Dr. Mubarakmand Exposes Nawaz Sharif’s Tomahawk Missile Claim

Nuclear physicist, Dr. Samar Mubarakmand, has rejected the claims of convicted premier Nawaz Sharif’s assertion that his government reverse-engineered a US Tomahawk missile to develop the Babur cruise missile.

While speaking to reporters in London on Wednesday, the ousted prime minister said that he had spent billions and trillions of rupees on Pakistan’s defense.

I have done a lot. I have contributed a lot. We have spent billions, trillions, made the atomic bomb program, made the JF-17 with China, and half the missiles we have, I got them made.


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Nawaz Sharif went on to claim that he even built Tomahawk, the US subsonic cruise missile, after they found one in Balochistan in 1998.

I built the Tomahawk missile. When Clinton fired a rocket in Afghanistan, one of them fell in Balochistan. We brought it and did its reverse-engineering.

When an international media outlet reached Dr. Samar Mubarakmand for a comment, he confirmed the development that one of the missiles did fall in the barren areas of Balochistan. He, however, contradicted the claims that they were found in good condition.


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He also rebuffed Sharif’s claims that defense scientists reverse-engineered Tomahawk.

This is not technically possible, because even if you copy the structure, the real work is the software, which is completely under the control of the manufacturer.

The renowned scholar said that Pakistani missiles are locally developed, thanks to the untiring efforts of Pakistani scientists. He noted that the work on the Babur Cruise Missile began in 2000, and Babar One was successfully tested in 2005.

  • All PMLN followers and Nawaz Sharif are Ghaddar e Watan.
    I repeat PMLN followers and Nawaz Sharif are Ghaddare Watan.
    They should leave Pakistan, We dont need Ghaddaars here.

  • Dr Samar Mubarak is a Nuclear Physicist. These guys have no idea about any form of Real Engineering as they are theoretical ratto totas. I am an Engineer and let me tell you that Reverse Engineering is a Reality and a complex field in the world. Just read the History of Cold Wars that how opponents copied each other designs and tech and made the replicas. American’s V2-Sounding Rocket is the copy of German’s V2 Rocket. Similary Russians made R1 and Chinese made DF 1 from the same V2 rocket.

    • Ah yes… Malik the real engineer has made a comment after inventing the atomic bomb and the time machine. We thank you for your contributions mr malik. You are far better than that Samar mubarak. The nation thanks u once again

      • Mr Areeb you are getting personal and resorting to defamation. I can understand your background. You seems to be a Baabu who think of themselves as the owner of Pakistan and think of everyone else as lowly civilians and nothing else. I have achieved much in my life and contributed to the progress of Pakistan as well and still I did not ask for Multi Crore DHA plots for my services.

        • Dear Malik,

          Your limited knowledge of systems engineering and controls is at display for all to see. Let us evaluate the facts rationally.

          1. If the missile has been launched at sea then it immediately loses booster stage so one does not have the complete product for reverse engineer to begin with.

          2. If the missile crashes in a rugged and harsh terrain such as Baluchistan then there is little hope of any electronics component surviving. The recovery will be partial at best and total junk at worst.

          3. It make little sense to spend time reverse engineering a missile with component failures which is likely what led to this missile crashing in Baluchistan in the first place.

          4. In order to reverse engineer, one must be able to revive the missile system and its electrical components to study its controls which as per (2) and (3) is not possible.

          I can go on. In summation, what is likely to have happened is Pakistan may have had the opportunity to study the partially recovered missile but designed an original missile of its own. Reverse engineering a partially recovered missile with component failures is a complete waste of time.

          This is in line with Dr. Samar Mubarakmand’s statement whom I take more seriously than the former Prime Minister who foolishly took credit for building Tomahawk missile, perhaps to the utter dismay of Raytheon and the United States Armed Forces.

    • bro your are right but this type of thing is not said on media we are Pakistan before PMLN or PTI 1st we have to think about Pakistan, not our own benefit I hope you agree with me

    • You can copy structure but What about sophisticated software which Pakistan is not capable of making . Sorry disagree Malik

  • Ah he is the same guy who claimed to develop underground Electricity generation from Thar Coal and gotten 2 Billion Rupees and was not able to develop even 1 Mega watts of electricity. Someone should tell him that Americans copied the design of German Horton Ho 229 and made B2 Bomber. Similarly Russians copied the stealth technology from downed American F-117 and embedded it in their 5th generation SU fighter. Chinese copied Stinger missile from America in Afghan war and Made Anza surface to air missile for Pakistan. I can write dozens of examples of reverse engineering here.

      • Mr Ahmed please counter me with Logical arguments rather with emotional outbursts. Can you deny my comment that it did not happen and reverse engineering don’t exist. Name calling is easy. Talking with logic is too difficult. Also I am happy that now so called Patwaris are one of the most educated people of Pakistan.

    • For those of you who think reverse-engineering is merely obtaining a sample of high-technology and pushing the “copy” button, think again. To produce the Yu-6 torpedo, a reverse-engineered Mark 48 torpedo, it took ten years and 18 patents for brilliant teams of Chinese scientists to reproduce the Mark 48 torpedo.
      Reverse-engineering is not copying. Reverse-engineering is the reinvention of the entire manufacturing process, including patents, to build the high-technology weapon or equipment. Unless you have dedicated brilliant scientists and a sufficiently-advanced high-technology base, reverse-engineering of high-technology weapons or equipment is not possible.
      Reverse engineering does exist but pakistan did not do reverse engineering

      • I know it very well. No need to explain it to me. Anyway Areeb sahib according to you Pakistan dont have brilliant minds to reverse engineer anything?. And what patents have to do with it?. Defense products as patents?. Are you out of your stupid mind?. No country register patents of their secret technologies?. The fact is that Pakistan did reverse engineer many technologies and there is nothing to be ashamed about. But stop arguing for the sake of argument only.

        • Your name “Reality Check” is just as valid as the name of a notorious youtube channel called “Haqeeqat TV”. When did i mention that the 18 patents were of Defence products? The patents are of the components involved in making the weapon. A simple google search might have saved you some time that you spent in writing your comment just for the sake of defending your criminal boss

        • According to me, Pakistan has the most brilliant minds in the world but I might soon change my mind after reading some of your comments.

    • bro your are right but this type of thing is not said on media we are Pakistan before PMLN or PTI 1st we have to think about Pakistan, not our own benefit I hope you agree with me

  • Guys Dr. Sahib is right. You can copy mechanical parts and electronics, but you cannot copy the software.
    Whatever , NS is more crazy then I had thought, taking credit of things he didn’t know anything about. He ordered nuclear tests after there was uproar in the country, else he was ready to take US dollers

  • First of all Mian Sharif did not use the word reverse engineering, he said “back engineering” (lol). Secondly, even if our scientists really did that then it should have been left as a secret and not to malign the name of our country.
    This convicted criminal is playing in the hands of enemy and should be declared traitor.

  • ڈاکٹر ثمر مبارک مند صاحب جب ڈی جی تھے تو نیسکام کلب کیلئے دو کروڑ کی کراکری منگوائی اور ھر افسر کا انٹرویو کرنے لگے اور ھر ایک کے سامنے چھری کانٹا رکھا کہ استعمال کا طریقہ بتاؤ کہ یہ کلب کی ممبرشب کا معیار ھوتاکہ چھری
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    یہاں یہ سب اردو میں لکھنے کا مقصد ھر آدمی تک بات پہنچانا اور انڈین بدخواھوں سے اجتناب مقصود ھے

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