First Test Flight at New Islamabad Airport to Take Place Tomorrow

The New Islamabad International Airport will be one step closer to being fully operational after tomorrow. The airport, whose development was marred with delays and controversies in the previous years, will be witnessing its first test flight tomorrow (i.e Saturday, 7th of April 2018). The airport is expected to officially inaugurate on April 20th this year.

It should be mentioned that flights from the Benazir Bhutto International Airport will be transferred to the Islamabad International Airport from April 19th. The first flight at the new airport will be conducted tomorrow in order to test out its operational potential.

A Comprehensive Simulation

The simulation exercise tomorrow will involve PIA personnel, their families, crew members, the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF), Airport Security Force, and other participants who have been invited for the first test run. This exercise will test out all key areas from passenger check-ins, baggage handling, and boarding to taking-off and landing a plane.


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Right at the entrance, the entrants will have to pass a 5-level security check conducted by ASF and ANF personnel before getting their boarding passes. Around 250 people, most of which are family members of PIA employees, will help conduct this preparatory exercise. The invited parties will reach at 8:45 AM and have been issued special passes for the occasion.

The airport will also have handicap support and provide wheel-chairs for disabled people. Such passengers will be boarded on the plane using on-site lifts.

The Complete Package

Passengers will be able to enjoy several facilities at the Islamabad International Airport including mini-cinemas, a food court, play area for children, facilitated waiting lounges, and much more. The parking area can house up to 2,500 vehicles and a separate area, for vehicles belonging to airport employees, has been reserved as well.

PIA’s CEO, Musharraf Rasool Cyan will be present during tomorrow’s mock exercise and will personally observe the new airport’s performance. You can check out the new Islamabad International Airport in pictures here.

  • Its extremely surprising for me to know that new islamabad airport is even far from city as compared to previous one. it says its in fateh jang and thats a bit more far. whats the logic. Correct me if i m wrong

    • pai zaan. Building airports inside the city only happens in Pakistan. So its better to build airports almost 1-1:30 hours drive from city center.

      • main logic to build airport far from city/crowded area to minimize disaster if collusion or Engine failure accord. Also due frequent Airplane In/Out Engine Noises disturb its neighbors.

    • In other developed countries new airports are built far from the city.
      50 to 100km outside city center.

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