NLC to Start Assembly of Mercedes-Benz Trucks in Pakistan

National Logistics Cell (NLC) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with German Daimler AG for local production of world-renowned Mercedes-Benz trucks in Pakistan.

The MoU was signed on behalf of NLC by Major General Mushtaq Faisal, DG NLC, and Zia Ahmed, CEO Pak NLC Motors, and on behalf of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks it was signed by Klaus Fischinger, head of Executive Committee, and Dr Ralf Forcher, head of sales at Woerth, Germany.

Also present at the signing were Naseem Shaikh, director and general manager Shahnawaz Ltd, and Ahmed Naeem of Shahnawaz Ltd, the authorized distributor of Daimler AG in Pakistan.

It is expected that local assembly of Mercedes-Benz trucks by NLC will mark a major shift in the domestic logistics and transportation industry towards European manufacturers.


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Speaking on the occasion, Major General Faisal termed the MoU as a historic moment for Pakistan’s commercial vehicle industry. He said that local assembly of Mercedes-Benz trucks is a strategic opportunity to leverage the modernization of Pakistan’s logistics industry which would benefit from having a state-of-the-art assembly plant in Pakistan.

With the incentives provided in the Auto Policy 2016-21, locally assembled Mercedes-Benz trucks would be offered at competitive prices. He added that it will bring qualitative change in local vendor industry and will provide opportunities for new jobs.

Dr Ralf Forcher, member of Executive Committee and head of sales and marketing, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks, said: “Pakistan’s infrastructure and construction sectors have registered significant growth in recent years having a direct effect on the logistics industry as it gives rise to an increased demand for commercial vehicles.

In addition, the CPEC project is also playing an important role in raising demand in this sector. Modern transportation networks built under CPEC will link seaports in Gwadar and Karachi with northern Pakistan, as well as China and Central Asia.

  • This is a really smart move by the military top brass! Road transport is going to play a crucial role in revenue generation, and NLC is the best transporter of goods in Pakistan. This move will assure that Pakistan gets transportation revenues, while generating a lot of skilled employment and putting local infrastructure to use through locally managed companies.

  • Army should stick to defending the country from external and internal
    threats. It should not run businesses. It is not their job to assemble
    trucks. It is their job to fight terrorists and they are failing at that

    • When was the last time ur house was blown?? I can bet on it, the govt cant lure brands like Mercedes to establish there assembly plants in Pakistan. Maybe If Govt functions properly then Army wont have to reopen sewerage system of cities like Karachi as seen during last year floods

      • Every army in every country does this during emergency, nothing unusual with army in Pakistan only.

      • Rayyan, it is not the the matter of attracting the foreigner to local market who allows these people to plant a manufacturing unit for public good, if they want to do, just go for artillery units only.

    • Army is the major user of trucks and already have big over hauling workshop facilities
      , as such with their experience they can manage such assembly plants efficiently. NLC is already running the largest transportation organisation, I feel its a good move by them to become self reliant in this field. Moreover they are doing very well in fighting the terrorists, they have done very well in Karachi, KPK, Swat, North and South Waziristan.

    • they are doing and they are also starting some organisations for retired and in service armed persons for their better utilization and finally earning something for the Army

    • My dear actually Pakistan army has been recognized as the single most successful military for stopping terrorism IN THE WORLD, far ahead of even USA — with a decrease which has been calculated quantitatively at 89% reduction in terrorism. And this was by an American think tank, not some army’s ISPR Colonel.
      So please at least if you have nothing positive to say, stop LYING! If Pro-Pakistani allowed the links I would give the link to the article, but links are disabled.

  • Wow germans came for cpec. Better is that pakistan should make its own trucks instead letting others make profit from its cpec. Apni companies ko mawaqy deny chahye thy.

    • Germans didn’t came for cpec. They came for money. The reality is that all Western European countries hate China’s belt and road project. Just Google it…

  • pakistan will be salve for the rest of his life. Pakistan cannot make better cars or trucks by looking at their design or Honda and Toyota they cannot do better finishing only to make business not to provide any kind of quality and the cars are so expensive the 3rd calss car we have which is affordable is Mehran which is a pcs or crap

    • Bhai aap kay josh kee daad daynee parhay gee — angrayzee a’aye ya naheen, criticize kurna bund naheen hota.
      Bohot khoob miyan — agar itnee mehnat mulk sunwarnay mein luga laytay to shaed aiay comments kurnay kee zaroorat mehsoos naheen hotee?

  • God damn these traitors ! Fauj will do business and build DHAs while awam will die at the hands of enemies and army’s created terrorists. FATF black listing of Pakistan is on the verge and that too due to military’s harbouring and sheltering of their “strategic assets” aka “good” terrorists. Let this country officially ruled by Faujees and awam be their slaves.

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