PTA Officially Launches DIRB System to Block Unregistered & Smuggled Phones

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Thursday launched Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) to automatically identify sub-standard, fake, and illegally imported mobile phones; register and block non-compliant devices on mobile phone networks.

In line with the Telecom Policy 2015, PTA launched DIRBS in collaboration with 3G Technologies at PTA Headquarters Islamabad.

Chairman PTA Mohammad Naveed was the chief guest while Abdul Samad, Member Compliance and Enforcement PTA, Executive Director, 3G Technologies,  IT and telecom industry experts, CEOs of telecom companies, and media community attended the event. Member Compliance & Enforcement gave a presentation on DIRBS during the event.


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Chairman PTA said that the Authority is cognizant of telecom consumers’ needs and is taking a number of steps to facilitate them in resolving their issues. The launch of this new service is yet another evidence of PTA’s sincerity towards its vision of protection of telecom consumers and their rights.

He said that this system will be implemented to automatically identify sub-standard, fake, and illegally imported mobile phones, and block non-compliant devices on mobile phone networks. This unique system will curb illegal imports, facilitate legitimate device importers, and mobile device users, and improve the overall security situation.

The Chairman said that PTA has always been engaged in facilitating telecom consumers with best telecom services along with due protection of their rights.

Chairman further added that the statistics of telecom growth in Pakistan are evident of the satisfaction level of telecom consumers with the quality of telecom services provided to them. He said that today the mobile operators have increased this coverage to over 65% of the population.


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Broadband subscribers that stood at 1.3 million till 2014 with limited speed offerings have now crossed a milestone of 50 million (2018) with mobile broadband speed crossing 20 Mbs (download) and fixed broadband speed crossing 100 Mbps (download).

It is pertinent to mention here that, through Device Verification System (DVS) telecom consumers can verify the authenticity of their mobile devices in line with PTA regulations via SMS to 8484 and to check the status of IMEI log on or download DIRBS android mobile app from Google Play and Apple app stores.

  • My iPhone X shows up as a valid device, even though I’m 100% sure it was an illegal import by the mobile shop I got it from.

    • i think they are just seeing if IMEI is available in international database my phone is local bought and its fine as well

    • Even if your phone was smuggled illegally, you just have to insert a SIM into it and use it before the deadline expires and it’ll become a valid device. Unless it has been reported as stolen or explicitly blocked by PTA by IMEI.

  • Lol. My redmi note 4 officially purchased in pakistan showing as non complaint

  • My phone has on its box, a PTA approval logo. In fact, the logos are all over it.
    The system checked the IMEI and declared it to be unauthorized.

    Way to go PTA.

  • good initiative from PTA, i think it will take sometime to cross check all data as it always been a crucial task to get 100% data from conventional system to automation.

  • Well, PTA Chairman is having no telecom technical information. He’s just a finance person having huge financial career, which enable him to find the tactics to grab more and more money through such ways. What PTA has to do with Smuggled Mobile? IMEI is Valid and for any Terrorist activity, it’s very easily to track the GPS Location of the Mobile sim used in the handset. PTA Find some good way to earn.

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