Google Allowed to Host Edited Version of Anti-Islamic Video


Last week Google was ordered to remove an anti-Islamic movie from YouTube due to a copyright suit that was filed by an actress who had appeared in the video.

Abiding by the court ruling, Google had started removing the copies of video from the website but yesterday a US Appeal Court has allowed YouTube to host the video again after editing it and eliminating the part in which the Cindy Lee Garcia – the plaintiff – had appeared.

Garcia had argued that the video would cause her irreparable harm if video stays on the website as she was subject to death threats.

Google – after the ruling about removal of the video – had appealed the court to retain the video online until the disposition of its upcoming petition for a full-court rehearing of the earlier decision. Court had dismissed the appeal then.

Now Google has been allowed to retain an edited form of video by omitting the part where Ms. Garcia had appeared.

The video in question became the sole reason for banning YouTube in Pakistan since September 17th, 2012.

Pakistan – after recent ruling of US Court – had said that it is working to enter into an agreement with YouTube after which government will be able to lift 18 months old ban from the website.

A highly placed source in Ministry of IT and Telecom confirmed ProPakistani that YouTube will be back – thanks to the arrangement between MoIT, PTA and Google and not because US court ordered the removal of the video.

The arrangement between MoIT, PTA and YouTube is embargoed and can not be disclosed at this point. However, it is likely that the outcome will surface with-in just few weeks.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • It’s so sad that YouTube who don’t care about feelings of
    Muslims and have no respect for our Prophet (PBUH), making every effort to post this video again under flag of so called freedom of speech. On the other hand many of
    us (Muslims) are so eager for the return of YouTube and making so many efforts
    to restart it.

    • stop saying we r Muslims we r just Muslims by Name no 1 can say any bad words or upload any video or disrespect jaws at all but is it easy for everyone to disrespect muslims and bcoz of us coz we r dying for youtube or fb etc…… We r Shameless Really And I know alot of people will say to open youtube coz their life around youtube alot of people earning from youtube etc no more to say

    • It s also under the flag of free speech that Muslims are allowed to preach Islam on such sites.

        • If youtube or facebook or twitter had been launched from Pakistan, you can be 100% certain that ISI and other agencies would be monitoring them.

          regardless, preaching Islam in non-Muslim countries throughout history has been seen as suspicious.

      • what free speech of america and google

        upload some video making fun of israel or jews (which fund google) and watch it deleted soon. or upload some video praising the great Hitler.

        • You are wrong, and I have answered this in another comment. There are many videos that are pro-nazi on youtube. you are simply repeating a lie you have not confirmed personally.

          • I know they delete videos of Muslim scholar Zakir Naik.

            and my account was temporarily banned on commenting in a youtube video where american soldiers were shooting citizens which became top comment. I can’t remember my words but they weren’t very harsh they meant something like “americans bringing peace to the world”.

            • I don’t know about Zakir videos. Provide links to articles about deletions?

              Anyone can flag anyone else’s comments. That does not mean you are “censored”. That does not mean YOUTUBE doesn’t like you, it means other people don’t like your comments. So what? Get on with life.

              Look how you are free to say that about American soldiers HERE, using disqus, which is also another non-Pakistani, non-Muslim commenting platform. Is anyone blocking you here?

                • By the same logic, when Muslims post anti-Christianity videos or anti-Hinduism videos, they should also be deleted when flagged.

                  Look youtube/google is being neutral here. they are not promoting one religion in front of another.

                  • But the problem is they don’t delete anti-islamic movies. Rather they fight with courts to keep it, let alone deleting them against millions of complaints.

                    • they have gone to courts several times. in most cases, it was about COPYRIGHT, not content.

                      Example: 2010 Italy case (court sentenced three Google executives for not taking video down fast enough) (Google won in 2012 appeal lost in 2010)
                      Example: 2012 France TF1 case (Google won)
                      Example: 2012 Germany copyright (royalties) case (Google lost)
                      Biggest example: Viacom lawsuit, started in 2007 against Google, and last concluded in 2013.

                      Again: issue is not one religion or another for google. Like I said, they are acting neutral otherwise why would they allow so many Muslim preachers to condemn Christianity in a country like US which is mostly Christian?

                      It is copyrights.

                    • because it does not run afoul of their terms of service. it does not target a specific ethnic group or living person.

                    • If someone who is not a Muslim watches it and then decides to hate Muslims because of the content, then it spreads hatred. But so far I have NEVER EVER heard anyone consider that video to make people feel that way. I have only heard of non-Muslims who ALREADY hate Muslims to enjoy the idea of the movie, not even the movie itself. No one watching it does confuse it or will confuse it with historically accurate reality. Everyone knows it’s not real.

                      So if you say it is spreading hatred, I ask simply: who is the target of hate? Hate is a very specific word.

                      Specifically looking at the Youtube community guidelines:

                      But we don’t permit hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity).

                      That only concerns groups of people, not individuals. And

                      There is zero tolerance for predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, invading privacy, or the revealing of other members’ personal information. Anyone caught doing these things may be permanently banned from YouTube.

                      That does not apply here either.

                    • Hazoor if this isn’t spreading hatred then what will?

                      Specifically — the thing that violates the term — the movie is targeted at Muslims. It mocks beliefs of billions of people on this planet. But you won’t accept — for reasons known to you only.

                    • The video doesn’t target a single living Muslim. The light of Islam and the example of our Prophet (PBUH) cannot be diminished by a million such videos, so what are you upset about?

                      Not only that, but many Islamic scholars have spoken out AGAINST the Youtube ban saying it is better to reply with knowledge and upload truth against its lies. And the scholars can do that 100% all the time — as long as they don’t live in this country.

                      But even after knowing that fact, you still support the ban and want to punish Google. Google, the platform that lets Islam spread freely, is hated by Muslims. Makes sense to you, does not make sense to me.

                      As far as mocking beliefs is concerned, well, everyone does it. Do you get upset when people mock Hindu holy figures? Jewish rabbis? No? Why not? Clearly the people who are mocked there are considered important and cherished no less than our Prophet by many people. Why don’t you stop them being mocked?

                    • Living Muslims?

                      What kind of example is that. How does denial of Holocaust videos/content target any living Jew? Yet all such videos come under hatred speech.

                      Moreover, when Holy Hindus or Jewish leaders, for that matter, are mocked, their videos are deleted. And I good that they are deleted. What I am not okay with is the fact that Video that mocks our prophet isn’t deleted. Despite it is spreading hatred.

                      Please remain intact with the point that is discussed. Don’t lose the discussion by expanding the scope.

                    • You do know that there are people who survived the holocaust, right? And not all of the people killed by Germany in their death camps were even Jews? Only about 45% were.

                      It is illegal in many European countries to deny the holocaust because it is a politicised event now where people deny it happened just so they can argue against immigration, against other “brown people” etc etc. Even today some of the minorities killed in WW2 death camps are still minorities in European countrirs and are still targets of racial attacks. The laws against denying Holocaust also keep hatred from spreading against them.

                      (In fact, many anti-Islam videos and sites are actually illegal under EU regulations, and have been taken down based on that.)

                      You lost scope completely when you ignored the copyright aspect of the case and switched to discussion about free speech WHICH WAS STARTED BY Rambo007 NOT ME, please do not accuse me of doing the same as you.

                  • you are totally wrong google youtube dont remove anti-Islamic videos, they only remove pro-Islamic or anti-chiristianity, anti-jaws, anti-american videos !

    • @Rambo. By your logic.
      All Birds can fly.
      All penguin are birds.
      So, Penguin must fly…

      Just because “most of us (Muslims)” want youtube to unblocked, it doesn’t make us atheist or anti-Muslims.

      Think Youtube/Google as republic eg; they are making their own satellites, planning to build space stations etc etc. Now, you can go anywhere you want. OR DON’T GO ANYWHERE WHERE YOU DON’T WANT……
      Just don’t watch the damn vid. Make your own video, clarify the differences, tell them that how much respect we (Muslims) have for Christianity and Judaism.

      Think outside the box for once…….

  • seriuosly, i will never visit youtube probably, i aleady have many streaming websites to enjoy

  • I am not against free speech but it should not hurt other’s beliefs, make movie against Israel or USA or GB and try to upload it on Youtube? You will get the answer. They hate us and want to create chaos among us? Open your eyes, try to understand whats going on.

  • Use Tune.PK better than dailymotion & other websites.
    With the help of Pakistani we can increase the ratings and page rank of

  • Wonder How many people got killed , by Sahabas, who Personally came to Prophet (SAWW) house & abused/ridiculed him in his lifetime!!
    May Allah guide us lost souls.

    • Go on Tell us the answer. How many?

      Also be sure to list how many ridiculed and abused him that our Prophet (PBUH) allowed to live.

      • Why search for every nook & cranny. Biggest example for us fools present: Taif & Conquering of Makkah. All forgiven. Not a single drop shed, no beatings of chest, no howling like animals. No vandalism, torching houses, shops, camels, horses or whatever was at that time.

        What sort of educated animals have we truly become o_O ?

      • this is not argue, mr shahid ! very very very disappointing by reading such types comments by Muslims

        • I think if someone brings up the issue, they should resolve questions related to it. Eli mentioned people killed, I simply want him to list that number.

          how can you be disappointed by seeking knowledge?

          • i am disappointing by your thinking :) you are supporting rubbish google as like google is oxygen for you :p

  • i dnt understand that why we are linking this decision with Islam its purely and legal copyrights and misuse of someones voice … nothing else its neither removed earlier due to its religious reasoning …

  • How about you frigging stop spamming first?

    And no, you misunderstood freedom of speech. Show us 1 such video which was taken down? I am willing to bet there are at least 10x more anti-US and anti-Israel videos than anti-Islam ones.

  • I am amazed that people use youtube as the yard stick to judge the faith of other Muslims. What a non sense. Only in Pakistan! I believe we have made another record.

    Special arrangement? what a load of pig sh_t. These clueless skunks (read sarkari mulazims) can’t do away with all that attention whoring. They thought we had not head of education version of Youtube.

  • anyone for youtube alternatives
    i think metacafe and dailymotion are good i like vimeo the best because content is king and their content is quality youtube is getting old deal with it there is always bigger and better things replacing old. Enjoy

  • as so many pakistanis were celebrating on hw the court ruled for muslims!i think now they will agree that the court ruling is not based on religious views of some

  • What rubbish. I encourage anyone who ‘thinks’ that Google is open to ‘all beliefs’ to put up a video supporting Hitler and mocking the holocaust. Your video will be taken down within hours and your account will be suspended.

  • First, i want those people to come out who were “happy” when Google was ordered by US Court to take down the video. Unn sub logon ko 1 1 thappar parna chahiye ta’kay wo hosh main aayen.

    • Q g google k khilaf fesla aany per takleef q horahi hai? khushi manana hamara haq hai tum jese logo ko agar iss bat per matam karna hai to karo

      • Kabhi “dimaag” ko use kiya hay? Kabhi “out-of-the-box thinking” karne ki koshis ki hay? Kabhi socha bhi hay, k ye sub Drama hay ya real? Kabhi socha hay k Court k faislay kis tarah hotay hain?

        Agar aap logon ne kushi manani hay to manao. Magar DIMAAG to istimaal karo and SOCHO … k ye mauqa KYA WAQEI kushi mananay ka hay.

        Waisay bhi … aap logon ko aap ki apni (PK) Govt. choti choti kushiyan provide karti he rehti hay. Like, har 1 gantay ki load shedding k baad 1 ghantay light aanay ki kushi. Or, log mar rahay hain bhook se but xyz jaga pe new ROAD bana rahay hain, uss ki kushi.

        Aap kush he rehna saari zindagi. Kabhi doosro k baray main na sochna. Aa gaye hain “Kush” rehnay wala <_<

        • Hahahah apni tarah ajib sa jawab diya hai, bachon ki tarah aap bol rahy ho, pehly bary hojao phir bat karna, lolx :p

        • Han g hum bht khush rehty hain khush rehna buri bat to nahi, ALLAH PAAK sab ko khushiyan dey. Aameen Summa Aammeen

  • Yes you are right sir…….. we should promote and made this site popular all over the world….

  • Propakistani and some other youtube addicts are seriously on ventilator I think. Anxiously waiting to get free from this ventilator. What a shame.

    • بالکل ٹھیک کہہ رہے ہو آپ ! یار یہاں تو ہر دوسرا بندہ یوٹیوب کے لئے مرا جا رہا ہے سب سے زیادہ تکلیف تو شاہد سلیم کو ہو رہی ہے

  • Shahid saleem plz stop supporting google and youtube on this anti-Islamic video uploading,google youtube f*ck, google doesn’t care the feelings of Muslims, this is not such a good argue that youtube google is a technology, if anyone upload the video in which any bitch passing bad comments about our father or mother and youtube officialy support this video then we definitely boycott the youtube, but if any bitch disrespect our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W and google youtube officially supporting this video then how can we support the google and youtube, i want to say the Pakistani government plz plz plz must ban on google,facebook, twitter also this is a group of such a f*ck websites, i want to say the Pakistani people also plz plz plz also boycott the google individually, go to instead of google, this is excellent search engine, plz dont die for such f*cking websites, boycott these websites yeh haramzady khuddi theak hojayengy ! plz shahid saleem apny app per ghor karo itnay ghattia mat bano keh 1 google youtube ki khatir apny apko barbad mat karo

  • agar google 1000 mese 2 videos ko delete nahi karta to iska yeh matlab nahi keh hum google k paon chatna shuru karden jese tum kar rahy ho hadd hoti hai andhy pan ki shahid :)

  • You can start by boycotting disqus for hosting anti-Islam comments.

    Can you do that? Can you follow your own advice?


    • Yes ! if disqus administration officially supporting the anti-Islamic comments and doesn’t delete them then i’ll boycott the disqus also ! i’ll follow my advice..

      • Okay, have you found the comments yet? It’s not hard. You are a search engine master, right? You just have to type in some search keywords against Muslims or Islam and direct it to just show results from disqus site.

        Then quit, because the comments aren’t deleted.

        • But disqus is not officially supporting that type of rubbished comments, if i give comments against hitler then disqus also doesnot delete this, this means disqus doesnot supporting any comment officially where as google and youtube officially supporting rubbished video, google apni hatdharmi per qaim hai jo galat hai

          • but by your logic if disqus is not deleting them then they are YES supporting them. they are certainly allowing such comments. they are certainly allowing such sites to put disqus comments on their sites.

            same way with your logic on youtube where you claim bias against muslims but not others.

  • muslims ko apny emaan me , amal me , technology me, moashi toor per itna mazboot hona ho ga, jab tak ham bhakari koom bany rahy ge wo log hamary jazbat ke saath khelty rahy ge , aor ham siway un cheezo ko apny mulk me ban krnay ke ilawa kuch bhi nahee kr sakain ge

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