ITP To Take Action Against Obstructive Parking

Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has launched a crackdown against obstructive parking to ensure a smooth flow of traffic. After reviewing the situation, Senior Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Mazhar Iqbal issued instructions to address traffic congestion.

Iqbal told all Zonal Deputy Superintendents (DSPs) to enforce traffic rules without any rash behavior. The key to effective law enforcement is being gentle with the citizens, he remarked.

Iqbal further instructed the department to ensure no one parks their car on the footpath. He stressed that footpaths are meant for pedestrian use and should not be blocked by cars.

He also ordered the personnel to make sure that shopping mall visitors use dedicated parking lots and not leave their cars on the roads. Conclusively, Iqbal told the field operatives to have public convenience be their top priority while ensuring discipline on the roads.