PIA Sacks 49 Employees Due to Fake Degrees and Other Issues

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has terminated 49 employees during June due to fake credentials and disciplinary grounds.

According to the official notification issued by the HR department of PIA, a total of 25 employees were fired over possession of fake, bogus, and tampered degrees and documents. Whereas, 21 employees were sacked due to prolonged unauthorized absence.


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2 employees were terminated after they disclosed official information on social media platforms while 1 PIA official was fired for violating SOPs.

Furthermore, 2 PIA staff members were demoted over breach of applicable rules while 1 was penalized with a deduction of increments for absence from place of duty.

Here is a copy of the official notification from the PIA’s HR department.

On the other hand, PIA also acknowledged its hardworking employees for their dedication and commitment. The national carrier awarded appreciation letters to 11 of its employees for their exceptional performance last month.

In addition to this, Assistant Manager flight services PIA, Khalid Mehmood Jadoon, has recently been terminated for possessing a fake degree. PIA had served Jadoon a show-cause notice in December last year for possessing a forged BA degree.


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Govt Stands by Decision

The federal government has asserted that it did the right thing by making the report of the investigation of fake licenses issued to pilots by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) publicly available.

All Pilots Now Possess Genuine Licenses

Following the disclosure and subsequent termination of pilots with fake degrees, PIA’s management has put all pilots through a strict scrutiny procedure. All of PIA pilots currently flying aircraft have genuine licenses, the federal government has reassured all passengers.

CAA to Fix Internal Mechanism

The CAA is now taking measures to strengthen its IT systems after the PK-8303 crash report highlighted the loopholes which paved way for the issuance of hundreds of fake licenses.

5 CAA officials involved in issuing fake licenses have been suspended after the inquiry report was made public and are now facing criminal proceedings.

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