Cabinet Grants Industries Division the Authority to Lead the EV Policy

In these past weeks, there has been a tussle between the Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) and the Ministry of Industries and Production (MoIP) over the future of the National Electric Vehicle Policy (NEVP).

Originally, the policy was drafted by the MoCC and later approved by the Federal Cabinet but the MoIP raised an issue overstating that under the Rules of Business 1972, they had the authority to formulate industrial policy for instance the Auto Development Policy (2016-2021).

Now, the cabinet has decided in favor of the MoIP who have been given the power to formulate the policy. Originally, after a disagreement between the two, a committee was formed to draft the policy which had adviser to PM on Commerce, Science Minister, climate change adviser, Special assistant on petroleum and asked to draft the policy in 60 days.

However, MoIP sent their own draft while the MoCC sent theirs and the policy by MoCC was approved. Under the rules of business, MoIP approached the Cabinet division, which sided with MoIP. Now, the Cabinet has decided that since this a cross-cutting subject that would need the involvement of multiple divisions but the subject is closer to the domain of the Industries division, they will have the lead role.

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