Shaheen Air Adds Another Airbus A319 To Its Fleet

One of Pakistan’s biggest local airlines, Shaheen Air, just acquired another new plane. It is the same model that they bought last month, an Airbus A319.

This was announced by the airline through a Facebook post. The post reads,

Shaheen Air International is proud to announce a new addition to their fleet with another bird A319 arriving today in the hometown, Pakistan.

There is no difference in specifications. It will have a seating capacity of 150 in addition to a thin, linear and comfortable seat build. The plane will only serve economy class passengers.

Airbus A-319 features ambient lighting. The lighting changes according to different phases of the flight and is quite similar to the Boeing 737-800 New Generation aircraft (owned by Serene Air).

One of The Oldest Airlines in Pakistan

Shaheen Air is one of the oldest airlines in Pakistan, being the second one to launch after PIA. It also happens to be one of the first private airlines in Pakistan. It is also the largest Pakistan based private airline in the country.

The airline re-branded itself last month with a new logo and acquired another Airbus A-319 aircraft as well.

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However, despite trying to better its image, Shaheen Air has suffered its share of problems as well. Earlier we reported how Geo News called out the airline on a faulty engine part.

According to the reports by Geo News, the plane in question, Airbus A-330 flew from Islamabad to Manchester with a faulty fuel quantity indicator. It was “tied together with wires and chains” according to the reports. The airline later clarified that the method was an Airbus approved wire-locking method according to its “Approved Maintenance Manual”.

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