Microsoft Disowned Shafay Thobani Gets Rs. 1 Million Cheque from Prime Minister

You remember Shafay Thobani, the self proclaimed youngest Microsoft Certified professional, who was disowned by Microsoft when it said that company doesn’t keep track of age for its certified professionals?

The guy has hit the jackpot as Mr. Parvez Ashraf, Prime Minister of Pakistan has given away a hefty cheque of Rs. 1 Million to Shafay for becoming the youngest computer expert in the world, which was obviously a false claim.

Check all this happening in below pic that was published by Daily Express recently:

shafay thobani

Just to explain things, Shafay Thobani is legitimate certified professional (we had checked with Microsoft) at incredibly young age – which is impressive – however, his claim of being the youngest certified professional is untrue since Microsoft has said this officially that they don’t keep track of age for its certified professionals and hence there’s no question of being the youngest or oldest certified professional.

There are people in this country who try to get labeled as the youngest this and youngest that to get the attention, fame and of course cheques from the government.

The trend, which is strictly discouraged by Microsoft has lead the fraudsters (especially those without legitimate certifications) to earn bad name for the country.

If not stopped and discouraged by government sector, it is feared that more such self proclaimed computer experts will keep hitting the media screens, even when technology companies, such as Microsoft, don’t want to be named with such fakers.