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Master Changan Announces A Small Reduction in Prices

Price reductions, albeit not too significant, are a welcome development in Pakistan’s automotive industry as they indicate that steps are being taken in the right direction.

Last week, a number of automakers had announced price cuts for their vehicle lineups, and now Master-Changan Motors have also announced reductions as well over the weekend.


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The following vehicles will now be sold at these new rates, effective immediately:

Vehicles Old Prices (PKR) Price Reduction (PKR) Revised Prices (PKR)
Alsvin 1.3 M/T 2,199,000 50,000 2,149,000
Alsvin 1.3 DCT 2,449,000 50,000 2,399,000
Alsvin Lumiere 1.5 DCT 2,650,000 61,000 2,589,000
Karvaan 1,490,000 91,000 1,399,000
Karvaan Plus 1,640,000 101,000 1,539,000

The automaker has stated that those who had booked the vehicles at the old rates and are waiting for their vehicles to be delivered will be given the vehicles at reduced rates, and the company will adjust the final payments.

Note that the price reductions made by the newcomers are much lesser than those made by the older players because the new automakers had already been given several benefits under the Automotive Development Policy (ADP) 2016-21 while the older names have been operating with higher duties and tax rates.


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The duration of these price cuts is questionable as the US Dollar rates are on a gradual climb once again whereas the logistical challenges are ongoing amid the prospects of the fourth wave of the pandemic in Pakistan.