Multan-Sukkur Motorway is Now Open for Traffic

According to media reports, the newly built Multan-Sukkur Motorway has become operational. The Ministry of Communications has released a press release in this regard about the newly completed 392-kilometer long Multan-Sukkur Motorway also known as M-5.

The highway will considerably reduce the time it takes to travel between Multan and Sukkur and is a crucial part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor and will help reduce the overall time it will take for goods to travel from the Karakorum Highway to Karachi and Gawadar.

Furthermore, it will help play a dual role by boosting industrial growth as well as helping strengthen the agricultural sector. It will help provide greater access to inner Sindh and Southern Punjab and helping them connect to the major road networks, helping pave the way for socio-economic uplift in these areas.

    • The road was open End to End, i.e entry/exit Multan Sukkur in Apr 2019, I personally travelled up and down (for work) twice. In July most toll plazas were ready (not all interchanges). So I think they will open on 15th and several interchanges will be operational, end to end will be open. Will be 100% operational (i.e. all interchanges) by Nov 2019.

    • This is not a fake news, work stopped for 3 or 4 months because china is saying that machines ko lay k kr janay main 3 say 4 month lgain gay..baqi sb theek hai..

  • It is fully functional for light traffic since 13.09.2019, I have confirmed it through NHA Official FB page with press clippings of around a dozen newspapers with the heading of M5 Multan Sukkur officially opens for light traffic

  • With this news today I tried to get a ride of new motor way but security refused and said may be open after 2 months.

  • It is not open due to lack of police staff (required for security) especially in the area near ghotki.. The government did not plan anything.

  • Checked today from motorway police helpline. They are saying that the motorway was planned to be operational by 13 sep 2019 but due to few technical issues this did not happened .

  • The M-5 has helped shrink the distance and cut almost in half the travel time from almost 7 hours to 3 and a half hour.

  • thankyou on thoughtful projects and spending billions on roads less traveled. Also thanks NAWAZ for metro train and wasting 2 billion $ with annual interest to be paid back in $$

  • M5 great road/motorway made by chinese… superb…exelent..
    Kindly open it up for the poor and needy
    public which is spending lot of money in petrol and time as well….
    If some thing is been completed please open it up so can common people can have some good in their life…

    Mega opening in poor country … well sulte to the stupidity of concern authority…

    Don’t give poor some relief just show you political drama.

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