An Overview of Government Websites

The issue has been discussed over and over, Maintaining Official Websites! Yes it can be a matter of negligence on individual level or at least at an organizational level but what to say when it comes to the mighty government level.

In past we have seen couple of examples, including President’s Website wrongly linked, Governor Punjab’s website, PTDC website using adsense and many others.

Let’s have a look at present situation of e-government campaign and the websites which are somehow being “managed” by Federal Government.

1. President of Pakistan’s Website

No doubt, President of Pakistan’s Website gets thumbs up after it’s redesign. Discussed earlier, the website was awful before the current revamp.

But the change is here, and a real good one. New website has a decent as well as professional look. Designed well, managed well and unlike the previous one, it is attractive!

One thing that should make one happy is, though not totally but, the website is partially un-biased. Like we have seen the Governor Punjab’s website redirecting to his personal website.

Website has a list of previous Presidents of Pakistan (images not working though) in addition to a dedicated section about Pakistan, covering different aspects.

By partially un-biased I mean there is dedicated page for Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto which in my opinion shouldn’t be there as the website is all about Pakistan and President. Also social media part needs to be updated yet.

With minor typos, overall website design is awesome and it is good to see the change.

Coming to the dark side of the picture, there are many websites which are being ignored and are somehow full of errors.

With small URL and design error to complete website down at the other end, these are the important ones facing negligence.


A portal setup by Government of Pakistan to facilitate access to all the web sites run by various departments and is considered as the official website of Pakistan.

Website gets redirected to and images as well style does not work. (though website opens properly, but rarely)


The same thing as described above, is even in worse condition and the website is under construction for an unknown time.

4. Prime Minister’s Website

Confused? Yes there is no website for Prime Minister of Pakistan but a simple page which is not even working at the moment.

5. PM Secretariat Website which seems to be offline since its its inception and never faced the audience.

6. Sindh Government’s Website

Sindh Government’s official website is also down with some error at server end.

7. Governor Punjab’s Website

Earlier we seen Governor Punjab’s website linking to Salman Taseer’s personal website even after his assassination and the story was published few months ago. Though the content has been removed now but point to ponder is, from January till July (since Latif Khosa took charge) website has not been updated in 7 months.

8. Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis:

Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis’ website is also down with a 404 error.

There may be other as well with minor glitches such as wrong link to National Bank of Pakistan’s website on (Directorate General Of Immigration & Passports Ministry of Interior – check Information Links in sidebar) but this post is just a wake-up call for all the concerned authorities and to make them aware what is going on.

I leave it for readers to comment who should be blamed in this regard?

If someone opines, keeping in view the present scenario, that we have lot more things to do than to mend these websites, then what are IT departments for? Why they are funded with millions of rupees every year?

  • All the Government websites not updated, Old Style templates, All made with asp (more chances of hacked)some all not competed. I am very sad when i see other government websites like India and others.

    • wa madam sana ap ki site toh zaberdast hai aur yahan ke tara ads se overload be nahin hai bohat smooth browse hori hai ap ke site.

  • This is what happens when you hire your unqualified relatives in the gov IT departments. In fact this is the story of all the gov departments.

  • Haha and indian hackers want to waste their time hacking these sites :P its like killing an already dead man!

  • Hey Ahsan Javed what happened to the article man its been 2 weeks now, Im waiting patiently for it.

  • Interesting that the most ignored province Baluchistan has most active web portal. check

  • da whole infrastructure ov the country is nt maintained,wot could b done wid these websites…if maintained wot role these website can play fr da bettermnt ov pak..Infact we all hav become sleeping beauties

  • These websites portray exactly where the Govt is taking us. That’s back to stone-age.

    It break my heart to see how many talented people are there in Pakistan and how they are being ruled by group of gangsters.

  • @Qasim
    Thanks for sharing the URL of Baluchistan govt. site.
    I am amazed to see the quality of the site and its quite active also.

    • Your Welcome Hanaan. Its very easy to build a portal but very few organization knows how to run it. I think they should learned from Baluchistan that how it should run.

      Interestingly check these facts: (I got the from

      Our Estimate Value…..: $1,116 USD
      Estimate Visits Per Day: 524
      Alexa Rank………….: #1,250,702 alexa
      Google Pagerank……..: 5

      To me achieve a Google PR 5, is a very good achievement.

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