Pakistan Exported 80 Super Mushshak Aircraft in Last 5 Years

Promising signs for Pakistan’s aviation industry; Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) has announced that they have built and exported 80 Mushshak aircraft during the last 5 years.

According to details, some aircraft are in the final stages of their completion and after that, they will be exported to their respective consumer countries.


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This was all revealed to the Senate’s Standing Committee on Defence Production during their visit to the PAC, Kamra under the leadership of Lieutenant General (Retd) Abdul Qayyum.


PAF is Adding 28 Fourth Gen JF-17 Thunder Jets to its Fleet

The committee was also informed regarding the JF-17 Thunder aircraft as well.

It was revealed that the manufacturing of the aircraft is underway and upon completion, it will be exported to Myanmar whereas an accord has also been signed to sell fighter jets to Nigeria.

  • there are approximately 1750 Days in 5 yrs and they are proud that they build only 80 Mushshak aircrafts also known as fokker. If this be the speed by which PAC are to work they would end up making 1 JF-17 per year or may take them more then that…

    • Bhai fokker is different than Mashaak. Mashaak is just a trainer mostly 2 seater, where Fokker was a passenger aircraft.
      One of the reasons of lack of innovation in aerospace industry is that a retired General is heading Kamra Complex. All over the world the top Aeronautical engineers run the R&D and production of high tech planes. But Pakistan is one of the countries of the world where retired Generals have hijacked everything.
      Unless and until we will not give the real talent the chance, we are not going anywhere. I hope retired Generals will go home and young talent and top engineers and scientists will be given a chance to run top orgs of Pakistan.

    • 16 jf-17 are made at kamra every year……and the report is about export of the aircrafts not the production capacity.

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