Spectrum Issues with Zong will be Resolved Soon: Chairman PTA

In response to Zong’s legal notice of $40 Million to PTA, Dr. Ismail Shah, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, has said that matter will be resolved amicably very soon. He was responding to a question during a Senate’s standing committee briefing on information technology and telecommunication.

Dr. Ismail explained the committee that three different options are being discussed with Zong and issue will be resolved through dialogue.

Chairman PTA agreed that Zong’s spectrum is being used by DECT 6.0 phones that create noise and distortion in the spectrum, however, according to Chairman, Zong had itself opted for this block of spectrum at the time of spectrum allotment.

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Dr. Ismail further told the committee that cordless phones that are imported from US and Europe are the root cause of the issue, for which authority has already launched a campaign to curb the usage of such illegal cordless phones.

“The people have been warned against using illegal devices,” he said.

Dr. Shah told the committee that such issues arise in the process of spectrum allocation and it has happened in many countries and are resolved subsequently. However, he made it clear that spectrum was made available by the Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) and awarded to the company at its own choice.

It merits mentioning here that Zong maintains that the spectrum, which it calls is defective, is different from the one that it was offered for free trials before the auction.

Zong says that it was PTA/FAB’s responsibility to allot a spectrum that was free of any out-side interference.

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  • Khasiani bili khamba nochay to zong spectrum letay waqt zong walo ne bhang pi rakhi hogi

    • PTA os spectrum ko distortion free karny main nakam raha hai. It’s PTA’s fault G.

  • PTA assured zong at auction that this frequency will be celeared but after an year issue is not resilved that why zong issue legal notice …

  • Zong Ko Confirm Ho Gia Ha Warid & Mobilink Merged Ho Rahay Hain To Zong Ki Bakri Bath Jani Ha
    Mobilink, Warid agree over in-market consolidation

    By Abrar Hamza October 02, 2015

    KARACHI: VimpelCom, a parent company of Mobilink, and the Abu Dhabi Group, a major sponsor of Warid Telecom, have agreed over in-market consolidation in the Pakistani cellular sector by merging their respective subsidiaries, Daily Times learnt.

    The industry sources said the launch of 4G/LTE services made Warid an attractive case for VimpelCom, which closed the deal with the Abu Dhabi Group to acquire its subsidiary, Warid Telecom.

    “Mobilink’s bid for the merger and acquisition of Warid reached beyond the advance levels, as Mobilink had completed due-diligence of Warid two months ago, while the merger of both companies is expected to be announced officially in January 2016,” sources privy to the deal told this scribe.

    If sources are to be believed, Mobilink, being a market leader in terms of subscription, is likely to shift significant load of subscribers on Warid’s network, and then the buyer may utilise Warid’s 4G /LTE network, subject to be approval of the regulator.

    Sources said Warid would remain a separate entity and the name of company wouldn’t be changed by VimpelCom initially, but the Dubai-based cellular phone company would keep about 20 to 30% shares as its ownership.

    The main advantage of this merger for the users of both companies could be perceived that the Warid users would have the option of 3G while Mobilink’s customers could avail 4G services, as currently both companies have these facilities separately.

    With the lowest subscribers’ base in the market, Warid has large space available on its spectrum, thus Mobilink can shift its significant load on Warid’s network to gain better quality of service, while 4G aspirants of Mobilink would be moved to Warid network, they added.

    The sources disclosed that although the necessary arrangements and negotiations have almost been finalised between both parties, the sale purchase agreement is expected to be signed by the end of this year, which would seal the overall deal.

    Sources were unaware about the negotiated price and other financial matters because of the talks held between the parent companies of both local telecom operators but the details are being kept secret.

    This market consolidation can bring some unfortunate consequences for Warid’s current vendor, Ericsson, as VimpelCom and Ericsson don’t share good business ties historically, so it is a probability that after the official announcement of the merger, VimpelCom would not keep Ericsson as Warid’s vendor, sources claimed.

    Due to this merger, thousands of Ericsson’s workers in Pakistan, who manage Warid’s technical affairs, are likely to be at stake, however if Mobilink cancels Ericsson’s contract, it has to compensate the vendor as Ericsson signed the contract with Warid for two years in April 2014, source added.

    The industry experts attributed substantial liabilities as the main reason for failure of Warid sell off in the past with many telecom giants, but heavy investment to launch 4G last year paid well for Warid.

    The Mobilink’s spokesman declined to comment on the news saying, “We don’t comment on market rumours or speculation,” while Warid’s official also refused to comment on the ongoing developments.

    • If its real than it will benefit Warid customers to get 3G services which Mobilink already have License for But Can you explain how Mobilink will manage to provide its nearly 5 Million users LTE service after acquiring Warid with it limited LTE spectrum?

        • Telenor top per only coverage aur number of users myn hy. Quality wise Telenor didn’t even match PeeTCL Evo in peak hours

            • Buddy tamam Network Islamabad Main Super Speed Dety Hain Qk Islamabad Capital Or Islamabad Open Ha Yani 2 Story Se Opper Ki ijazat Nahi Ha Mery Pass Telenor 3g Ki Downloading Speed 1900Kb Per Second Aati Ha Warid And Zong 2mb Se 6mb Per Second Downloading Speed Ha Or Speed Test Main 25mb Se 60Mb Tak Or Punjab K Cities Boht Gunjan Abad Alaky Hain Jaha Ye Speed Khuawab Lagti Ha Or Maine Zong 4G Speed Test Challenge Bhi Win Kia Tha

              • Agree. Specially Faisalabad aur Lahore boht hi gunjaan hain. Yahan 5MHz walay ufon aur telenor to bilcul hi 1 Mbps se b kam ho jatay hyn raat ko. Zong aur Mobilink ki speed thek hai. Mobilink k sath coverage ka masla hai. Half FSD myn Mobilink 3G ki coverage hai hi nai like main Jaranwala road pe rehta hun jahan sabhi ki 3G aur 4G ki coverage hai just Mobilink ki nahin hai.

      • Mobilink Koi Bacha Party Nahi Usy Maloom Ha 4G Ka License Par Investment Ki Bajay Warid 4G Lte Par Investment Ki Jay Jis K 10 Millions Solid User Hain Baki Buddy Main Khud Chahta Tha Zong Warid K Sath Merge Ho Laikin Zong Ko idea Nahi Tha K Warid 4G Lte Ka License Ha Ye US Se Boht Bari mistake Hoi Ha Jo Marzi Ho Zong K User Ziada Hain Lakin Solid Users Nahi Aj Bhi Warid Solid Postpaid Users Rakhti Ha Sirf Lahore Main Warid Ki income 1.2 Billion Ha Zong User Ziada Tar Same Number Ya Sms User Hain Zong NE Dar Ki Waja Se SIM Disown Or MNP Block Kar Rakhi Ha Mery Jitny Janney Waly 4G User Hain Tamam Warid 4G Par Convert Hon Gay Hain Rahi Zong Ki Speed Wo Is K User Kam Hony Ki Waja Se Ha Jis Din Koi Acha Packeg Day Dia Speed Kum Ho Jay G Zong Chinese Company Ha Or Experience Bhi Ha Mene Zong Se 1.4 Gb Ki File Download Start Ki To Network 3G Ho Gia Or Warid 4G Par Aisa Kabhi Nahi Hua Baki Har Banda Sense Rahta Ha Jis Company Ka Packege Acha Ho Wohi Use Karta Ha In Company K Sath Shaadi To Ki Nahi Hoi

        • http://www.fab.gov.pk/uploads/site/1800MHz%20Band.pdf

          Warid has 8.8 MHz spectrum which can be used for LTE. If Mobilink shifts every thing on other spectrums and vacant this spectrum only for LTE, it would be difficult to provide 50 Million users to LTE services with such narrow spectrum.
          it would be great if Mobilink maintains all warid existing LTE cell sites alongwith enabling all Mobilink Sites for LTE. this is the only but costly way to overcome narrow spectrum.

  • Zong played PTA by purchashing faulting spectrum and sued them for 40 mil. Cz everyone knows how laws are implemented in this country. Zong will now get a 40 mil discount on their auction.

    • You really think PTA will pay them a penny? If PTA wishes, it can kick out Zong from this country right next moment telling them “who are you playing with”. PTA is the father who controls all these kids.

      • PTA father? Ghantaaaaaa
        PTA ek Govt ka bandar hai jo Govt k kehne pe Arabs ko LTE free chalanay ki ejazat de deta hai. Jo Telcos se wada karne k bawajood Govt k tax laganay pe khamosh hai. PTA wo bandar hai jisko awaam ka koi khayal nai bas Govt ko pesa bana k drna hi uska kaam hai. Chinese ko b pata hai pese to yeh kabhi b nahin dein gay. Es liye woh ab koi aur benefit lyn gy. Wait n watch

      • Seriously ?
        You ever read or hear about business terms and conditions or clauses of business or memorandum of the organization
        Zong can easily sue PTA as they want, depending on their agreement

    • Buddy 100% Confirm Merge
      Warid NE 4 Month Se New Cities Main 4G Launch Nahi Ki Or Tamam Offer 6 November Ko End Ho Rahi Hain My Friend In Mobilink Head Office Main Hota Ha Mybe New Combine Name Mobilink Warid

  • Papah ji! while downloading, make sure to choose 4G only from modem’s setting menu. Otherwise, it will keep switching between 3G/4G whenever signals will drop.

    • Mobile Main Only 4G Lte Ka Options Hi Nahi Hota Agr Modem Hi Use Karny Hain To Charji 2000 Main 300Gb Se Q Jaan Churwaty

      • I don’t know what kind of phone you are using but in Android phones. often there is an option to choose LTE only from Mobile Networks settings menu. Otherwise, look over internet how to choose only LTE for your specific phone. Besides Chaarji Phaarji is unstable and drunken just like the name of PEETCL

      • If you are using android, here is quick solution: Dial *#*#4636#*#*. A hidden menu will open. Now open “Phone Information” and ‘set preferred network type’ from drop down menu. Choose LTE only.

  • Amir bhai pehle yeh dect 6.0 ko define to kardo …. aur is ki kia gurantee hai they only use 1800 MHZ? The “6.0” in DECT 6.0 does not equate to a spectrum band, but is a marketing term coined for DECT devices manufactured for use in the U.S. and Canada. Although DECT 6.0 operates at 1.9 GHz, it was decided the term DECT 1.9 might have confused customers who equate larger numbers (such as the 2.4 and 5.8 in existing 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz cordless telephones) with later products. The DECT and DECT 6.0 technologies are essentially identical, except for operating frequency.

    DECT 6.0 products do not support “GAP”, therefore phones of differing brands are not guaranteed to work together. E.g. A GE 28105EE1 DECT 6.0 headset will not receive calls if registered to a Uniden base unit.

    The term DECT 6.0 is also sometimes inappropriately used in Australia that uses the same allocated spectrum frequencies as Europe.[6]

  • Zong is owned by China mobile which is largest network in the world. If Chinese are asking for money then it means only one thing , they know Pakistan economy’s condition and the growth prospects in the future. They know the rulers will continue to do corruption and blame Chinese like they did in nandipur case.Chinese are going to increase pressure in the future too and keep nooras and dars in check,

  • Buddy Telenor Good Example 5MHz Main 300 Millions Ko Mentioned Kar Raha Ha Warid And Mobilink K Towers Ko Combine Kia Jay GA Towers Ko Remove Kar K 4G Par Investment Ki Jay G Mobilink K New CEO Isy Liay Lay Gay Hain Mobilink NE Downsizing K Liay Abroad Ki Company Ko Haier Kia Ha
    Agy Daikhtay Hain Hota Kia Ha Jald Hi Official Announcement Ho G
    Zong Ki Preshani Aysy Hi Nahi Barh Gai K Pehly PTCL Par Case Kia K Wo Charji Cloud Par 4G Lte K Logo Se Sale Kar Rahy Hain Or Ab Pta Par 10MHz Ka Case
    Wo Kehty Hain Na Kahay Beti Ko Or Sunay Sass Ko

    • Zong ko koi farq nai parrna kisi merger sr i think. Zong k apne customers hain. Han Mobilink ko faida hoga financially but warid k cutomers quality wise suffer karain gay. Zong agar sab se late aa kar ufone aur warid ko surpass kar sakta hai to matlab uski position stable ho gai hy market myn. Kuch b ho ab us k user increase hi hon gay decrease nai.
      Rahi baat spectrum ki to yeh Zong ko b pata hai k na to ab spectrum cut ho sakta hai na hi pese milyn gay. Woh just PTA ko pressurise kar raha hai. Ab ho ga yeh k Zong ka 10 MHz ka spectrum change kar diya jaye ga aur talafi k tour per Zong ko ya to 5 Mhz ka spectrum allocate kiya jaye ga mazeed ya phir next auction myn payment adjust ki jaye gi.
      Rahi baat PTCL pe case ki to i think woh b dekha jaye to asoolan ptcl ghalat hai aur Zong tamaam companies ka case akela larr raha hai.

  • Daytime Offer ky liye “dto” likh kar 6464 par bhejain @ Rs. 10/day aur hasil karen 2GB internet data subha 4 se sham 4 bajay tak. Offer ki miyad khtam honay aur munasib balance ki surat mei ye offer khud bahal ker di jaye gi

  • Daytime Offer ky liye “dto” likh kar 6464 par bhejain @ Rs. 10/day aur hasil karen 2GB internet data subha 4 se sham 4 bajay tak. Offer ki miyad khtam honay aur munasib balance ki surat mei ye offer khud bahal ker di jaye gi.

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