Ufone Upgrades its 3G Network in Karachi

Ufone has invested millions of dollars to upgrade its 3G network and services in Karachi mainly for providing high-quality experience to its valued customers in the financial hub.

This was stated by CEO Ufone Rainer Rathgeber while speaking exclusively with a select group of telecom journalists in Karachi.

The company’s new investment will offer an enhanced user experience to the people of Karachi.

“Undoubtedly, Karachi being the largest and financial hub of Pakistan is a key market for Ufone and our recent expansion here is a testament to our commitment for the city. In order to ensure flawless and uninterrupted service to this important city, we tested our new service in other cities first and after successful trials we decided to launch them in Karachi,” CEO Ufone told the media while briefing the importance of Karachi in terms of cellular business.

Ufone introduced a new technology in Karachi which had doubled the speed of the broadband internet and enhanced the coverage area of service significantly, he said.

Karachi is the biggest market in Pakistan for every telecom operator including Ufone, hence it has a significant role in the business of telecom sector along with strategic importance, he added. Due to the increasing economic activities and literacy factor in Karachi, the number of mobile broadband users has been growing.

“We are aware of the fact that customers demand internet with reliable connection and reasonable speed which is why we have reformed our existing network to reflect clear voice and fast internet speed with wider network coverage,” he added.

“I am sure that customers can make video calls through Ufone connection from anywhere in the city of Karachi while they can also stream videos without facing any difficulties.”

“Ufone has already enhanced its network in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Abbottabad and Sialkot where our subscribers are already enjoying clear voice and fastest 3G internet experience.”

“The aim to improve the user experience of our customers by consistently innovating our services and pursuing technological advancements,” said Ufone CEO.​