PayPal is Not Coming to Pakistan: IT Minister

Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication, Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, revealed on Thursday that PayPal is not coming to Pakistan.

The government is still in touch with PayPal and is looking for other alternatives, said the minister while briefing the Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication. The committee meeting was chaired by Rubina Khalid on Thursday.

Secretary IT, Maroof Afzal, said that PayPal’s internal issues were the reason behind the company’s refusal to Pakistan. He said that security and anti-money laundering related laws have been tightened and there is no issue on Pakistan’s part now.

Senator Mohammad Ateeq Sheikh said that the company is not coming to Pakistan due to lack of legal backing.

He further said that PayPal is operating worldwide, and a Pakistani director who is working in the company wants to bring it to Pakistan. However, fearing money laundering in the system in Pakistan, the company has refused to come to Pakistan.

He proposed that the government should provide a sovereign guarantee to PayPal and ask them to come via a Public Private Partnership to remove their apprehensions.

The committee observed that due to lack of an online money transfer system, the country is losing huge foreign exchange reserves.

It’s also holding back the freelance sector which needs a payment gateway to flourish.

Still want to know how to make PayPal in Pakistan?

  • Ur talking about the paypal
    Other world level componies as well as OVH top level server providing compony from last month closed accept payment from Pakistani Bank card

    This is Lyndon from OVH, we spoke earlier over the phone. I’m sending you this message as a follow-up to our conversation regarding billing issues.

    As per our discussion, at this moment, OVH does not accept credit cards from Pakistan. However, the solution around this is to have somebody outside of your region pay for your services. Anybody from the West (Americas) or Europe credit card will work no problem. Another solution is to wire transfer a minimum of 700$ USD to OVH to maintain the account.

    If you do decide to backup and migrate to another company, that is also fully comprehensible.

    Once again, I am sorry this information wasn’t transmitted to you beforehand.

    For any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us through a support ticket or through our toll-free line at 1-855-684-5463. We’re here 24/7 to help you!

    • Yes, i am having the same problem. They recently changed their payment provider which is not accepting the payments from Pakistan.

    • If they are accepting money through WireTransfer than that means they have suspended accepting Pakistani Cards due to high fraud rate. There are many Pakistanis, who try to cheat the system with fake cards or accounts. That’s why they are probably asking you to deposit 700$ through WireTransfer. I faced the same problem with an advertising company, they have started refusing to work with Pakistanis and Indians due to high fraud rate.

    • Same with Pearson Vue. They would not accept Pakistani Cards, stopped doing it few years ago, and now Test Takers end up paying extra to the Testing Centers. CCNP test which is $300, and cost $300 for rest of the world ends up around $350 in Pakistan.

    • This is all is bcz of USA hidden sanctions over Pakistan. Bcz they dont like current sitting governing body.

  • Yeh hei umeed thi aur tum laugo say. IT minister should resign if he cannot bring paypal.This is shameful day for Pakistan.

    • Hahahaha, PayPal na lany par resign demand kr rhy ho, jab log in politicians k orders pr qatal hoty hain tab soye rehty ho khud gharz insan

      • Pakistani awam hai bhai.
        Aur wesy bhi kafi freelancing companies Payoneer aur dsry options deti hai withdraw ky. Bs itna difference hai ky Payout high hota hai as compared to PayPal aur WireTransfer ki fee prti hai agar PayPal ky ilawa bs yehi option ho to.

  • The Government should need to be active and resolve this issue at one hand Gov is training 1 million freelancer but on other Gov can’t even provide them payment system to withdraw their money it’s strange :- we are reading and listening from years Government is trying to bring PayPal in Pakistan but still after year it’s a just new and nothing else :-( .

    • Urdu mn likh lia karain ta k humain b samjh aye, English ka rape krna farz nahi

  • A ton of other companies like that such as Amazon, Ebay, etc. never came to Pakistan just because our govt. has always been sleeping and doesn’t bother convincing them.

    • They are businesses and are looking for profit for their shareholders not loses. Pakistan’s online market is not that big so they won’t bother entering. Even in the UAE, they bought Souq in 2017 and they don’t even have a store in KSA. In Australia, they launched in 2017/18.

  • PayPal is in India & Israel :

    IN Dono K Hote Howe Same Service Not Possible In Pakistan :

    RIP PayPal

  • It is a myth that PayPal is a lifeline for us, and that we are losing due to huge foreign exchange, and freelancer sector is not flourishing.

    Just a food for thought – Bangladesh is the second largest freelancer market (Pakistan is 4th), and there is no PayPal. Their IT exports are rising and their freelancer market is mushrooming.

    Is it sheer naivety or no one in the government can analyse the problems? Though Paypal will make it more convenient, our troubles are more to do with education system, lack of technical training facilities and skills in packaging services well.

  • i challenge PITB….and other tech hubs…

    ab solution nikalo… PayPal se b ooper ke cheez banao . patha lage tum sb bharwo ka…

  • there will be another way
    alipay is coming to Pakistan this year
    one pay pal will also come to Pakistan inshallah
    do not lose hope

  • I think Pak govt should give paypal the currency reserve Guarantee.. It will give paypal The confidence of operating in pakistan.

  • “due to lack of an online money transfer system” not true. There are so many online channels to transfer money online. Who needs paypal

  • Are bhai jaldi se paypal lao na mujhe games khel k pese kamane hain. Kafi dafa paypal na hone ki waja se reh gaya. Ab log western union se to pese bhejne se rahe.

  • In the begging of PTI’s govt Asad Umar said, he will bring PayPal or any alternative to Pakistan but we are still waiting, now he is gone. I don’t know why anti corruption govt still fail to control money laundering. Pakistan should need to do something for freelancing community otherwise, they’re leaving Pakistan, lots of my friends went to Europe and UAE also, for one reason poor banking system and also illiterate FBR officials.

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