Documentary Goes Behind the Scenes to Reveal the Truth Behind Tea Whiteners

Much has been said about tea-whiteners in Pakistan recently. An excess of misinformed allegations and rumors gave rise to a lot of serious misunderstandings about tea-whiteners and their usage.

Wajahat Saeed Khan, a renowned journalist and media personality took the matter into his own hands and decided to find answers to all of our questions that we would like honest responses to.

Many pressing questions are addressed, some of which include:

  • ‘Are tea-whiteners in any way harmful for human consumption?’,
  • ‘Did the Pakistani media conduct enough background research before accusing tea-whitener brands?’
  • ‘Has the government done their job of discerning truth and facts from mere speculation?’

The 16 minute documentary, which can be viewed here, features Wajahat on his quest of finding facts and separating them from fabrications. The journey begins at Engro Foods’ production plant in Sahiwal to understand how the tea-whitener is produced and what goes into making it. In the process Wajahat probes the team at the plant to get to the bottom of how checks and balances are put into place, and how quality is maintained.

Below are some important findings:

  • Tarang, a tea-whitener is specifically designed to add great taste to your cup of tea, is made with highest quality ingredients from the best local and international sources. It contains absolutely no harmful chemicals or additives and is completely free of any preservatives. It is UHT treated and aseptically packaged keeping harmful microorganisms out of the product and giving it longer shelf-life. Any tea-whitener is not a milk substitute (Tarang has never claimed to be a milk substitute). You should continue consuming nutritional dairy products for a healthy lifestyle.
  • The tea-whitener is produced while strictly adhering to international and local industry standards. It is not only approved and certified by Pakistan’s highest national standards body, the Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA), Tarang also holds the following international certifications: British Retail Consortium certification (BRC); FSMS / ISO 22000 – Food Safety Certification; and ISO – 9001 Quality Management System.
  • The tea-whitener’s recipe was formulated by experts from Royal Friesland Campina, after thorough research and deep understanding of Pakistani consumers’ tastes and preferences. Royal Friesland Campina is one of the largest dairy companies in the world, with 140 years of dairy expertise.
  • The Supreme Court of Pakistan has certified Tarang along with some other brands safe to be consumed. Various government officials from multiple regulatory bodies and other health professionals all endorse Tarang and its quality, confirming that the tea-whitener follows all required standards, has no harmful ingredients and is completely safe to consume.

While it is the responsibility of food regulatory authorities to hold brands and products accountable, the issue of tea-whiteners and packaged milk was blown out of proportion without having conducted necessary background research.

Both the government and the media have an obligation towards the consumers to share reliable and trustworthy information. Propagating rumors and falsehoods hurts not only an entire industry but also the end-consumers.

  • haha, I came here in the hope to understand what is tea whitener, the video didn’t load!
    and all I got is “It is made with highest quality ingredients from the best local and international sources”
    What the heck is sources? after reading whole garbage I found my answer in the END.
    Sponsored. why didn’t I read it before :(

    • Exactly. I was looking for the same explanation but explained whatttt?? Disgusting

    • Those who ever lived in middle east might have come across

      “Rainbow ”

      this is also a tea whitener, widely used in GCC countries.

      If you have very healthy lifestyle with most healthly food even then your cholesterol levels will shoot to very high in 3-4 years if you are consuming Rainbow in your tea.
      Not only that you will store most stubborn fats in your body.

      Rainbow has a “less cholesterol” version as well.

      Tarang is exactly the same product.

      It will take 100 years for Pakistanis to understand, a nation which still buys “Blue band margarine”, a slow poison for their bread.

  • Thank you for the detailed post regarding misconceptions of tea whiteners & the video that clear it’s safe to consume.

  • I love tea and I was unaware that Tea Whiteners are designed to make tea’s taste better. This is a good initiative by @wajskhan that he is busting all myths about tea Whiteners in Pakistan

  • Aray Bhai ! which ingredients are used in making them if milk is not its raw material ???
    what i here only is “It is made with highest quality ingredients from the best local and international sources”
    its sponsored and nothing else !
    For those who didnt know 1–tea witners have no milk in it 2–they import milk fats from foreign countries (which they even didnt know who fats it is) 3–use detergent chemicals to make it white 4–use formaleen, a chemical , which is used in autopsy , to make its life longer.

    • (which they don’t know hose fats it is) stupid wo aap jitne illiterate nai hain
      ooh and use detergent chmicals oooo ye to aap ki baat bilkul sai hai
      well my remarks to your comment is “stupid thoughts”

      • what is your problem man, do a research before spitting on someone’s opinion… you didnt increase anybody/s knowledge with your stupid thought comment..

          • sorry sir there is no mention of that in the vidoe or anywhere, if thats true then they should have said with confidence…

              • yeah sorry in case I disregarded the proofs you provided,, oh 1 second let me find the proofs you provided..
                umm…… still searching
                Oh No proofs found
                I suggest you need to work on your ” think before writing skills”…

                • in case i provide you a proof it will be from internet and u probably won’t believe that but i think you can give me something off the internet so give me a solid proof
                  all i can do is just give you a heap of websites with everything about tea whiteners can u give some other proof?

                  • yeah i should provide the proof to you considering the fact that you yourself have provided dozens of truck loaded proof to your statement ”hydrogenated vegetable fats are used”
                    well played captain

                • in case i provide you a proof it will be from internet and u probably won’t believe that but i think you can give me something off the internet so give me a solid proof
                  all i can do is just give you a heap of websites with everything about tea whiteners can u give some other proof?

  • the manufacturing process might be safe, but the raw material in tea whitener is nothing we are introduced as milk
    I know how these process operate and i know how the quality assurance team does the testing etc etc but they have not told how the raw material is purchased.,, the company needs to visit the facility of the vendor where they are manufacturing it, they make sure that the raw material is safely produced and packaged, ,then the initial test batch arrive at the company where QC and QA tests the batch with their GMP standards,, if the raw material passes that stage then it is considered to be valid purchase,,,, this is a sponsored misguiding content strongly condemn it,, they just concealed the facts, these are lies fabrications… they were deliberately not telling about the source of Raw material,, i think that the journalist was not aware of that,, if thats the case then i feel pity for him coz he is very incompetent….

  • Ugh. I am suspecting Engro Fertilizers paid Aamir Aatta to post this article to promote Fertilizer company’s Fake milk aka tea whitener. (Engro once used to manufacture only fertilizers. Then they thought hey why not we start selling milk. We got urea. We can use it to preserve near-expiry milk)

  • Just wasted my 4 minutes as i stopped video there… And yes i got adblocker on :D

  • ProPK should introduce a like/dislike button for their article in order for them to decide which author to kept and which on to throw outside the window.

    • I second you but do they have the courage to do so, given their recent preference of quantity over quality

  • yai sab kia hay or Q hay.. Tarang ..(paison ki).. shame on this INVESTIGATION.. let any scientist go with it and investigate the real story behind the scene i.e getting raw materiel, their storage conditions, their international specifications and degree to meet them by the vendor (not only one but All major players would be investigated) it should not be a marketing tact like this…useless post.

  • Its simply a Tarang Ad.
    Questions are that why we need tea whitener, whats its ingredients.
    why not should they process the milk.

  • I have been reading ProPk for many years now. To be honest, ProPk has become focused more on earning, by posting useless content, and less on providing quality content to readers.

  • zehar ha completely un healthy product ha why Pakistan cant make pure and hea;lthy things while go to international countries you will get 1000 of natural and healthy products ..btw prema ilk is the only pure milk which i am using after many research and believe me it is one the healthiest and purest milk in Pakistan . do try

  • pro pakistani please share only healthy products we dont want to use chemically products which are unhealthy and harmful for us

  • Its a Tea whitener not MILK. and if it passes the International and PSQCA standards than i don’t think they are using any harmful chemicals in it. This may be a sponsored add but nowhere they mentioned that it is a milk or a replacement of Milk.

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