Pakistan’s Exports Will Hit an All Time-High This Year: Razzak Dawood

Advisor to Prime Minister Imran Khan on Commerce, Textile, Industry and Investment, Abdul Razzak Dawood, has claimed that Pakistan’s exports will hit a record high this year.

He made these remarks while addressing a press conference in Karachi on Saturday.

On the occasion, Dawood said that the year 2019 would bring a lot of good news for the country’s economy.

Despite difficulties, the country’s economy is showing signs of improvement which is a good omen.

Dawood admitted that the country’s current account deficit was still a challenge for them and urged the business community to work in collaboration with the government to overcome the problem.


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Razzak vowed to increase the country’s exports rapidly in the coming years.

“We are working on a strategy to increase exports. We aim to hit the $27-billion mark in the current year,” he added.

PM’s advisor said that Pakistan ended 2018 on an encouraging note and informed that our trade with China had increased significantly.

“We have acquired a $1 billion market from China for export of tea and rice,” he said.

He also welcomed the world’s leading food and agriculture group Cargill Inc’s interest in investing $200 million in Pakistan.


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The advisor to PM Khan said, “Cargill will invest in the seed oil business.”

“I confess I could not focus on edible oil as I was concentrating on other sectors. If farmers are helped in producing edible oil, then the foreign exchange will be saved,” he added.

“We will take edible oil industry very far,” Razzak Dawood promised.

Via: GeoNews

  • Stop selling illusions to the public. The only thing this government is good at is only talk and false promises. Army should save this country.

    • What do you expect in 5/6 months. Let at least an year end and see the numbers rolling and better decide on facts and than random events. People need real education in economics. Governments cannot decrease prices with a fiscal deficit. If they do,things will turn more ugly.

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