Parents Will Now be Punished if Their Underage Kids Are Caught Driving

Lahore High Court has enforced stricter measure to ban underage driving. The decision was the outcome of a petition filed by a citizen in the court. Court’s decision of 13th September 2018 said that in case of violation, parents will be the ones to be punished.

The case was heard by Justice Ali Akbar Qureshi on Wednesday. He remarked that underage children are not allowed to drive any vehicle, be it a car, motorbike or rickshaw and held parents responsible for the potential non-compliance. He said that if any violation is reported, the parents or guardians will be punished and sent behind the bars.

Traffic Police authorities have been given directions regarding the implementation. Chief traffic officer has conveyed the directions to the personnel in the department and has given orders for strict action without any kind of discrimination.

On first violation by an individual, parents will be required to come to the police station to sign an affidavit for taking responsibility of ensuring a second violation does not occur. They will be sent to jail on second violation of the ban.

Like the rest of the world, Pakistan has its regulations regarding the minimum age limit to acquire a driving license. The implementation hasn’t been strict in our country and it has been violated openly so far. The prescribed age limit to acquire a learner’s permit to drive is 18 years.

Underage driving not only poses danger to other people on the road but to the kids themselves. It leads to many accidents on the road and causes loss of many lives.

The decision by Lahore High Court is in the interest of the people of Punjab. It is imperative that other provincial High Courts in the country also take such measures for the greater good of the people of our country.

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  • Parents should be punished if there kids are traveling without car seats and parents itself not fasten seat belt

  • Just jail father and mother both for at least 72 hours. Everything will be fine.
    It’s parents and especially mothers who spoil children and set them free to hump everyone outside the house.
    Drivers without license, seat belts or using mobile phones should also be jailed for 24 hours.
    Same for motor biker without helmet.
    Ye Qaum danday ki gahak hai !

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