Toyota to Unveil the Next Generation Corolla This Week

Toyota will take the wraps off the 12th generation of Toyota Corolla in China at the Guangzhou International Auto show on November 16th. The company released a trailer hinting that three versions of the classic sedan will be introduced.

While crossovers are all the rage in the automobile sector right now, Toyota didn’t follow their footsteps. Instead, it opted to give the classic Corolla a make-over. With the emergence of minivans and station wagons people like being able to own a car with the look and feel of a SUV albeit one that also have more in common with sedans.

While the classic Toyota Corolla Sedan is still available, the company will also introduce another version of the sedan as well as a wagon.

Apart from the classic sedan design, Toyota is also going to release a Levin variant for the Chinese market which is basically just a sedan with a sporty touch up

. Although neither the teaser or the company have revealed any details as to what this “new model” will feature. However, it is safe to assume that the wagon will likely go for a sporty look as well, based on a silhouette shown off in its teaser video. This is also due to the fact that Corolla has a pre-existing sports wagon as well as a hatchback.

If the sedan and the wagon are anything like pre-existing models of the sedan, there are a few expected traits the 12th generation Corolla might feature.


The 11th generation Corolla lost in the market battle to Honda’s Civic. Civic introduced a sleeker sportier model while Corolla’s exteriors was plus size but the interior was considered too old-school by many.


Generally speaking, chances are that the new Corolla 2020 models will be based on TNGA (Toyota’s New Global Architecture). This architecture is already employed in the Prius and C-HR and Camry models as we speak.

Pakistan got a taste of TNGA, thanks to the hybrid versions of some of its cars being launched by Toyota Indus Motors.

Although the model for the 11th generation Corolla was region segregated, the 12th generation might feature a generic model for all region-based consumer markets.

Here’s how the 12th Generation Corolla might look like, according to an unofficial 3D render.



Corolla’s pre-existing hatchback and sports wagon already feature 1.8L and 2.0L hybrid engines. The 12th generation may follow suit or may even go lighter.


The new model will probably feature a wide and bulky form factor. However, it is believed that the new Corolla will be lighter and have a lower center of gravity, especially when you consider that Toyota designed the next generation Corolla in North American regions. Perhaps the Pakistani version of the vehicle may feature an elevated center of gravity, so we’ll have to wait and see.


It is hoped that the 12th generation Toyota Corolla may take a page out of Honda Civic’s book and employ a more modern contemporary design for the interior.

Will the new Toyota Corolla feature more leg room for passengers and come with a more modern look? We won’t have to wait too long to find out this week.

  • Well to be honest my first impression of the front exterior, this looks like a robot from a children animated series with the headlights resembling the eyes and the front grill that of an open mouth, looks like the inspiration was taken from perhaps Ben10 series or something !!!. Comparatively Honda civic has a better shape.

  • and we present you after falling, the rise of the 2020 rolla as inspired by the most dashing aggressive & successful model Honda Civic Turbo

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