BIS Services Still Down with No Signs of Restoration

Even after 4 months of LHC’s decision to ban blasphemous content on internet, Basic Internet Services on Blackberry devices are still un-available for customers, who are paying same charges as they used to before the ban.

Pakistan Telecom Authority has promised multiple times that they are in talks with Research in Motion, manufacturer of Blackberry Devices, to devise a way to block specific URLs on Blackberry services however, this hasn’t happened so far.

PTA, in response to customers’ complaints, is saying that internet browsing on Blackberry devices is not possible due to technical limitation on operators’ end.

In an interesting argument, PTA said that mobile operators are charging customers for email services and not for the internet browsing. It said the line rent doesn’t include charges for internet browsing facility and hence is provided for free.

If this is the case, Blackberry users can forget the restoration of internet browsing on their devices, as authority has decided that internet browsing on Blackberry is free and hence can not be questioned by the customers.

Following is one such letter sent by PTA to a customer against a complaint filed for un-availability of BIS services,

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  • In last para she has advised customer to “shut up” giving an excuse that Internet service comes for free.

    So this free Internet comes without subscribing BB services? Ofcourse not. But this is a stupid logic given which can’t be debated.

  • one can use other handset for push email and avail unlimited edge at same bb cost. So if one is still using BB, must be show off.
    PTA should direct companies to give 75 percent discount to bb users because browsing and social utilities are basic user need.

  • BB devices works in a different way. It’s all about the service books that are pushed on the handset, which enables the device to perform different functions.

    There are some work arounds people has developed in order to use internet on BB device, but there is not proper solution. The work around some times work and some times doesn’t.

  • All are big cheaters. Charging customer for those services which are not available,
    This injustice is resulting in disasters for our beloved country.

  • Who would want to access blasphemous websites thru BIS?

    There are other Muslim countries as well such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE etc., none of them have blocked BIS access to their Blackberry users in light of objectionable content of websites on internet.

    All those idiotic officials involved in promoting blockage BIS should throw out the pan they are chewing and get a life.

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