After Making Rounds in Lahore, Heavy Smog Strikes Peshawar

Following famous cities such as Delhi, Beijing, Lahore and others, Peshawar is falling victim to smog too.

It is an already known fact that Peshawar stands out on the list of the most polluted cities around world. This was pointed out in an air quality report by the World Health Organization.

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According to this report by WHO, Nigeria has the dirtiest air with an annual average particulate matter 2.5 measurement of 594, followed by Peshawar, Pakistan (540), Zabol, Iran (527), Rawalpindi, Pakistan (448), Kaduna, Nigeria (423), Aba, Nigeria (373), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (368), Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia (359), Mazar-e-Shareef, Afghanistan (334), Gwalior, India (329) and many others.

How We Can Deal with The Smog

Smog results in harm to human beings, especially for those who have breathing problems. So it is worth mentioning how we can deal with this problem and try to make the air a bit more clean.

There are quite a few plants which can aid in cleaning our smog filled air. Which can aid us in our goal of having a clean and healthy home environment. These plants could be placed in open areas as well as in our homes to help clean our air.

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What The Surveys Say

Not only is it air pollution that is a major problem but also water pollution that keeps drinkable water out of reach for many, according to surveys taken by independent environmental bodies.

Surveys also report a high level of dissatisfaction with garbage disposal, greenness and parks in the city, time spent in the city.

The level of dirtiness and untidiness of the city along with water pollution is reported to be very high as well. Meanwhile noise and light pollution is reported to be only moderate.

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