Punjab Excise Hasn’t Delivered Smart Cards & Plates For Over a Year

There are various media reports claiming that the Excise and Taxation Department of Punjab, for over a year, has failed to deliver smart cards and vehicle registration number plates to the people.

According to the information available, the pending list at the Excise and Taxation department, Rawalpindi consists of over 65,000 smart cards and around 50,000 registration number plates waiting to be sent out. Interestingly, the officers at the department have said that the holdup isn’t at their end but rather the E&T office Lahore who are yet to send the smart cards and registration plates.

Although the Punjab Excise department has sent out most of the orders up to August 2019, a good chunk of the orders after this are yet to be received by the relevant office. The customers are rightly displeased about this because they have paid the requisite amount to the government for the process. They have visited the E&T office several times but to no avail. The E&T Rawalpindi office has written multiple letters in this regard to the provincial government but the matter still hasn’t been resolved.

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  • i haven’t recieved my number plates and excise deptt. officials
    still ask 4 it on roads so pathetic .

  • Havent received the smart card yet.
    Why are they charging the fees if they can not delivery the smart card?

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