Honda & Toyota Post Record Sales as Suzuki Suffers Poor Demand

Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) has announced the car sales data for the month of August 2020. In a general snapshot, during August, the grand total number of car sales from Honda Atlas, Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC), and Pak-Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC), and Hyundai Nishat, which is the new member of the association evidently, is 11,678.

However, in August of 2019, the car sales in total by the said companies were 10,102 whereas in August 2020, the total sales figure, as we know, is 11,678 which implies that the year on year (YoY) increase of over 16% and a month on month (MoM) increase of just 1% has been recorded.

In a surprising revelation from the data, it appears that Honda has made a significant jump in sales figures as compared to last year, with a YoY increase of 72%, but a MoM decrease of 8%.

Toyota IMC on the other hand has had a YoY sales increase of 52% and a MoM sales decrease of 18% possibly due to the discontinuation of XLI and GLI Corolla variants.

Also surprisingly, PSMC has seen a YoY sales decrease of 9% and a MoM sales increase of 20%.

As per recent reports, Kia Lucky Motors has made some good progress as well. Although there are no exact official figures, but the reports suggest that the automaker has sold around 1,500 units of both the Picanto and the Sportage combined.

As for the bike sector, Atlas Honda recorded a YoY sales increase of 6% and a MoM decrease of 10%. PSMC on the other hand recorded a YoY decrease of 6% and a 13% MoM increase in sales. Sazgar Engineering Works saw a 51% YoY increase and a 10% MoM increase in sales whereas other companies witnessed a 15% YoY increase and a 1% MoM increase in sales in August 2020.

Following is the breakdown of the sales figures of the most popular vehicles for August 2020:

Vehicles July 2019 August 2019 July 2020 August 2020
Honda Civic/City 1,452 1,106 2,210 1,980
Honda BR-V 242 208 146 121
Toyota Corolla 1,981 1,727 1,528 867
Toyota Yaris 1,883 1,705
Toyota Fortuner 74 88 146 121
Toyota Hilux 358 358 486 614
Suzuki Swift 174 164 182 196
Suzuki Cultus 1,208 1,289 1,077 1,400
Suzuki Wagon R 843 645 566 733
Suzuki Mehran 394 389
Suzuki Bolan 332 371 519 615
Suzuki Alto 4,584 3,435 2,158 2,389
Suzuki Ravi 840 322 489 670
Hyundai Tucson 22
Hyundai Porter 66 88

As mentioned before, the MoM increase is quite insignificant. One of the reasons for that might possibly be the discontinuation of some of the hottest selling models in the market.

The other reason could be the recent and frequent price hikes, especially from Honda Atlas and PSMC. Still, the cars have been sold more than the same time last year, despite the fact that these figures do not include automakers such as Kia, FAW, Regal Motors, Sazgar Engineering Works, Isuzu Gandhara among others.

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