Buy a Lumia Phone and Win Latest BMW Car or Cash Prizes of Up to Rs. 1 Million

Microsoft announced its “Lumia Jeet Ka Khazana” promotion today.

Under this promotion, all Lumia 535 Dual SIM (DS), Microsoft Lumia 430 and Microsoft Lumia 640XL smartphone buyers will get a chance to win brand new BMW 2016 Model 318i, making the winner one of the first few owners of the vehicle in the world.

The campaign also offers other high worth cash prizes ranging from PKR 50,000 to PKR 1 million. This campaign will be applicable on selected devices purchased from 18th May onwards.

How to Win?

To reap the benefits of “Lumia Jeet Ka Khazana”, customers will have to purchase a Lumia device from official Microsoft distributor or retailer with a fool proof sticker on the sales pack. The customer will then need to note the number on the scratch card, available inside the box, and send sms to 8881 with the scratch card number and phone’s IMEA number, to register themselves for the campaign. Every customer will get a call balance of PKR 500 within 48 hours of activation of their Lumia Device.

The Lucky Draws will be taking place in two phases. The first lucky draw will be held on 5th June, 2015 where one prize of PKR 1 Million and 20 prizes of PKR 50,000 will be distributed. The second lucky draw will be held on 28th June, 2015 where 10 prizes of PKR 100,000, and two prizes of PKR 500,000 shall be distributed amongst the winners. The winner of the grand prize lucky draw, also taking place on June 28th, 2015, will be given a brand new BMW 2016 Model 318i.

Speaking on the occasion Mohammad Kamran Khan, General Manager, Microsoft Mobile Device and Services, Pakistan said

With the launch of this campaign, we are focused on rewarding the Lumia fan base in Pakistan that has shown tremendous support to Windows as a compelling and intuitive ecosystem that is worth a try.

This is one of the biggest promotional campaign by a smartphone manufacturer in Pakistan. It is worth noting here that Microsoft acquired Nokia’s Devices and Services business and the first ever Microsoft-branded smartphone Lumia 535 DS was launched in December last year, becoming the highest selling Lumia in the history of Pakistan.

To ensure the transparency of the process, an independent third party audit firm has been taken onboard to monitor the lucky draw process and the distribution of prizes to the winners making the campaign exceptionally legitimate.

The campaign will end on June 28th, 2015.

  • Usman Mujtaba

    Have they started selling Lumia 430 in Pakistan ?

    • yes the dual sim variant of 430 is available in KHI.

      • Usman Mujtaba

        Any one knows the price of this 70 USD set in Pakistan ?

  • Sumeet Kumar

    Have they started selling Lumia 640xl in Pakistan?

    • aamir7

      Getting on stores in a week or two at most

      • Sumeet Kumar

        Thanks for info sir :-)

      • Ahmed

        Is Lumia 640 of XL coming officially in LTE variant?

        • aamir7

          I guess no.

      • Moiz

        640XL is dual sim?

        • aamir7


  • take at least known developers on board and lumia will get good sale. you guys wont need to give any car or cash fo sell your devices then.

    • Taha Najam

      They have some of the best developers in the world. As for the rest, go look it up, they’ve made it extremely easy to port your Android and even iOS app to Windows 10.

  • MAli

    Well, its quite strange. The devices like 640 XL are no where near availability & Microsoft is announcing promotional schemes. Just weird! Micosoft first you should make the devices available in the market, then plan their promotions. Its like planning a baby’s 1st birthday party even before a baby is born!

    • Taha Najam

      Maybe they want to drum up hype, so people line outside stores on launch day ala Apple Stores on the latest iPhone.

  • Rauf Pathan

    What about Lumia 640 Dual Lte / 3G version . . ??

  • Muhammad Tufail

    So, in the name of huge prizes, lumia will get some sale at least as they cant sell because it is LUMIA..very funny..

  • MAli

    Well the promotion ends on 28th June. At least that means 640xl will be launched before that date lol.

  • Lumia 430 is Really an amazing Mobile which I purchased yesterday! and Instantly I received the message for congratulation on receiving the new mobile phone. Now they send me message of saying that you will get 500 rupees balance within next 3 days. Also I am very excited about the contest they organised.. I already sent the codes for winning! Hopping for the best result. Really an amazing mobile without any doubt! :)

    • danish

      Tell me the format to send msg

      • You have purchased it? As soon as you insert the sim You will get the message from them asking to reply to this message with your IMEI number and secret code that is hidden in stretch card. You will instantly receive the message saying congratulation. If you have somehow enter the wrong code then they will also confirm you about this.

        • danish

          yes i have purchased tell me the format to text them. they are not replying I have tried several formats. should we write both imei in text or only imei 1 in scracth code??

          • Type like this
            32254689 32641215648964
            (CODE) (IMEI)

            [ Code Space IMEI] > SEND

            TO 8881

            You will receive exact message like this:
            Congratulation on Buying your new phone and Participating in Promotion. Activate your phone via Live ID. Call balance will be pushed within 5 working days.

            Do not add anything extra in text. That is it! Hope it worked for you.