“What a Gorgeous Country Pakistan is”- German Ambassador

German Ambassador to Pakistan, Bernhard Schlagheck, appreciated the hospitality and the beauty of Pakistan and praised the stunning beauty, landscapes, marvelous architecture and diverse culture of the country. On World Tourism day 2020, the German Ambassador praised the tourist sites of Pakistan and wrote “What a gorgeous country Pakistan is.”


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The German ambassador tweeted:

The ambassador was impressed with the architecture, natural beauty, and diverse culture of Pakistan and asked the people for recommendations for his next travel destination.

People replied with some amazing recommendations for the ambassador:


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Bernhard Schlagheck was appointed as the ambassador to Pakistan in August 2019. Previously, he was the German Ambassador to Nigeria form 2016-2019. The ambassador has been a known admirer of the beautiful destinations and diverse culture of Pakistan, as suggested by his numerous tweets.

  • When you visit Islamabad especially Diplomatic Enclave, DHA, selected historical places and other posh localities then Pakistan is seen as the most beautiful country of the world. But real Pakistan or 99% of it lies beyond those boundaries. Just visit Pindi next to Islamabad where there are no footpaths, no garbage collection, dirty streets and no planning. We are habitual liars. We show foreigners a Pakistan of Ultra Rich people only and try to convince them they we have no problems whatsoever.

    • As a resident of rawalpindi, I can say that the trash collection system is very impressive.Albayrak is outperforming itself. Trash bins can be seen everywhere across the city and regular trash collection takes place. Footpaths also exist on a lot of roads. Yes, the city is unplanned because it is centuries old but a master plan is under preparation by RDA to stop unplanned urbanization.
      Yes, streets are narrow and dirty but that depends on the area and due to the lack of underground sewerage. In my area streets are clean because there is an underground sewerage system in place.

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