Vehicle Registration and Transfers in Islamabad to Require Biometric Verification Soon

You won’t be able to transfer or register your car/bike without biometric verification in Islamabad after March 1, 2019.

The Excise and Taxation Department of Islamabad had made biometric verification compulsory for vehicles a few months ago.

Recently, Chief Commissioner Aamir Ali Ahmed has reminded the public in a Facebook post that after the deadline, the registration or transfer of vehicles will only be undertaken after biometric verification.

“The general public is hereby reminded that after 1st March 2019, registration/transfer of vehicles with Excise Department, ICT, will only be carried out after biometric verification.”

“All the vehicle owners having open transfer letter are requested to get their vehicle transferred in their name as early as possible so as to avoid any inconvenience,” reads his post.

No Vehicles Transfer without Biometric Verification after March 1

Verification Process

You won’t have to visit the Excise and Taxation Office (ETO) for biometric verification. You can get it done at any NADRA office where you can receive the receipt issued for the ETO.

The ETO will then verify the receipt with the transaction ID immediately after which the vehicle will be transferred.

This step is taken in an attempt to control fraud and the use of vehicles on open transfer letters. Notably, the ETO is going to register the vehicles of Islamabad residents only.

A non-resident can, however, submit an application along with the required affidavits at ETO, Islamabad. A notification has been issued that Islamabad’s ETO is only going to register vehicles of people with an Islamabad address mentioned on their CNIC and those working in the capital city.

The office has set up an online registration system where the residents can apply from home. However, they will be required to present their documents and vehicle for inspection before the ETO. After that, they will have to pay the registration fee.

Via: Dawn