wi-tribe Introduces Endless Downloads, Sort of!

wi-tribewi-tribe has revised its wireless WiMAX packages to allow its customers endless downloads, with fair usage policies in place.

Endless downloads come with wi-tribe’s Desktop and Wi-Fi modems for 512 KB and 1.5 MB packages. wi-tribe says that service parameters may change upon utilizing 30GB on 512Kbps endless package & 40GB on 1.5Mbps endless+ package in any given month.


Desktop Modem / Wi-Fi Modem

wi-tribe Dongle

Activation Charges (for new subscribers):

  • Desktop modem (slider): Rs. 500
  • Wi-Fi modem (slider PLUS): Rs. 1,500
  • wi-tribe dongle (USB device): Rs. 2,500
  • Activation charges are non-refundable

Things to know:

  • desktop modem (slider) : For instant connectivity to the wireless broadband world. Activation charges: Rs. 500
  • Wi-Fi modem (slider PLUS) : Greater convenience for connecting all wireless devices in your home or office. Activation charges: Rs. 1,500
  • wi-tribe dongle (USB device) : Internet on the go. enjoy extreme portability with no power required. Activation charges: Rs. 2,500
  • refundable deposit equal to monthly charge along with activation* to be paid in advance
  • excess usage will be charged at Rs. 0.15 per MB
  • Refundable deposit equal to monthly charge along with activation charges are to be paid in advance
  • Excess usage will be charged at Rs. 0.15 per MB

**Fair Usage Policy:

  • Service parameters may change upon utilizing 30GB on 512Kbps endless package & 40GB on 1.5Mbps endless+ package in any given month
  • All wi-tribe packages are for consumer usage and not permitted for commercial use and/or reselling as per PTA regulations

For order and details: call 111-1-tribe (87423)

  • That’s fine! It is same as in UK. Every provider offers an unlimited but practices a fair usage policy of around 6GB for home users and 3GB for mobile users. Some user also took some providers to courts that they speak double standard in that way but there is still no outcome. Good going PK companies!

  • Ahmed

    Yeah we are mad enough to buy a trashy 1.5MB connection for 2400Rs…

  • Saleah

    sigh, 2400 for 1.5mb connection and only for 40gb data transfer is quite expensive,,,it is actually not “Endless” at all.

  • george

    you have to be ridiculously stupid to buy Wi tribe or worldcall, i mean not everyone is a geek …. we do watch movies , play games and listen to music online and in pakistan some old uncles are sad enough not to change their century old policies of “Data limit”. ye 30 gb 4 dino ki mar hay bhai with torrents on and youtube!
    I made my mates buy ptcl and they are happy with it, yes it does have signal issues but when its fine they dont have to worry about “data limit” or “fair usage” ….so DOWN WITH THESE RETARDS!

    • funkymonk

      so true ..

    • in Love of Making Things

      AD: you can eat all you want
      Fair usag policy: 1 plate k bad sirf pani milay ga biryani nai

  • Umer

    yar itni limit rakhe ha…beray se beray package tak ma limit ha.even dongal ma b…

  • Sumair

    care to explain “SERVICE PARAMETER MAY CHANGE”??

    • in Love of Making Things

      i.e. so you cannot sue them and they can get away with providing even quarter of promised speed

  • Munaeem

    i recommend 2MB Link Dot Package. it works well on copper line.

  • Ashhar

    Alas Thumbs up for Wi-tribe Policy Maker :) YOU ARE TOO MUCH EXPENSIVE.

    (Wi-Tribe CS are real players)Thumbs Up for GM CS for good services.

  • vicky

    You are right my brothers in next few years we will go for 8 or 10mbps connections not 1.5 or 2mbps so Witribe think about it.

    • in Love of Making Things

      7 years later vicky, I am still looking to get stable 4mb connection :P

  • Sadia

    In wireless best option is dongle
    And I found Worldcall device very ecnomical while PTCL is much costly/expensive
    Package of 256k with unlimited speed as connection is of 3.1 Mbps and unlimited downloads offered against 1,000 only by Worldcall

    This experience is based on Faisalabad
    You do have differnt opinion but the fact is fact
    Worldcall is best

    • in Love of Making Things

      depends on signal, we all have heard horrible worldcall stories

  • george

    I am sorry if i hurt someone
    Basically few days ago i joined PTCL as BDO and target is very much high and I have threat I may loose my job so i praise PTCL
    For give me please

  • Ayesha

    Wi-Tribe is not offering Endless package for corporate customers. thats really bad.

    • Ali

      well ayesha, minimum of 5 connections required for a corporate connection package, in this one user would only have to pay only activation chgs upfront, no security deposits & no device chgs. to enjoy wi-tribe services.
      plz contact me at 0333-3402289

      Ali J.

  • Well I am using Wateen and pretty satisfied with it. But will also try Witribe. WiTribe is progressing fast.

    • Ali

      0333-3402289 OR [email protected]

  • hasooboy

    After getting the 1st position this is really a lame and expensive offer. qubee is lot better then this..

  • I dont think this is going to be some nice offer. I was planning to get a witribe usb but i think i will have to drop the plan….

  • Misrishah

    And then PTA calls them No. 1..expensive and only in 3 cities ;)or is it 5?



  • salman


    i download 4 gb data on 1mb link.net daily (torrent movies, youtube, surfing alot of websites)

    i also used world call , its speed is awesome.

  • Bilal Ibrahim

    Go for Mobilink Infinity, Now Mobilink have DSL , Wimax( Infinity ) and Dongle as well.
    DSL Unlimited having 1Mbps. 2Mbps. 4Mbps
    Wimax Device (512Kbps & 1Mbps)
    Thanks/ 03028265421

  • Qubee User

    Qubee is best …
    512 Unlimited on USB device .. 1000 per month
    1 MB Unlimited … 1500 per month
    service is Awesome !!

  • fahad

    propakistani ka jazz jazba.bohat zyada jazba aa gaya.

  • Amazing Price-2999/-
    PTCL-Evo wireless internet connection EVO USB 3.1 MBPS speed. Monthly charges are now onliny 799/- Month..
    Free home Delivery ….
    Feel free to contact me
    For more info call at

    • Ahmed

      Dude thats just 1GB worth of so called “Broadband”. These are volume based packages.

      • Y don’t you choose unlimited download with 3.1 MB speed
        so choose the package as ur requirement.

  • witribe is way to expensive
    i’ll prefer using PTCL 4MB DSL anytime

  • Xulfi


    I was a PTCL DSL user, 1 day it stopped working. 3 Months, UTTER Khuwari, calling them, going to exchange, at the end, zalil honay wali baat hogaye thi.

    So I left PTCL and chose Wi-tribe. I HATE the limited bandwidth, as it was my habit to have torrents always on, but what I like about it is I ALWAYS have stable connections. If I’m playing Starcraft 2, I know I wont be dropped from the game, unlike PTCL DSL, which would go on/off for a minute every 2-3 hours.

    Wateen was an option too, but I heard very bad customer support. Wi-tribe is good.

    If you want stable connection and good customer service, with consistency, I’ll recommend Wi-tribe. But If you only want to use internet for torrents, then dont buy Wi-tribe. Better off trying any copper-line DSL.

    Best Regards.

  • Bilal Ibrahim

    DSL Unlimited having 1Mbps. 2Mbps. 4Mbps
    Thanks/ 03028265421
    Mobilink BCD

  • hope your are fine

    what are the charges of Mobilink net connection ?

  • usman

    i want to get some information about qubee packages.will someone please help me.03365243498

  • Salman Ansari

    I am actually very disappointed with the performance of Wi-Tribe. It does not perform when needed the most: Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi airports, PC hotels, my client sites, at different locations, logs in and logs out randomly. Displays the worst that WiMAX has to offer, specially at these frequencies..

    Their software upgrade needs a visit (even by an old hand like me!) to get the connectivity going again. The worst part was that the young man there ruined my laptop by picking it up by the screen. It broke something inside and I have already spent Rs. 15K in twice replacing the HV interface strip in the LCD screen driver. Once you fiddle with a laptop it is history in Pakistan.

    Quite a nightmare the last many days as I have to do back ups, create presentations, designs, etc on the fly while trying to squint and work on this crippled Dell machine. Another 100K for replacement of this lap top in the works. Damn am I furious!

    I had gone to Wi-Tribe since I knew their original owners and thought that the new company would know how to run operations.

    Irony is that the PTCL EVDO while it is a dog as far as performance is concerned, lousy PTCL CS and support, but still works everywhere including the Daewoo Bus all the way to Lahore from Islamabad.

    Am now going to give Qu-bee a try. I know the CTO and CEO well enough to experiment.

    Anyone for a second had Wi-Tribe USB – half price?!