from a 512 to 1Mbps.
      MY ISP downgraded me back to 512(became stable again) & said that my line couldn’t support the 1Mbps connection.
      After about a month or so they upgraded me back onto a 1Mbps connection(without notifying me) and although I still suffer from packet loss from time to time but fortunately I don’t have to put up with the disconnectivity issue anymore.

      My question being:
      Like as it was in my case, if someone’s line cannot fully support the 2Mbps connection, would the user face disconnectivity from time to time or will it simply be just not getting the full dl speed.
      I mean being upgraded to 2Mbps and getting dl speeds of 130-150 is still fine cos atleast there is an overall increase in the user’s dl speed provided the user doesn’t face disconnectivity issues.
      I think it’s due to two separate issues that decide this.
      SNR relates to the disconnectivity issue and the other whereby the signal gets attenuated with increase in distance from the exchange leading to slower browsing speed.
      Input from readers related to this line of profession will be appreciated

        2. CHANGE UR MODEM.

  • I think they might be replacing the copper wire as well… one of my friends DSL stopped working for two days… after complaint we got to know ptcl is replacing wires in that area… they are definitely upto something

  • wat abt if some like has a double up package…????wil it be alos upgraded 4m 1mb to 2mb DSl + same package rates. i.e., 2000 widout taxes??

  • I agree with Rahim Khan. Instead of doubling speed, they should first offer a low-budget package. Because an average user who spend most time on work don’t need 1 MB all day, he/she will suffice with a 512K connection. And if this speed double up is going to happen then they should not discontinue 1MB package but offer it at reduced rates.

  • I agree that instead of increasing the bandwidth they should offer low price low bandwidth packages for the benefit of people who either can’t afford 1200 rupees a month or don’t need 1 Mbps or 2Mbps speeds. Also i think if they do upgrade it will be cause their users more peak time bandwidth issues.


  • ptcl is domed now there is going to be even lower customer base as the complaints would now rise because of the fact that many subscriber’s are on copper and they still can’t use the broadband smoothly over 1 mbps lollzzz …ptcl’s management is a bunch of illiterate who doesn’t know how to implement some strategic goals for the company…

  • Hi…

    I think its much much better for PTCL to work and upgrade the existing FTTH network infrastructure. Once that is done, current rate would be already good enough for home users.

    If they can also provide FTTH network to business centers, upgrade their relevant exchange setup, we will have win-win situation.

    Without changing basic framework, my current @ MBPS connection with highest rate of 250 KBPS (which as per rule should be 600 kbps+) will be 500kbps. However, if they do FTTH, ! mbps connection rate could be as high as 700kbps.

    Hope PTCL-walay read my lines.

  • Also I think private sector has failed itself miserably. They could have formed a joint venture and made their own gateways. They always ask for government support, which in first place is their responsibility.

    Wateen, WiTribe, and others have pathetic customer service. They need to learn business practices to get customer attention and retention, rather than just babbling and complaining.

  • PTCL has always been in the lead in broadband, i think only Linkdotnet competes them in terms of speed and price.

    Look at Wateen for instance they still deal in the ancient/medieval 256K and 512K connections.

  • پی ٹی سی ایل کی پالیسیاں سمجح سے باہر ہیں
    پی ٹی سی ایل چاہتی ہے کہ اس کی لائنیں صرف انٹرنیٹ اور دوسری سروسز کے لؒے استعمال ہوں لیکن فون کے لؒے نہیں

  • There’s been a lot of buzz lately about the newly launched Ufone UConnect service, so I figured I’d share my perspective too. First off, the service is AWESOME. Truly. The breadth of capabilities that it brings to an inexpensive mobile phone is incredibly impressive to say the least. The problem with sophisticated applications like this, though, is that you don’t know where to start describing them since they do so much!


  • At last some good news :-D PTCL rocks…I was waiting for another treat from PTCL and now it is here. I also got to know that PTCL has invited delegation of ZTE to brief and plan about the cost of this new network and how to execute it around Pakistan. Soon that plan would be official and work will begin hopefully.

  • Good news.

    May be on this 23rd march, PTCL should have announced better customer support, issues resolved with 12 hours guarantee, improved phone lines, and optional dedicated IP for home users :)

    • LoLz, I am pretty sure you cannot expect 12 hours gurantee by any private company or any company for the cost they are charging you :)

  • Listen all

    Those who are blamming PTCL for disconnection and low speeds should 1st check their wire status , adsl line status , line attenuation rate , Then blame PTCL

    Pta nahi keun ager speed nahi milti to pehlay company ko blame

    I am using PTCL since 2007 , Always get committed speed ,
    On 256 Kbps = 30 to 33 KB download
    On 512 Kbps = 60 to 70 KB download
    On 1 Mbps = 110 to 120 KB download
    on 2 Mbps = 215 to 228 KB download


    • (sorry for bad english)
      u r talking about before blaming PTCL for disconnection or low speeds, we check our wire status, adsl line status line attenuation rate… then we hit PTCL
      well, please also guide us, if anyother company except PTCL handling these all lines for us ? or we people can drop a line of wire from exchange to our homes by ourself ?
      i do understand many people are satisfied out there by ptcl, but when im paying for 2 mb, they do charge me 100% money for 2 mb then i neva find any line on bill, with somthing like this
      ‘Line Attenuation Discount : 89 Rs’
      when ptcl getting full bill, then why can’t we get full speed ?
      alot of things matters, world has change, money talks, money matters! this what for company launched DSL service and when money is all about then why can’t we get exactly wt we r payin for.

  • Does anyone know how PTCL’s charges are based for a customer who wants to shit from existing copper line to Fibre optic?
    Anyone here who is already having a fibre optic connection?
    because I need hard facts about their experience with regard to when they face a power cut.
    PTCL claim they have UPS backup of about 12 hrs in case of a power cut.
    Can any existing fibre optic user validate this claim?
    Thank you

    • PTCL charged me Rs 500 when i shifted from copper a few months back. Plus your existing number will also change.

      • Yup I’m aware that the number will change.
        How about the issue concerning the power cut(load shedding)
        Has your phone line turned “dead” whenever you face power cut at your end.
        If not, how many hrs max have you ever gone thru a power cut during which your phone line was still operational.

  • yes im on fibre and i don’t face any disconnection but prices are very expensive. 4mb ke 5k is very expensive. u know Sweden mein $25 mein ap ko 24/10 yes 24mbit download and 10mbit upload milta hai. and we are paying $25 for 2mb :(
    we Pakistanis uses very expensive internet.

      • toh maine kab kaha ke fibre par alag hain I said that in general that we Pakistanis use expensive internet.

        • I disaggree on expencive internet connection; In Pakistan, the internet has been waked lately and it needs some time to expand. Pakistan tellycommunication company limited (Ptcl) Has been doing a wonderful job on bringing and giving robust packages to it’s customers. I have been using PTCL from Past two and a half year and have never found much disconnectivity except when some works going on with the exchange. I should say that PTCL is awesome! I will appreciate if PTCL is going to dubble their packages from their previous packages to it’s respective.

    • Yaehh !!!! Ptcl is always RocK… Just Rock….
      Ptcl Please Care Your users ;) and give us these services ;)))

  • ptcl ko year mein 2 times double karna chiye to compete with international price and packages.

  • I agree With Khan, we are always comparing our defense power bla bla bla with indians, how come they have 20mb+ connections available at cheaper rates and we have to pay 5k FOR 4 mb (which actually works slower than 1mb) lolx…. and where is the ages-ago-promised 3G?….i respect your feelings mr pro pakistani , but i guess we are goin down,n the earlier we realize it the better it is !….. Rest is upto you… “clap” for ptcl for ripping our pockets, or DEMAND your Right!…

  • Good news.

    Should be utilize in meaning full activities.

    I wish PTA take another step to filter web traffic. Just like KSA,UAE and China.

  • well read all comments above but my suggestion tht ptcl should upgrade there damn custmors servies frist becoz when eva i need this damn help it tooks long time to catch them ):.

    regurding upgrading the speed tht would b awsome on same price n having 2mb.

  • ya its a great news:

    bt im an old user of ptcl dsl 1mb package and i faced many problems thats`y now im using LINKdotNET dsl servis its better from ptcl, its never disconnect like ptcl…

  • well on copper u cant feels the high speed of dsl unless it get fiber so so need to change the modems till they change the lines into fiber thts my deal. lolzzzzzzz

  • PTCL is GOOD in Term of packages and prices but but but but customer support and customer management is so poor .. some time i have been calling for complaint and after few minutes someone from ptcl offering me broadband services which i am already using .. funny like hell

  • my student package 1mb iz automatically upgraded to 2mb…..i m to much happy now ptcl roks man roks

  • Author: furqanComment:my student package 1mb iz automatically upgraded to 2mb…..i m to much happy now ptcl roks man roks

    furqan saib i called on 1236 n asked about wot u said above they said such offer they dont provide then how u say it…ek number ka jottaaaaaaaa

  • yar agar PTCL nay last year March k month ma packages ko upgrade kia tha mera package last year 512kb tha wo 5 march ko 1Mb ma convert ho gya tha, hope k aisa ho but kia PTA ptcl ko ye karna allow karay ga k nahi

  • Hello All,

    I am using PTCL ADSL since 1 Month and i am very satisfied with my purchase.

    I always advice that we should get ADSL on Fibre Optic (ONU).

    They charged me for the wire in excess of 80 Metres to convert my no. to Fibre Optic. about Rs.5/Metre which shall appear in the next bill.

    I always recommend PTCL ADSL but always on Fibre Optic.

    Intially it was difficult to set up modem but after this hurdle it’s going very fine.

    Too much time to answer Broadband complaints but because they recieve calls from whole Pakistan and when all the wires are changed to Fibre Optic it shall be reduced significantly like when we complain for telephone it don’t take so much time.

    If there is problem then you can change the settings of server and DNS etc. then it shall work fine.

    Once again say no to copper wire!

  • Hi There,

    After the issuance of 3G licences we shall enjoy too much significant rise in quality/speed and drop in charges because in 3G there is high speed data transfer, and intense competition shall arise after the issuance of 3G license.

  • Well,
    Its an AWESOME news..
    More speed is more better… for people who are saying that instead of increasing speed PTCL should decrease prices, well I will not agree with them…
    Look, a 512k package at its worst will give you 4kbps, a 1024k will give 10-15kbps … so a faster connection is also better at its worst….
    Regarding fibre optic monopoly, PTCL has right to have it as it is investing much alone. Consumers should be happy that they are going to get best telecom service available on fibre cable.

    I am waiting for my line/package upgrade eagerly!

  • well this is just a rumor as i talked to ptcl they said tht nothing is in there knowledge abt such package like double up the speed so better wot u have be happy n chill lol

  • Mr.Faizee…..thers this thing cAlled common sense…..u cant expect that u r going to randomly call up ptcl and the csr’s will tell any1 and eevry1 abt upcoming offers…..they are not suppose to tell until the company announces itself…..if you know someone working at PTCL then only you will get to knw whats happenin on the inside….go to and check out the forum…thers this guy who works at PTCL and he has given the confirmation in this regard infact he also upgraded a guy’s connection to 8mb just for a day…..

  • talha mate, thanks for ur reply, well u talked about a common sense, for dear,

    “It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense.”

    thts it.

  • lol Faizee! dude nice quote..but kindly clarify how is you quote even relevant to the discussion? unless you are referring by this quote to your self making snap judgments that the upgrade thing is a rumor just because the PTCL CSR wouldn’t confirm it to you…. since u decided to randomly call the helpline and ask questions they are not suppose to answer….my advice if you know someone working in PTCL then ask them about it….we have already investigated on our own and people working in PTCL are confirming that the upgrade is happening and if you are only going to believe it when you hear it from some random PTCL CSR then you will have to wait till the 23rd of March. :)

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