YouTube for Kids Now Entertains Kids Based on Their Ages

In 2015, Youtube Kids was introduced in order to ensure a safer and better experience of kids. It restricts access to certain age limited videos and certain types of content on YouTube and promotes content which might seem interesting to young children.

This kid-friendly version is now getting better and will soon receive major updates. The new features will not only make the experience for kids better but it will also make the app and the website more convenient for parents.

The New Updates

The new update will make the app adaptive, the profiles of the kids will be customised according to the date of birth of the children. This shows that the viewership of the site has expanded and now includes kids from preschool ages and above.

Since its release, the app has become criticised as it was not completely safe for kids. To make it safer, the update will have better parental controls and security options.

Convenience for Parents

The new update will also allow parents to login using their Google accounts and make multiple accounts for their children according to their age. The content showed on the sites would be according to the ages of of the kids.

There will also be a toggle option available to turn off the search option in the YouTube kids app.

In addition, it will have a completely new setup process for parents which will allow them to choose appropriate settings for their children. The app now displays better and clearer information about the workings of the app in general.

YouTube also said in their blog post, that it doesn’t review every video that appears on the kids site manually so it is possible for an inappropriate video to slip in through the automated filters.

The new setup also has information on how parents can filter out these videos as well. They are also working on how to allow parents to add more content to their kids’ profiles.

Better Experience for Kids

The new update will make the interface easier and more fun for kids.

Videos from publishers like DreamWorks TV, Jim Henson TV, Mother Goose Club, Talking Tom and Friends, National Geographic Kids, Reading Rainbow and Thomas the Tank Engine etc will show up on the feed.

The looks of the interface will change according to the age of the children. Preschoolers will have more icons and music as compared to older kids.

The children can also set passcodes on their profiles to keep their siblings out.

The app is now available in 37 countries and has 11 million active viewers. Youtube is also working on making an interface for the tweens.

How to Download

You can download the app using the links given below:

Via TechCrunch

  • Now a days kids are very smart and know how to install apps. It will be a matter of time until they figure out how to install real YouTube

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