Dubai Aviation Authority Imposes Hefty Fine on PIA

The Dubai Civil Association Authority (DCAA) has imposed a fine of 320,040 UAE dirhams on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) for violating COVID-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs).

According to media reports, the DCAA imposed a hefty fine on the national carrier for flying COVID-affected passengers into the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the second time within a few months.

The PIA has been given the right to appeal within 30 days against the notice issued on the incident.

On 11 April 2022, Director of Aviation Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Mohammed Abdulla Ahli, wrote a letter to PIA, stating that it had been proven that the COVID-19 SOPs were violated, and directed the airline to pay the fine, which is equivalent to Rs. 16 million.

The letter said that the fine could either be transferred via check or cash or may be deposited in the DCAA Financial Affairs Section.

It maintained that the COVID guidelines were neglected for the second time this year, adding that several violations had been reported in the past as well.

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