Xiaomi is Making an Extremely Affordable Bluetooth Walkie-Talkie

Xiaomi’s Mijia/Smart Life is known for its Walkie-Talkie sets in China mainly because of its long-lasting batteries, great range, and reasonable pricing. The Chinese tech giant has launched a couple of Walkie-Talkie models under its Youpin crowdfunding platform as well.

According to the Bluetooth SIG website, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group that sets standards for the development and licensing of Bluetooth technology, Xiaomi is working on another product that will be launched under the Mi Walkie-Talkie Lite moniker.

The listing on Bluetooth’s SIG’s website details that the device under the model number ‘XMDJJL01’ was certified last month. It will be an “entry-level walkie-talkie that is extremely cost-effective.” Along with the intercom function, it will support power query, APP editing channels, APP editing settings, batch configuration, and a few other functions.

The upcoming Mi Walkie-Talkie Lite will support Bluetooth 5.0 as well, which means they will be compatible with wireless earphones.

The listing does not specify the launch date for the product. Most likely, the product will be limited to China. However, thanks to their feasibility and seamless operation, the Walkie-Talkies are famous around the world and are imported by individuals to other countries. Let’s see if Xiaomi launches this inexpensive model globally. Stay tuned for more updates.

(If you are interested in checking out the available models, they have a few available on Aliexpress.)

    • I think some kind of special permission is needed to operate a walkie talkie in Pakistan,, otherwise using it illegally can brand you as a spy or a terrorist.

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