Wasim Akram Finally Speaks Out After Disrespectful Claims Against His Career & Family

There has been plenty of debate about Wasim Akram’s role in match-fixing during his playing days. A number of former cricketers have slammed the Sultan of Swing for his corruption in the gentleman’s game.

The legendary fast bowler has hit back at the ‘negative people’ saying they use his name to gain popularity, which depresses him.

I get depressed when I hear such negative things about me. I retired from cricket 17 years ago but people still take my name to further their interests.


Wasim Akram Intentionally Lost All 3 World Cups After 1992: Former Captain Reveals

Akram, who is considered among the greatest fast bowlers of all time, has said that he will continue to ignore such people because he doesn’t have time for negativity in life.

I have always ignored such people and will continue to do so in the future because I don’t have time for negative people in my life.


Former Fast Bowler Exposes Wasim Akram, Rashid Latif & Aamer Sohail’s Role in Match-Fixing

A few days back, former captain, Aamer Sohail bashed him for ensuring Pakistan didn’t win another World Cup after 1992. According to him, before every World Cup, schemes and propagandas took place to make him the captain.

Another former cricketer, Ata-ur-Rehman has claimed that Akram destroyed his cricketing career. He said that the star fast-bowler asked him to change his statement before the Justice Qayyum Commission on match-fixing.


Sarfaraz Nawaz Makes a Shameful Claim About Wasim Akram’s Family

Former PCB Chairman, Khalid Mehmood, had claimed that if Ata-ur-Rehman didn’t change his statement, Wasim Akram could have been in huge trouble.

Sarfaraz Nawaz has also criticized him for his gambling, saying the whole Akram family was involved in gambling.

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  • Due to personal grudges some ex players make fun of pak cricket in front of entire world that too in this difficult time in pak cricket and leave question mark on Pakistan cricket credibility and its integrity.Best think Was is doing to ignore such people as any exchange of comments and statement can only hurt pak cricket. Waseem Akram has name in entire cricketing world and he is known as Pakistani great.

  • This is unfair to blame a cricketer like Akram after 17 years of retirement. It is sad he has go through this.

  • I remember Sarfraz Nawaz taking 9 for 86 in Melbourne in 1978 -79 , when on TV a reporter asked him after the game how he would be celebrating ? He replied, having a few drinks and made a point of stressing Non Alcoholic only, my religion does not permit me to drink alcohol. Next game at Adelaide Oval he Is having beers with us In The members bar, I asked him about his statement on TV, he whispered that he did not want to offend the Pakistani supporters. Now he is pointing finger at other cricketers of gambling. How ironic is that.

  • Wasim Akram is one of the greatest ever cricketers period. It is depressing to see people not half as talented as Wasim trying continuously to besmirch his name

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