Social Media Reacts to Indian Army’s 4th Failed Cruise Missile Test [Video]

Indian Army has successfully failed the test-launch of its indigenously built intermediate-range, land-attack cruise missile, Nirbhay, for the fourth time.

The subsonic cruise missile, dubbed as the Indian version of the American Tomahawk and the Russian Club SS-N-27, failed the test within 8 minutes of the launch.

It was India’s tenth missile test in just 35 days. However, the test flight of the 1000-km range Nirbhay cruise missile did not go as planned. The country’s defense scientists said it was due to a technical issue and gave no further details.

Powered by the Russian Saturn 50MT turbofan engine, the stealthy missile can deliver different warheads and switch targets during the flight.


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The local production of the missile started in 2007. Since then, it has failed all five test-launches. It made the last test flight in December 2016 but failed to hit the target.

The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) made various changes to its design and equipment and retested it on October 12. However, it failed the task again, flushing the DRDO’s 13 years of work down the drain.

Elated with the development, Pakistani Twitter erupted with jokes and memes. Some related it to the ‘famous landing’ of the Indian pilot, Abhinandan, on February 27, while others recalled the failed test of Agni-III.


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The following are some of the funniest reactions on Twitter:

Some even mocked the convicted prime minister, Nawaz Sharif for his famous reverse-engineering remark.

  • I am a Pakistani and let me tell you that atleast they are trying. Every country failed in the past and then they succeeded. People with deep inferiority complex laugh at others. We should remember that India failed in PSLV rockets in the past and now they are the world leaders of sending satellites in Polar and geostationary orbits, where Pakistan never even tried to develop any SLV. Similarly India is trying to develop Super Sonic and Hyper-Sonic cruise missiles. They are failing but eventually they will be successful. But as a Pakistani we should ask that why we laughing at them?. We dont even have a space rocket, super sonic cruise and hyper sonic cruise missile projects.

    • I am a pakistani as well. While i agree that laughing at other’s failures will not result in prosperity or development for us, the problem is that our neighbors do not miss any chance of ridicule our failures at any level. These ridicules are just tit for tat responses for those. Lets hope that one day people on both side would mature and start celebrating each other’s success instead of failures.

    • Malik saab aapko itna dukh kyoon lag gia hai?
      If a missile of our had failed, imagine the drama that endian media would have created. Compared to that, we are laughing politely… on twitter. :P

  • I have some Afghan friends. They spend their whole day laughing at Pakistan and they search for any news negative to Pakistan and then share it on facebook. In this manner they just satisfy their own egos. Afghans never concentrate on their own and that is why they are not progressing. They are just happy in finding faults in others. We should not become Afghans. We should respect Indians that they are trying hard and have launched 10 tests in 35 days. Try try hard till you succeed. I failed in my many projects, but the lessons that I learnt are now being used in establishing my business that is profitable. Research never goes to waste. Please stop finding faults in others and just focus on our own productivity.

  • The range tested shows that Endia is making this missile for his resedential neighbors not for the neighbouring countries 😁🤣😂

  • The local production of the missile started in 2007. Since then, it has failed all five test-launches. It made the last test flight in December 2016 but failed to hit the target.

    • Brother, for me. At least trying, I don’t think Pakistan even tries, Just getting from other countries is not called success! I am not in negative to say this but I wish Pakistan should start developing, manufacturing and wish Pakistan to be self sufficient. Wish Pakistan invest on education and science and industries. So instead of buying from foreign source, exporting made in Pakistan. We are all equal as human beings. But I really enjoyed visiting Pakistan. I did not feel, I was in foreign country. I felt so much at home and your great hospitality! Let’s both countries work together and become successful together.

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