MoIP Changes Focus of EV Policy from Cars to Two-Wheelers & Three-Wheelers

The saga involving the National Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy of Pakistan took another turn with an inter-ministerial meeting to smoothen its implementation. The meeting has decided that the EV policy will focus on two-wheelers and three-wheelers instead of cars.

According to the information available, the meeting was chaired by Abdul Razak Dawood, Adviser to Prime Minister for Commerce, Investment and Industries and Production and amongst those in attendance were Federal Minister for Science and Technology and Advisers to Prime Minister on Climate Change and Institutional Reforms and Austerity.

The main objective of the meeting was to deliberate on the NEVP; the climate change ministry was of the opinion that it is far more feasible to shift to e-motorcycles instead of four-wheelers for the middle class. There would be an eco-friendly alternative to a large chunk of bikes, rickshaws, and others that are emitting pollution in the country. Razak Dawood was in favor of a fair and open policy that helped both consumers and investors alike.

Dawood also stated that the current policies in the auto sector should be allowed to continue as well because it is critical to boosting the confidence of investors.

The Industries and Production Adviser said that the NEVP is needed for multiple reasons including cutting the oil imports and the impact on the environment. Its implementation and success would be contingent on the promotion of local production and assembly whilst ensuring safety standards.

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  • haar maan he li phir. Japanese businessmen are more powerful than the Pakistani government. Their interest is dearer to the government rather than long term interests of the country and its people. Disappointed.

  • The woman tweet that attempts are made to sabotage electric production(EV capacity. And by 2025 we would have(own EV brands) if those people aligned with lobbied automobile don’t sabotage us. But now the dream to have own native automob industry is shattering…

  • This lame govt is nothing more than a chicken shit. They have no feet to stand on, no clue, no competence and / or vision. For us Pakistanis, suckers like Toyota Indus, Atlas Honda and Pak Suzuki will continue to mint us with their crap products.


  • Those people aligned with lobbied thugs Toyota Honda Suzuki
    automobile are sabotaging us and our Pakistan.
    Only we can pray
    God bless our Pakistan

  • As an engineer, I believe the earlier decision to implement EV policy without taking stakeholders in confidence on board was wrong.
    Now if they are redirecting it to 2-3 wheeler, is good decision however they shouldn’t scrap the old decision and instead ask the auto manufacturer’s to bring latest knowledge, machinery and equipment within Pakistan to promote EV technology and it should be mandatory to automobile industry to take some bold steps and start introducing semi EV vehicles by 2025 in their respective brands that shall pave a competitive environment for all. This will bring benefits to industry as well as to consumers that will contribute in overall growth of the economy.

  • No government is actually weak. It is always quid pro qou, the big three must have thrown a bigger bone to these officials, graft pedlars and suddenly we have “other considerations”.

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