Telenor Increases Call Rates for Two Talkshawk Packages

As expected, Telenor Pakistan has announced that it will increase tariff for two of its most used Talkshawk packages.

According to the announcement, call rates for Talkshawk Economy and Talkshawk 24 Hours will be revised from January 18th, 2013.

As per Telenor’s official website, new rates for Talkshawk Economy and Talkshawk 24 Hrs will be as following:

TS 24

TS Economy


New Call Rate


New Call Rate


Rs.1.6 / Min

Rs.1.7 / Min

Rs.1.5 / Min

Rs.1.6 / Min


Rs.1.6 / Min

Rs.1.7 / Min

Rs.1.5 / Min

Rs.1.6 / Min

It merits mentioning here Poora Pakistan offer (75 daily minutes for Rs. 10 plus tax), the most widely used offer from Telenor Pakistan, is available on Talkshawk Economy package only, and hence it is expected that majority of users are going to get impacted with this increase in tariff.

Cellular companies are now expected to increase call rate, especially when their new acquisitions are halted due to ban on sale of SIMs at retail outlets.

Following is the Telenor AD that was recently published in a newspaper:

telenor revised rates

  • zain

    forget about 3G. pray that we don’t loose even 2G

  • With collective revenue loss now tipping into billions, what else do you expect these companies to do?

  • Umair

    Yaar khuda ka khauf kero. kuch muft nahi hota. kitni inflation he mulk mein. samjha kero

  • MARB

    Good balkay 5 rupay per min hona chahiya tab he mobile ka galat estamal band ho ga.

  • In my opinion this nominal increase will not effect telenor

  • rashid

    just block telenor no get a zong sim n enjoy 65 paisa per 30 sec

    • hardliner

      telenor has a 63 paisa per 30 sec rate. just go to talkshawk 63 paisa package

      • rashid

        It was an old package telenor dont have any 63 paisa package call 345 n ask why thay dont have 63 paisa

        • umair
          • rashid

            check the above link even telenor did not orrected the call rates of 24 package similrly telenor is not in a position to correct 63 paisa package telenor is saying we dont have any one who can handle our web site now a hacker came who is in a position to manage web site but telenor did not want to hire him as telenor is a substandard net work zong is best enjoy zong student talkie package .9 per minute dear

    • rashid

      zong student package with the name of talkee is offering just .9/min for call of all networks
      no one is in a position to compete zong since day one zong is the industry leader
      china is china worlds emerging jiant

  • rashid

    innitialy mobilink telenor ufone they were afraid of portout but now after the maliks ban on mnp now they will increase tariff rapidly like mobilink call setup charges talenor higher rates so its best to block ur no


    It should be much higher than the poposed

  • Sahir Khan

    Kapy Kapy 3G Kapay

  • Kiran Khan

    when i load 100 rs, 250 or 500 rs. card … i wish to cry after a huge amount of tax deducted from my hard earned money :-(

    but the loss mobile companies face because of routine service suspension, wo bhi companies customers sai hi poora karein gi na !

    es terha huge amount of tax deduction / falan falan service charges kay issues par koi ehtajaaj nahi kerta :-(

    • nafees ahmed arain


  • Asghar

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  • mumtaz

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  • akbar hassan

    a 10 paisa call setup charge by one telco and another telco increases the tariff by the same….