Mobile World Congress 2011 [Roundup]

Mobile world congress 2011 in Barcelona went on from 14th to 17th February and it provided plenty of stuff to munch on for the tech savvy.

The conference itself included high profile speakers, the CEO’s of Google, Intel, Microsoft and Nokia to name a few. However the real deal was the exhibition put on by nearly 1,400 companies who unveiled new phones, tablets, technologies and applications etc. to provide the attendees with a glimpse into what the future holds.

MWC 2011 also showcased an app exhibition by nearly 10,000 app developers from various platforms as well as App Developers conferences hosted by nearly all major companies except Apple, who famously boycott all events like these.

So without further ado, let’s dig into what was hot in this years’ MWC.

Nokia-Microsoft Partnership:

In a move that has everybody talking, Nokia announced that it is partnering with Microsoft. Nokia phones will replace Symbian and MeeGo (the next gen OS ) with Windows 7 as their primary operating system. The exciting bit was the announcement that the first phone running windows 7 will launch in 2011.

This leaked photo, courtesy of Engadget, that was alleged to be the concept design for Nokia Windows 7 phones, is indeed genuine according to her.


Quad Core Processors for Tables and Phones:

In other news, Nvidia announced Project Kal-El, which means we’ll have quad core processors in our tablets and phones by the end of the year.

Nvidia weren’t the only ones though; quad core processors were also announced by Texas Instruments and QualComm.

Telenor and PTA failed to Bring Awards to Pakistan:

Here’s some news regarding Pakistan. Telenor and PTA, the nominees in different categories this year failed to win any awards.

It was widely expected that Telenor would win since it has laid a foundation stone of mobile-banking in Pakistan and secured tremendous achievement and popularity not among the customers but also at different platforms and globally viewed news channels.

Unfortunately, Easypaisa failed to clinch any title in world cup of telecom, Mobile Global Award despite it was shortlisted for two categories.

The awards for Best Mobile Money Product or Solution has been given to MasterCard Worldwide and Standard Chartered Bank for Airtel Card. Best Mobile Money for the Unbanked Service has been awarded to Vodafone Group, Safaricom, Vodacom, Vodafone Essar Limited and Roshan Ltd for M-PESA. But nonetheless, their nominations are an honor.

With the credentials to drive a one of the most competitive cellular sector amid highest retaining the status of highest tele-density country, PTA was easily shortlisted for contest on the category of Best GSMA Chairman’s Award and Government Leadership Award.

GSMA Chairman’s Award has been awarded to Dr. Wang Jianzhou, Chairman, China Mobile. Government Leadership Award has been presented to Government of Afghanistan. Amirzai Sangin, Minister of Communications & IT of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, The award recognizes the immense achievements made by the Afghan government in its commitment to the widespread expansion of mobile communications. In just ten years the Afghan government has taken a country with no mobile infrastructure to a point where 80 per cent of the population is now covered by telecommunications networks.

Apple usually doesn’t participate in industry-wide shows like the Consumer Electronics Show or indeed the MWC, but that didn’t stop the judging panel from giving the iPhone 4 the Best Mobile Device award.

The major winners at the MWC 2011 were, HTC who received the Best Mobile Manufacturer. HTC also received the best mobile device award last year for HTC Hero. The HTC Desire was also well praised by the judges. App of the Year on the Apple Platform went to Angry Birds, which was predictable really, since it sold over 50 million copies. Google won App of the year on Android for Google Maps. Lastly, Zum Zum won the App of the Year on the Nokia Platform.

For a comprehensive list of all the winners at the MWC 2011 visit:



Onto the phones!

MWC 2011 really belonged to Android. A majority of the phones ran on either 2.2 Froyo or 2.3 Gingerbread. Here are the noteworthy Smartphones announced which you can get in the coming months:

Samsung Galaxy S II:


It’s the successor to the Galaxy S, which sold over ten million units last year. It has a bigger screen at 4.3 inches, a 1GHz dual core processor, and has the ability to shoot video at 1080p. Widely billed as the best Smartphone to be unveiled at MWC 2011.

LG Optimus 3D:


Another Android phone, it sports 3D. Best thing is you don’t need special glasses for it. And reviewers say that’s it pulls off the 3D effect with great results. It has dual core processor and dual channel memory to provide maximum performance.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play:


Possibly the most hyped and anticipated phone, it’s dubbed the “Playstation phone” since it can run PS1 quality games. Its hardware is capable of 60 frames per second for all your gaming needs. It has special buttons to play all those games when the lower body slides out.








The Facebook Phones:


If you believe Facebook is taking over the world, you may be right. HTC has revealed the ChaCha and Salsa smartphones with dedicated Facebook buttons. The facebook button will glow slightly whenever there’s something that can be shared on Facebook. So basically you’ll have one touch access to update your status, share what you’re listening to and uploading photos. Both phones are well designed and will be affordable. Expect them to be huge sellers.

Among other note worthy phones that were announced include the ZTE Skate, Amigo and Blade. From HTC, the Incredible S, Wildfire S and Desire S. And finally , the Sony Xperia Neo and Xperia Pro and the Xperia Arc.

MWC 2011 also showed us that the tablets are going to keep up their increase in popularity. Major manufacturers showed us their latest creations.









HP TouchPad:


The HP TouchPad packs powerful hardware, a good display resolution and a great OS all in one. It runs on Palms webOS which wasn’t popular because of restrictions on carrier and manufacturer, but now on the TouchPad, it has received wide spread praise from everyone for its fluid response. Did I mention a dual core 1.2 GHz processor?










HTC Flyer:


With a 7 inch display, it has a pressure sensitive stylus for use on the tablet. It has the fastest processor yet seen on a tablet at 1.5 Ghz. It will feature an amalgamation of the Gingerbread android flavor and HTC’s own excellent Sense UI. The design is similar to HTC’s high end smartphones and looks great.












Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1:


Samsungs’ offering boasts a 10.1 inch display, the resolution being higher than the iPad. It runs on the Android Honeycomb and offers 8 MP camera, 720p recording, gyroscope, accelerometer, and a proximity sensor among other things. Multi-tasking is really catered to in this tablet.

Noteworthy mentions that I couldn’t include here are Blackberry’s Playbook, Motorola Xoom and LG Optimus 3D and Viewsonic Viewpad 10 Pro which can dual boot windows 7 and android 2.2.

The MWC 2011 always gives tech enthusiasts plenty to chew on and this year was no exception. I’m pretty sure the blogosphere will be abuzz with excitement and reviews and comparisons of the launched products and what not for days to come.

Have a look at the updated Samsung Mobiles Price in Pakistan (we are daily adjusting our prices to the market).

  • Everything is irrelivant in this topic. This site was suppose to be talking about Technology in Pakistan. Non of these devices are gonna be here officially or legaly.

    These words aren’t mine , Amir said to me when i email him , writing article about latest technology and development. Where are you now?

    • these devices will be released here but the CDMA smarthphones will not like a 4G smart phone since we dont have CDMA technology in pakistan. But the real problem is that no one will be able to afford these devices as they will be 60000+ since they have super high specs like the galaxy s 2 and lg optimus 3d

    • Brother, nothing is irrelevant in the world. At least by reading such articles, our generation will think towards future, instead of living like Frog in a well.

      Unfortunately, our media is not covering technology news and future related to it…we should say thanks to for bringing such news to Pakistani readers.

      Isn’t it a big news that Pakistani IT firms started popping-up in international IT news and blogs. Really we need such achievements to tell rest of world that we are competent and capable to compete at any front in the world.

      Pakistan and Its Nation Zindabaad!

      • I agree with you , we must cover all the technology news, YOu guys didn’t read my comment carefully. I said those words aren’t mine . Amir whom is the owner or admin of this site replied one of my mail which was regarding to my article about latest technology and gadgets.

        If you read on the banner of propakistani it says “Pakistani Telecom and IT news” . So this Post is irrelivant on this site(according to Propakistani Owner).

        My suggestion is lets cover all the great inovations and technology news. This site is very good but if they don’t grab the oppertunity i am afraid some one els will.

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          These points doesn’t mean that ProPakistani is not doing good. In my point, it is doing quite good in Pakistan but my feedback is just for Change, Change and Change. Every product has it’s life cycle and after certain time, it needs renovation to inject new life in it…otherwise companies replace it with new one. Good luck ProPakistani.

  • You missed one very important tablet “MOTOROLA’S XOOM”. Google itself technically helped Motorola in producing XOOM…same like Google Nexus with HTC.

    • motorolla xoom was announced in CES 2011 which is a different event that took place earlier in january. MWC 2011 is a different event that announced these mobiles in this topic.

  • under the heading of hp touchpad, its mistakenly mentioned as htc touchpad. Relevent or irrelavent, i liked the post. Keep it up pro!

  • Thanks for the feedback, especially Waqas and Saleem, here’s what i have to say:

    We, all the writers here at ProPakistani, write on things that concern to Pakistan only, mostly directly and at times indirectly.

    We don’t touch tech news happening around the world unless they are related to Pakistan in any way.

    Mobile World Congress is a global event, where Pakistani representatives go and participate too. This is why we thought of covering it.

    In response to Saleem’s suggestion of deploying a new website and covering international news, i would say that we are equally agreeing with you here that Pakistanis need to learn about global news. But we are fully contented with what we are doing. We will keep our strategy the same for this website.

    However, starting a new website for global news is an option that we are evaluating for long, you may see something on this in near future.

  • Name a single representative who participated in MWC 2011?
    “We don’t touch tech news happening around the world unless they are related to Pakistan in any way” Give me a single device which was annouced for Pakistan (Only Nokia could come pakistan officially).

    Anyway keep going .

    • Didn’t you read? Telenor (for mobile banking) and PTA nominated for awards. Companes don’t have to make devices to be at the event.

        • Acha yaar Waqas……. Boht bura kia propakistani ne jo hume telecom related aik news de di bawajood is kay k us se ghalti ho gae thee jb kabi us ne ap se agree nhi kia tha is point pe…. U r right & I guess u r always right at every discussion forum…..
          @ all
          Now lets go back to the well where we all reside….. Thanks

          • @Asad,

            Hahaha… U r right. Majority of Pakistanis are critics. Observer around you…you will find most of your relatives, friends, colleagues, politicians etc etc criticizing others. Hardly few appreciates others.

            We should appreciate ProPakistani for letting readers to read Telecom news freely. No doubt they are trying to earn indirectly but isn’t it blessing that they strives and collects information for us. Secondly, keeping up to date on technology news can really change our generation. I’m personally not an IT professional but knows a lot about Technology, Engineering and Related fields because I reads many free blogs and sites. It helps me to apply different technologies in my real life and making life easier for myself, at work and home.

            So lets start appreciating even a small effort done by some body. Lets not focus on 100% Perfections…rather than starting and upgrading ourself step by step. We need to change our generation to interpret things in positive manner.

            Changing ourselves can only change the fate of Pakistan. Otherwise we will keep cursing each others and some one else will take a lead.

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